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  • Sometimes the gas producers dispose of this fracking wastewater by sending it to treatment plants that deal with sewage and water from other industrial sources. (


  • Valdosta, GA - Residents of a Valdosta neighborhood are suing the city because of ongoing sewage spills they say are damaging their properties. (
  • Residents that live on Meadowbrook Drive say they're tired of parts of their lawns being covered in raw sewage from spills after heavy rains. (
  • ALBANY - If municipal sewage spills into the Hudson River or other bodies of water across the state, plant operators have to let the public know within four hours of learning about it, according to a bill that was adopted by state lawmakers Thursday. (
  • New Wireless Sewer Lift Station Monitoring System Limits Dangerous Raw Sanitary Sewage Spills Developed by Cloud 9 Services, Inc. (
  • We interviewed Rick Fender, the Florida State Certified Plumbing and Underground Utility Contractor for Cloud 9 Services, Inc., to learn more about the dangers of sewage spills and the benefits of this new system. (


  • In developing a long-term plan for our sewage infrastructure and for the way we treat and handle our wastewater and ultimately how reuse that wastewater. (
  • Raw sewage is flowing into rivers and streams across central and eastern Iowa as one after another wastewater facilities are inundated by the record floods that have swept the state during the past two weeks. (
  • HACH LANGE has launched an innovative new wastewater sampling system, which will open up a new world of opportunity by enabling water companies to continuously monitor sewage at the plant inlet. (
  • INTERAGUA manufactures and trades Solutions for the Treatment and Recovery of Water and Wastewater (Sewage), complemented by a careful and demanding monitorization and technical advice. (
  • redFox Environmental Services, Inc. is a world leader in self-contained sewage treatment units through their redFox Wastewater Treatment System. (


  • PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (ENS) - In a $4.2 million legal settlement with federal, state, and county agencies, the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority, ALCOSAN, today agreed to a comprehensive plan to reduce its annual discharge of billions of gallons of untreated sewage into local waterways. (
  • On site are: six tanker trucks (filling them two at a time with sewage and moving to a discharge site), four vactors, a backhoe, a trackhoe, a boom truck, dump trucks. (



  • The amount of sewage sludge is catastrophically increased in the latest few decades due to functioning of the municipal sewage treatment facilities. (
  • Municipal sewage treatment facilities have important implications for cities' sustainable development and water environment protection. (
  • This new flowmeter is designed for municipal stormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage and irrigation water. (


  • The Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act still requires a signature from Gov. Andrew Cuomo before it becomes law. (
  • When it comes to harmful sewage pollution, ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous," said Adrienne Esposito , executive director for Citizens Campaign for the Environment, which supported the bill. (
  • Assemblyman Bob Sweeney , a Long Island Democrat who heads the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee , said the measure will give people a choice to "avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful sewage pollution. (
  • This study's aim is to optimize the sewage treatment facilities by evaluating pollution effects and governance demands for Huai'an City in Jiangsu province, China. (


  • Dry sewage sludge contains 70-90% of the organic substances and 10-30% of the inorganic substances, which are dangerous for human health in case of inappropriate utilization. (
  • In recent years, the development and expansion of sewage treatment facilities has resulted in increased amounts of sludge which is generated in the treatment process, and which has presented a problem due to processing of the sludge itself. (


  • The City of Montreal said Tuesday it will begin dumping eight billion liters (2.1 billion gallons) of untreated sewage into the St. Lawrence River on Wednesday. (
  • City crews plan to work into the evening Thursday repairing a 20-inch iron sewer pipe that broke near the 11800 block of Silver Way, sending hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw sewage into nearby North Creek. (


  • A small sewage spill forced the closure of a portion of Newport Bay on Saturday. (


  • Citation: Fick J, Lindberg RH, Tysklind M, Haemig PD, Waldenstro¨m J, et al (2007) Antiviral Oseltamivir Is not Removed or Degraded in Normal Sewage Water Treatment: Implications for Development of Resistance by Influenza A Virus. (


  • Concentrations and percent loadings of pharmaceutically‐active compounds (PhACs) and other emerging contaminants (ECs) released from healthcare facilities (2 hospitals and a long‐term‐care facility) to a sewage treatment plant (STP) in a large urban sewershed was evaluated. (


  • If granted, the EPA ruling means the city can continue treating sewage at the "advanced primary" level before discharging the waste about 4-1/2 miles offshore. (


  • Important definitions Aerobic - treatment of sewage with the use of oxygen Anaerobic - treatment of sewage when no oxygen present Building sewer - piping from house to sewer system. (
  • an antiviral drug used to prevent and mitigate influenza infections is not removed or degraded during normal sewage treatment. (
  • The Swedish research group demonstrated that oseltamivir, the active substance in Tamiflu, passes virtually unchanged through sewage treatment. (
  • That this substance is so difficult to break down means that it goes right through sewage treatment and out into surrounding waters," says Jerker Fick, Doctor in Chemistry at Umeå University and the leader of this study. (
  • The City of San Diego may not have to spend billions of dollars upgrading the Point Loma Sewage Treatment Plant. (
  • In recent years, the operating cost of sewage treatment plants (STPs) in some parts of the world has been rising due to increases in the cost of energy. (
  • Controlling the emission of unpleasant smells in sewage treatment plants is a priority objective for plant managers in ensuring the welfare of their workers and minimising the impact of such facilities on the surrounding area. (
  • WPL have a range of portable sewage treatment solutions that can be utilised to replace or augment existing sewage treatment plant. (
  • WPL have considered each stage of the sewage treatment process within their portable range. (
  • August BioPro Ireland have been awarded outright winners for 2014 for sewage treatment. (


  • The federal EPA estimates that between 1.8 million and 3.5 million Americans become ill annually from contact with sewage in recreational waters. (


  • Human exposure to disease-causing pathogens contained in even small amounts of raw sewage can lead to short-term and chronic illnesses, especially for children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. (


  • The Point Loma plant is the nation's largest sewage facility that does not meet the federal clean water rules. (


  • If it becomes law, the measure would require sewage plant operators to notify local health departments within the four-hour window and to issue a news release to the general public. (


  • The Pasco City Council on Monday looked at a preliminary proposal to treat sewage from the 120-acre Burbank Business Park. (


  • Swimmers are being advised to steer clear of the Raglan Harbour following a sewage overflow last week. (


  • The EPA says city records show the sewage is not harming the marine environment. (


  • These ducks often forage for food in water near sewage outlets. (


  • The Swedish research group also revealed that the level of oseltamivir discharged through sewage outlets in certain countries may be so high that influenza viruses in nature can potentially develop resistance to the drug. (