• SPIE
  • Based on the SPIE bestseller The Art of Radiometry by James M. Palmer and Barbara G. Grant, this Field Guide provides a practical, hands-on approach to the subject that the engineer, scientist, or student can use in real time. (spie.org)
  • Detectors
  • This book is the first to cover these aspects of radiometry and is divided into seven chapters that examine information about terminology, units, light sources and detectors, methods, including author's original ones, of absolute calibration of detectors, spectral instruments responsiveness, absolute measurements of radiation intensity of photoprocesses, and original methods of their study. (waterstones.com)
  • Physical
  • citation needed] In addition to the usual derivation from antenna theory, the basic equation also can be derived from principles of radiometry and scalar diffraction in a manner that emphasizes physical understanding. (wikipedia.org)
  • system
  • Experimental in vitro data obtained with a near- IR diode laser are presented, focusing on the estimated capabilities of the new MW radiometry as a system for providing feedback control for interstitial laser therapy. (spie.org)