Human populations continue to suffer from sewage-carried pathogens because?

! would be the e-coli bacteria, which we all have a small amount in our feces,but the amount in sewerage would be astronomical. That alone causes many diseases that can cause death.

how sick can someone get for breathing in sewage?

well in my apartment complex the swimming pool and the laundry room has sewage backup and i have asthma and i am breathing that stuff in every day. how long could it be before i get sick and how sick could this sewage make me
the manager says these exact words everytime we tell her she says i don't care or she will say we don't have the money

Call your local Health Department. Your asthma puts you at special risk and you shouldn't be there. There could be all sorts of stuff in the air from the sewage.

I think ive got piles can i pop them back up the sewage pipe?

there really itchy can i pop them back up like the doc does? how will i know when there back in place?
ive got germaloids spray but they still itch and irritate

Simple solution. Gently wash with cold water only - without any soap - your anus with a soft cotton cloth, after wiping each time, and pat dry with soft cloth. Do not sit in a tub to bathe and never use hot water or soap on your anus. Do not wipe hard, only gently. Gradually the piles (hemorrhoids) will shrink and you will be comfortable again. It may take a week or two, depending on the condition, but you will neve have to spend a dime for ointments or doctors. Your anal ring prefers cold, pure water for healthful cleanliness.
Be kind to your anus and it will be kind to you. It sure beats a visit to the doctor for an avoidable condition.

I fell in a sewage pond and i am worried the owner my have hepatitis, what should i do?

this sounds like a very dumb question but we were horsing around it i really need some help though...

you shouldnt be worried about just the hepatitis, but the millions of bacteria, including E.coli, that was in that pond. yes i would see a doc.

Is it safe to drink raw sewage water? If thats all thats left to drink?

most defiantly not, now sit boy

can dettol kill sewage if i got it on my shoe?

i recently got what looked like sewage on my shoe and im worried that nothing wiill clean them I will get ill

That should be fine.

It's actually pretty hard to get sick by just having something nasty on your shoe. I've stepped in dog poop many times. I clean it off with hot water and forget about it.

what can happen if you breathe raw sewage for a month?

sewer fumes came Thur my heater vents and I was wondering if it had any effect on me taking Tithuim. been taking for 18 yrs when i had cancer and never had to be hospitalized for it but did when this happened

Are disposable diapers contaminating our water sources since that sewage is not treated?

As many disposable diapers that are used every day and saturated with human waste and then thrown into our landfills I don't see how it cannot be a problem.

For one, those diapers takes literally decades to decay into nothing and the human wastes filter down through the layers of trash and into the ground.

Landfills are already, in most areas, required to have a liner in the bottom to keep liquid waste contained in order to keep it from filtering down. Not only human waste but other liquid chemicals that get thrown away improperly.

If that liner leaks then all those chemicals and waste can get into our drinking water systems. . . . yummy! That is why I won't wear disposable diapers. I'm incontinent and have to wear diapers 24 / 7 and I use cloth so that I am not a part of this problem. It's bad enough to have to wear them without also contributing to another major problem.

I hope everyone that uses diapers, either for themselves or their babies that they think seriously about this. What would it be like if you just started to pile those diapers up in your own back yard. How long do you think it would take to build a mountain of used diapers? Would you want that sitting there until your child is old enough to add his children's diapers to the pile? Would you want that smell and all that waste filtering down into the ground in your back yard? Well that's what we do in landfills, we put that trash in someone else's back yard.

Good luck.