I would like to find more information regarding substance abuse treatment in Sullivan, Maine. How?

  • I want to know more about substance abuse treatment, specifically about the treatment of prescription drug addiction. I already did a research on the Internet, but I feel that the information I have found is not enough. Any suggestions?
  • I think you should go to substance abuse treatment centers. They'll surely be able to provide you with more information regarding treatment methods, as well as the kinds of therapies that they offer to the patients. To find the treatment centers, you can use the links below. You can also go to the local hospital and ask one of the hospital staff to give you a list of the treatment centers in your area. Good luck! I do hope that you get the information you need.

Is it normal to experience burning in your throat 3 weeks after radiation treatment to the lyarnx?

  • My mom underwent 35 radiation treatments for a tumor in her throat. It is now 3.5 weeks after treatment and she has a hard time eating and says her throat feels like it's on fire. Is this normal to feel burning 3.5 weeks after treatment? If so any suggestions as what to do to help relieve the pain. She hates the magic mouthwash and she is taking hydroxodone-acetiphenimen, which she says helps slightly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  • Your mother should call her doctor and report her symptoms. Her doctor can tell her if the symptoms are normal, or if there may be a problem, and he or she can also suggest treatment for the symptoms.

Interferon Treatment. Doctor requires Base Eye exam before start of treatment. What are the risks to the eye?

  • My Husband is considering Interferon, for Hep C treatment. We would appreciate any suggestions on how to get thru the side affects of this treatment. And does anyboby know what exactly are the risks to his eyes?
  • There are a few possible issues with Hep C treatment and the eyes. First of all, HCV treatment can and in many instances does, result in dry, blurry eyes. There are other more serious eye issues in relation to HCV treatment, which are most often reversible. The doc is being thorough and most likely getting 'baseline' data on your husbands vision pre - treatment to be better able to assess any potential changes in vision during the course of treatment. I would suggest that you speak to the doc about this at the next appointment. Take care

What is the survival rate of Chemo Therapy treatment compared to Organic treatment?

  • By organic I mean the treatment at the Hoxsey Clinic in Mexico. A chart would be great! THANKS SO MUCH! If you had read the questions, I meant organic treatment that also includes Tonic. I don't care if you think someones a quack. I just need a chart.
  • There are no comparable charts between chemotherapy treatments and the Hoxsey clinic. Much of this is due to the reluctance of the alternative clinics to provide accurate information about their patients . . they do not. We know the survival rates for chemotherapy because that information is open to anyone to inspect and can be found online at the National Library of Medicine under PubMed. You may be able to locate a few studies about Hoxsey there as well . . but no one within these clinics in Mexico has ever taken the time or does not want the public to know the truth about their practice . . it might be bad for their business if folks found out that the clinics kill more patients than 'cure'. The clinics in Mexico are businesses first. You can conduct your own research on this issue at PubMed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/

Does the silent treatment amount to emotional abuse and then go on to physical abuse?

  • Is it true that giving someone the silent treatment amounts to emotional torture if done after a very long and extended period of years and also to give them the silent treatment is like ostrocizing someone? Because then ostricizing is like causing somebody pain and physical pain that is, because it affects a part of the brain that detects pain and therefore it is goes on to be like physical abuse. Anybody ever heard this and can agree with a story? Thanks!
  • "The Silent Treatment", when prolonged is most definitely Emotional Abuse! You do feel pain, and you do feel abandoned, depressed, and other negative emotions! But it is not Physical Abuse. Just examine the definitions of both kinds of abuse. The answer is there God's Speed to you

What is the best acne and blackheads treatment?

  • I need the best acne treatment that helps me get rid of acne. What is the best treatment that does not affect my face if I stop using it??Please help!My face is disgusting!
  • acne free works amazingly!!! it comes with a cleanser, toner, lotion and spot treatment all for around 20 bucks!!!!! and if you stop using itttt it won't make your acne go crazy like proactiv!

What is the Best Genital Warts Medical Treatment Product?

  • Me and my sister were now looking and searching for best genital warts treatment product. We've choosing over Wartrol (oil form) and OxyFend (cream form). But we've still searching for more medical treatment products. By the way, we've skip the option home remedies as what my mother said that the most safe and effective treatment are those in medical type/form. Any suggestion guys? Thanks!
  • As far as i know the most popular and effective genital warts treatment nowadays is the Oxyfend Cream. It has been clinically proven as the best Genital Warts Treatment and Genital Herpes Treatment available without a prescription. It directly attacks the virus to kill Genital Warts, Genital Herpes, HPV, Cold Sores & Syringoma.

What was the smelly head lice treatment that parents used 20 years ago?

  • My 5 year old has head lice and i wanted to know if anyone could recommend a treatment, i've used Full Marks and its rubbish. Everyones been saying the smelly treatment we used as kids is the best, but does anyone know the name or can recommend one?
  • I am not sure what the smelly treatment is but I can recommend some natural remedies. Before you listen to anyone advising you to use a pesticide treatment (over the counter shampoo) please consider the following: No chemical head lice treatment is legally allowed to be labeled as 'safe' as every insecticide is a poison. They are also ineffective as head lice have become immune to them. Luckily there are quite a few totally natural remedies available that readily kill head lice. Suffocation is an effective method where oil based products (i.e.: conditioner) are used to block the breathing holes and kill the live lice. The real trick though is to find natural products that will kill both the live lice and their eggs in one fast effective treatment. Remedies containing Neem Oil are known to be highly effective as Neem interrupts the growth and reproduction of the head louse. Neem’s insecticidal properties are widely recognized now and the oil is commonly available at your local health food store. Feel free to check out the articles at the following site for more advice. Good luck.