• Antiparkinsonian
  • Piribedil (in the retard form) was administered orally at a gradually increasing dose up to 200 mg daily, while previous antiparkinsonian medication remained unchanged. (mysciencework.com)
  • additional citation(s) needed] A number of pyrimidinylpiperazine derivatives are drugs, including: Buspirone - anxiolytic Dasatinib - anticancer agent Eptapirone - anxiolytic Gepirone - anxiolytic Ipsapirone - anxiolytic Piribedil - antiparkinsonian agent Revospirone - anxiolytic Tandospirone - anxiolytic Tirilazad - neuroprotective agent Umespirone - anxiolytic Zalospirone - anxiolytic The anxiolytics are also classified as azapirones due to the azaspirodecanedione moiety in their structures. (wikipedia.org)