• A statistically significant excess of cases of a disease, occurring within a limited space-time continuum. (labome.org)
  • Many clusters reported to public health agencies by concerned citizens are accompanied by expectations that investigations will uncover a cause of disease. (mdpi.com)
  • While goals, methods and conclusions of cluster studies are debated in the scientific literature and popular press, investigations of reported residential clusters rarely provide definitive answers about disease etiology. (mdpi.com)


  • The resultant stripped material will eventually be dispersed throughout the core of the Coma Cluster, where it will fuel the intergalactic populations of stars and star clusters. (innovations-report.com)


  • Further, it is inherently difficult to study a cluster for diseases with complex etiology and long latency (e.g., most cancers). (mdpi.com)


  • Increased incidence rates but no space-time clustering of childhood astrocytoma in Sweden, 1973-1992: a population-based study of pediatric brain tumors. (nih.gov)
  • Time trends and characteristics of childhood cancer among children age 0-14 in Shanghai. (nih.gov)


  • Regardless, cluster investigations remain an important function of local, state and federal public health agencies. (mdpi.com)


  • A long-exposure Hubble Space Telescope image shows a majestic face-on spiral galaxy located deep within the Coma Cluster of galaxies, which lies 320 million light-years away in the northern constellation Coma Berenices. (innovations-report.com)
  • This natural-color Hubble image, which combines data obtained in 2006, 2007, and 2009 from the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 and the Advanced Camera for Surveys, required 28 hours of exposure time. (innovations-report.com)
  • exposed to the same exposure over a limited, well define period of time. (studystack.com)
  • exposure to the source is prolonged over an extended period of time and may occur over more than one incubation period. (studystack.com)


  • MPQ scientists achieve long storage times for photonic quantum bits which break the lower bound for direct teleportation in a global quantum network. (innovations-report.com)
  • By G. Barton Momentum space techniques for curved space-time quantum field theory. (eurobuch.com)


  • All proposals sent to the SBS cluster should be submitted to one of the two core programs. (nsf.gov)


  • Merging is more likely to occur in the center of the cluster where the density of galaxies is higher, giving rise to more elliptical galaxies. (innovations-report.com)


  • I have a special interest in methods and analysis of clustering of chronic diseases. (ncl.ac.uk)


  • The Cluster places a high value on integrative and holistic approaches to systematics research and training - i.e., those approaches and projects that integrate across all the components within the cluster (biodiversity discovery, organismal biology, taxonomy, phylogenetics, and evolution) and that train highly integrative systematists who can conduct research across the entire spectrum of these activities. (nsf.gov)


  • The Systematics and Biodiversity Science Cluster supports research that advances our understanding of the diversity, systematics, and evolutionary history of organisms in natural systems. (nsf.gov)


  • Tumours may lead to buy time: time the lower limb with pain in dopamine worsen psychosis occurs in mind, and sore, especially batched assays. (generic-vardenafillevitra.mobi)
  • Firstly, a data set of frames are projected into a lower dimensional space. (surrey.ac.uk)


  • Original chapters feature interviews with professors, students, and staffers who invested much time and effort in Women's Studies, and new chapters look primarily at documents recently generated from within Women's Studies itself. (google.com)


  • It continues to transform galaxies at the present epoch, due to the interactions of close-proximity galaxy systems within the dense cluster. (innovations-report.com)


  • NGC 4911 and other spirals near the center of the cluster are being transformed by the gravitational tug of their neighbors. (innovations-report.com)
  • NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center manages the telescope. (innovations-report.com)


  • Results show real-time interaction and plausible motion generation between different types of movement. (surrey.ac.uk)


  • Residential clusters of non-communicable diseases are a source of enduring public concern, and at times, controversy. (mdpi.com)


  • He lives deep in the forest in the time of King Wenceslas, in a village older than record. (google.com)


  • How did evolution lead to patterns of global biodiversity in time and space? (nsf.gov)


  • By J. M. Harrington and J. S. Rowlinson, F.R.S. Anisotropic atom-atom forces and the space group of solid chlorine. (eurobuch.com)



  • We introduce a new algorithm for real-time interactive motion control and demonstrate its application to motion captured data, pre-recorded videos and HCI. (surrey.ac.uk)


  • histogram that shows the course of an outbreak by plotting the number of cases of a condition according to the time of onset. (studystack.com)