• Temporal trajectories in algal cover were influenced by depth-significant time x depth interaction-in San Andrés (increase, p = 0.004) and Urabá (decrease, p = 0.027). (biomedsearch.com)
  • Multilevel (random intercept) Poisson regression models were used to model the effects of sex, age, calendar time, and birth cohorts on temporal trends, taking into account the registry-level variance component. (diabetesjournals.org)
  • Moreover, if associations between environmental factors and the disease exist, it is relevant to establish whether increasing temporal trends are occurring cross-sectionally, affecting all age-groups at the same point in time (period effects), or longitudinally, affecting all age-groups from the same birth cohort (cohort effects) ( 16 ). (diabetesjournals.org)
  • Temporal clustering of Kawasaki syndrome cases was detected with nationwide outbreaks. (pubmedcentralcanada.ca)
  • Temporal clustering of cases combined with marked seasonality suggests an environmental trigger for this clinical syndrome. (pubmedcentralcanada.ca)


  • I have a special interest in methods and analysis of clustering of chronic diseases. (ncl.ac.uk)
  • In Section 3 , related works on K-means clustering acceleration are summarized which include both FPGA and GPU methods. (hindawi.com)

NASA Goddar

  • A team led by Leigh Jenkins and Ann Hornschemeier, both at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., used Spitzer to study the Coma cluster, an enormous congregation of galaxies 320 million light-years away in the constellation Coma. (innovations-report.com)


  • In just a short amount of time, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has bagged more than a thousand previously unknown dwarf galaxies in a giant cluster of galaxies. (innovations-report.com)
  • Computer simulations of cosmic evolution suggest that high-density regions of the Universe, such as giant clusters, should contain significantly more dwarf galaxies than astronomers have observed to date. (innovations-report.com)
  • The cluster contains hundreds of previously known galaxies that span a volume 20 million light-years across. (innovations-report.com)
  • Some of these are galaxies in the Coma cluster, but the team realized that a large fraction had to be background galaxies. (innovations-report.com)
  • Using data taken with the 4-meter (13 foot) William Herschel Telescope on the Canary island of La Palma, team member Bahram Mobasher of the Space Telescope Science Institute, in Baltimore, Md., measured distances to hundreds of galaxies in these fields to estimate what fraction are cluster members. (innovations-report.com)
  • Deep observations of two X-ray bright clusters of galaxies with ESA's XMM-Newton satellite allowed a group of international astronomers to measure their chemical composition with an unprecedented accuracy. (innovations-report.com)
  • Clusters, or conglomerates, of galaxies are the largest objects in the Universe. (innovations-report.com)
  • In fact most of the atoms in galaxy clusters are in the form of hot gas emitting X-ray radiation, with the mass of the hot gas five times larger than the mass in the cluster's galaxies themselves. (innovations-report.com)
  • Since clusters of galaxies are believed to be fair samples of the Universe, their X-ray spectroscopy can help to improve the supernova models. (innovations-report.com)
  • Composite X-ray (blue) / optical (orange) image of the cluster of galaxies Abell 2052. (innovations-report.com)
  • The majority of the mass that we can directly observe in a cluster of galaxies emits in the X-ray, rather than the visible light we can see with our eyes. (innovations-report.com)
  • This spiral was created when a small cluster of galaxies smashed into a larger one that surrounds the central elliptical galaxy. (innovations-report.com)
  • Blanton's primary field of research is clusters of galaxies, and she uses these objects to study galaxy formation and evolution as well as cosmology. (innovations-report.com)


  • The present study allows us to conclude that the disease was clustered in the Southwest side of the city in 2006, suggesting that this area may require special attention with regard to control and prevention measures. (scielosp.org)


  • Knowing the chemical composition of galaxy clusters is of crucial importance to understanding the origin of chemical elements in the Universe. (innovations-report.com)

galaxy cluster

  • Boston-Boston University astrophysicist Elizabeth Blanton led a team of researchers in the discovery of vast clouds of hot gas "sloshing" in Abell 2052, a galaxy cluster located about 480 million light years from Earth. (innovations-report.com)
  • The hot gas in the galaxy cluster Abell 2052 is being sloshed back and forth like wine in a glass. (innovations-report.com)


  • Thanks to Spitzer, we can observe nearby clusters such as Coma very deeply in a short amount of time. (innovations-report.com)


  • A space-time analysis of American visceral leishmaniasis (AVL) in humans in the city of Bauru, São Paulo State, Brazil was carried out based on 239 cases diagnosed between June 2003 and October 2008. (scielosp.org)


  • Given that the observations only cover a portion of the cluster, the results imply a total dwarf galaxy population of at least 4,000. (innovations-report.com)
  • Even better, infrared observations in space can probe more deeply than ground-based near-infrared surveys because the sky background is up to 10,000 times darker. (innovations-report.com)


  • In addition to the large-scale spiral feature, the deep Chandra observation reveals exquisite detail in the cluster center related to outbursts from the central supermassive black hole. (innovations-report.com)


