What are some characteristics of a good weight loss consultant?

  • Hello Everyone, If you were to enlist the help of Weight Loss Consultant what would be some characteristics that you would like them to have? Thank you for your time.
  • 1. A/he can't be a perky, vegetarian, anorexic looking b*tch. If they devote their whole lives to their little "Lifestyle", be it vegan or raw food or something else that is more of a cult or political cause than something healthy and realistic, they would not be helpful. 2. They have to be knowledgeable about the reasons people get fat... i.e. Abuse survivors put on weight as a means of keeping people at both an emotional and physical distance. If your whole family is fat from birth to death, there is a genetic component. If your family has addiction in it, the consultant knows that the brains of food addicts are hardwired exactly like alcoholics and it is a real addiction. 3. Personally, I need someone that is knowledgeable about dealing with the disabled. I need this because I am disabled so if I were to get a diet plan and exercise plan from him/her, I need them to be realistic about what I can and can't do. They need to know what they are doing, be realistic about the genetic and psychological factors behind being overweight... People that CAN just "Stop Eating" and lose the weight DO... But those that have deeper issues need specialized treatment and understanding. Google "NOVA Science Now topic Obesity", listen to LoveLine with Doctor Drew, and just bum around science/health sites like LiveScience.com and ScientificAmercian.com

What are the different types of steaks and what are the characteristics and differences of each?

  • What are the different kinds of steak (new york strip, filet mignon, prime rib, sirloin, etc..) and what are the characteristics and differences of each. I always stick to what I am familiar with when ordering, but I would like to know if I'm missing out and should try something else. Thanks
  • http://www.muscletech.com/FEATURES/KNOW_ABOUT_BEEF/Beef_Preparation.shtml

What facial characteristics add up to beauty?

  • I want to find out if beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder or if people share some opinions. What facial characteristics and coloring are attractive in a woman? In a man? Be as specific as possible. I'm referring to facial beauty, since body structure preference varies so much.
  • I think my personal taste probably strays from the rest. For me, I really like round faces with chubby cheeks. Freckles are always a plus. Natural medium to full lips are preferred. Lip implants look just awful. I've always liked a pale complexion with dark or red hair. Boyish short hair with a lot of chppy layers almost always catches my attention. Long hair with full bangs is always nice, too. Rounded or pudgy noses are cute. I like unique noses rather than what most would consider "The perfect nose." For some reason, I find an overbite intriguing and braces cute. Overly white teeth seem unnatural, as does overly tanned skin. I like the "cute and innocent" look over the "hot and sexy" look. Round eyes over almond shaped eyes, though eye shape not high up on the list. Eye color means absolutely nothing. Every color looks nice in it's own way. Over waxing your eyebrows usually brings attention to them, not usually in a good way. I like them moderately filled and not pencil thin. Doesn't have to be perfectly arched.

What are the characteristics of a classic eggnog?

  • I have never made or tasted eggnog before in my life and I've looked up many recipes but most of them look like custard recipes-I know they're not but I don't know which one is the true form of eggnog. So I just want to know what are the characteristics of eggnog that make you know that what you're drinking is eggnog. Thanks in advance! *By the way, no alcohol please.
  • It should be thick and very flavorful. Egg Nog Serves 4 4 eggs 1 cup of milk 1 teaspoon of vanilla 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/4 cup of sugar put all ingredients in a blender. blend on high till mixed and creamy. you can chill this for a couple hours or just serve as is. Garnish with nutmeg.

What are the 5 characteristics of physically healthy person?

  • I just need this for my homework, can you give me 5 characteristics of physically healthy person? I need this in Monday 6:00 AM Manila time or Sunday in the United States.
  • 1. Heart rate between 60-100 Beats Per Minute 2. Blood sugar levels between 60 and 100 3.Weight that is proportianate to their height 4.Their stomach area is toned and in shape(if not, that is an indicator for those big and small that they are at risk for certain kinds of diseases related to the heart) 5.They are physically active most of the time, whether it's at the gym, or just outside walking or jogging with friends, these people are no couch potatoes! Hope that helps, I'll pray that you get an A!

What are the characteristics of an ecto-endomorph body type?

  • What are the characteristics of this body type? Just curious. Please answer if you know. Thanks in advance.
  • Endo just means that they have a tendancy to gain fat easier Endomorph has a body type that is more inclined to gain weight easily but it's hard to lose that weight. They also tend to gain a good amount more fat than Mesomorphs. Other body types are Ectomorph is typically a "hardgainer" meaning that they can eat a ton but it's hard for them to gain any weight. Mesomorph has the best body type. They can gain weight and lose it easily, most of the gained weight being muscle.

Can bone marrow transplants affect the recipients characteristics like for example hair color?

  • Have relations with cancer and this question came up, the idea that bone marrow transplants could affect bodily characteristics like hair color is to me strange because I can't see the mechanism how this would occur. Is it true?
  • No, not the hair color, all the the chemo used in treatment and the conditioning regimen for the transplant can. This is usually temporary though. This probably came up because bone marrow transplants change a part of your dna. The marrow and blood of the patient will change to that of the donor. For example, I had a transplant this summer. While the rest of my body is uneffected, my marrow and blood now has the dna of my donor, rather than my own dna. My blood type also changed to that of my donor, from 0+ to a+. However, the dna in the blood does not effect other physical characteristics of the body. Anyone who goes through any kind of transplant goes through this. For example, someone with a kidney transplant. The new kidney will have the dna of the donor, not the patient. This is called chimerism. Wiki has some good info about this phenomana and how it occurs in science as well as nature. In fact, it is more common than orginially though. However, you dont know it until you do dna tests. For example, while not all, but a lot of people with two diff eye colors are chimeras. Anyways, look up www.marrow.org, it has a lot of info about the transplant and how it works.

What are the characteristics Yale looks for in a student?

  • I'm planning on studying acting in a few years and would really like to go to Yale, as it's in the USA and most acting oportunities are there... What characteristics would I, as a South African, need to studying acting at Yale? I've got many acting awards and Drama colours at high school thus far. What else will they look for?:) xxx
  • collegeboard.com