• gene
  • Mutations in this gene, specifically a t(11;22)(q24;q12) translocation, are known to cause Ewing sarcoma and other members of the Ewing family of tumors. (wikipedia.org)
  • study
  • Int J Surg Pathol 24(6):556-561 Vujanić GM, Kelsey A, Perlman EJ, Sandstedt B, Beckwith JB (2007) Anaplastic sarcoma of the kidney: a clinicopathologic study of 20 cases of a new entity with polyphenotypic features. (wikipedia.org)
  • University
  • Yoshida was born in Asakawa, Fukushima and graduated from the Medical School, Imperial University of Tokyo in 1927. (wikipedia.org)
  • After returning to his homeland, Yoshida served as a professor of pathology at Nagasaki University from 1938 to 1944, Tohoku University from 1944 to 1952, before being appointed as a professor of pathology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo in 1952, where he became a dean in 1958. (wikipedia.org)