• closed surface
  • Given a closed surface, its systole, denoted sys, is defined to the least length of a loop that cannot be contracted to a point on the surface. (wikipedia.org)
  • left
  • The objective of this study was to validate a deformable image registration technique, termed Hyperelastic Warping, for left ventricular strain measurement during the systole using cine-gated nontagged MRI with strains measured from tagged MRI. (springer.com)
  • show
  • We show that fiber orientation in the subepicardium becomes more oblique during systole, and that scalar indices of diffusion (mean diffusivity and fractional anisotropy) decrease during systole. (harvard.edu)
  • complex
  • In an intriguing connection to global geometric phenomena, it turns out that the Fubini-Study metric can be characterized as the boundary case of equality in Gromov's inequality for complex projective space, involving an area quantity called the 2-systole, pointing to a possible connection to quantum mechanical phenomena. (wikipedia.org)