  • Previously, we have implemented the K-means clustering on FPGA to target Microarray gene expression profiles and reported encouraging speedups over GPPs [ 2 ]. (hindawi.com)


  • The spatial distribution of elements across a cluster also holds information about the history of clusters themselves. (innovations-report.com)


  • The distribution of oxygen and iron across Sersic 159-03 indicates that while most of the enrichment by the core collapse supernovae happened long time ago, Type Ia supernovae still continue to enrich the hot gas by heavy elements especially in the core of the cluster. (innovations-report.com)
  • The distribution of a syndrome in space and time may suggest clues to its etiology. (pubmedcentralcanada.ca)
  • To assess clustering, we compared the number of cases per day (daily incidence) with a simulated distribution (Monte Carlo analysis). (pubmedcentralcanada.ca)


  • Two clusters of cases occurred: an introduced P. vivax outbreak associated with Anopheles aquasalis in 1990-1991, and an autochtonous focus of P. malariae associated with An. (ajtmh.org)
  • Application of a space-time statistic showed a significant clustering of P. malariae cases, and, to a lesser extent of P. vivax cases, but not of P. falciparum cases. (ajtmh.org)
  • Seasonality and clustering of Kawasaki syndrome cases were studied in Japanese children with Kawasaki syndrome reported in nationwide surveys in Japan. (pubmedcentralcanada.ca)
  • Clear documentation of seasonality and clustering of Kawasaki syndrome cases would lend further weight to the hypothesis that Kawasaki syndrome has an environmental trigger. (pubmedcentralcanada.ca)


  • Comparing the abundances of the detected elements to the yields of supernovae calculated theoretically, we found that about 30 percent of the supernovae in these clusters were exploding white dwarfs ('Type Ia') and the rest were collapsing stars at the end of their lives ('core collapse')," said Norbert Werner, from the SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research (Utrecht, Netherlands) and one of the lead authors of these results. (innovations-report.com)


  • This finding was confirmed by the time series analysis, which also showed a positive tendency over the period analyzed. (scielosp.org)
  • Age-period-cohort analysis shows that the variation over time has a linear component that cannot be ascribed to either the calendar period or the birth cohort. (diabetesjournals.org)


  • After the smaller cluster passed the cluster core, the direction of motion of the cluster gas reversed and it traveled back towards the cluster center. (innovations-report.com)
  • Two examples of new primitives are near real-time charged particle direction or charge clusters without pixel boundary effects. (cern.ch)


  • Hornschemeier and other astronomers are currently making deeper spectroscopic measurements with the 6.5-meter (21 foot) telescope of the MMT Observatory in Arizona, and the 10-meter (32 foot) Keck telescope in Hawaii, to find out how many of the faintest objects belong to the Coma cluster. (innovations-report.com)


  • One of the proposed solutions for a pT based trigger at SLHC for CMS is based on the concept known as the "cluster width" approach, in which clusters produced by low pT tracks are rejected based on the width of the cluster shape, made either on a single strip sensor or a doublet of strip sensors by a suitable electronics logic at the level of the front-end. (cern.ch)


  • First, it helps push some of the more dense, cooler gas located in the center of the cluster -- where temperatures are only about 10 million degrees -- farther away from the core. (innovations-report.com)
  • Then in Section 5 three novel implementations of the K-means clustering based on dynamic partial reconfiguration are given: the first is based on reconfiguring the distance kernel within the algorithm with different distance metrics, the second is based on reconfiguring the K-means core using Internal Configuration Access Port (ICAP), and the last one is based on reconfiguring multiple K-means cores also using ICAP. (hindawi.com)


  • However, the implementation was limited to single dimension and eight clusters only. (hindawi.com)


  • In this cluster, we have a spectacular combination of the large-scale "sloshing" spiral and central "bubbles" related to outbursts from a supermassive black hole," Blanton explained. (innovations-report.com)
  • K-means clustering has been widely used in processing large datasets in many fields of studies. (hindawi.com)
  • K-means clustering is one of the widely used data mining techniques to analyze large datasets and extract useful information from them. (hindawi.com)


  • The event, caused by two neutron stars colliding and merging together, was dubbed GW170817 because it sent ripples through space-time that reached Earth on 2017 August 17. (innovations-report.com)


  • The astronomers also found that all supernova models predict much less calcium than what is observed in clusters and that the observed nickel abundance cannot be reproduced by these models. (innovations-report.com)


  • A significant decrease (p = 0.042) in coral cover was only identified for some monitoring plots in Tayrona-time x plot (depth level) interaction, and importantly, few coral species explained this trend. (biomedsearch.com)
  • Significant increase (p = 0.005) in algal cover was observed over time for most plots in Rosario. (biomedsearch.com)


  • Furthermore, three novel implementations of the K-means clustering based on dynamic partial reconfiguration (DPR) are presented offering high degree of flexibility to dynamically reconfigure the FPGA. (hindawi.com)