• procedure
  • Chaffin said there are several different approaches to performing a thoracotomy, and the attending surgeon or veterinarian will select the appropriate procedure for each individual patient. (bloodhorse.com)
  • cardiac arrest
  • There are no definitive protocols in place in how to manage traumatic cardiac arrest, but certain people benefit from the use of a thoracotomy in order to gain access and repair damage from the injury. (wikipedia.org)
  • surgical
  • We hypothesized that the use of target-controlled remifentanil infusion (TCI) with the non-muscle relaxant (NMR) would be associated with comparable surgical conditions and reduced total costs compared with the use of neuromuscular blockers during thoracotomy. (clinicaltrials.gov)
  • Thoracotomies are thought to be one of the most difficult surgical incisions to deal with post-operatively, because they are extremely painful and the pain can prevent the patient from breathing effectively, leading to atelectasis or pneumonia. (wikipedia.org)
  • access
  • Intubation, ventilation, intravenous access, etc should be performed by other members of the trauma team and not delay the thoracotomy. (bmj.com)