Are piperazines worse than mdma? what kind of effects on the brain and body come with piperazine?

i have looked on the internet and i cant really find much about it. i just want to know if piperazines are worse for your brain or body than mdma is? i know what kind of effects mdma has on your brain and body but what about piperazine? like does it cause brain damage at all, is it neurotoxic? just any information on how piperazine effects the human brain and body?

The term "piperazine" can be used to describe a large array of chemical compounds. The 2 most common piperazines used as MDMA substitutes are BZP(Benzylpiperazine) and TMFPP(3-Trifluoromethylphenylpiperazine). While the long term health effects of piperazines have not been studied their method of action is similar to that of amphetamines and MDMA, so it is a safe bet to say they would be similar to those substances. While long term effects can only be speculated it has been proven that BZP along with TMFPP can cause seizures when taken at recreational dosages by perfectly healthy people. As with MDMA these piperazines will leave you with a headache and a bad mood for a day or two after they are taken.

While MDMA and BZP/TMFPP have similar methods of action and are marketed as an alternative to MDMA, piperazines are not an MDMA substitute. Their effects are more accurately described as the combination of a very very low dose of mescaline or LSD and amphetamine. Users report the effects to be less intense/desirable as those of MDMA, with short term side-effects that are similar if not worse. This explains why, despite it's illegality, MDMA is still considered superior to piperazines by almost all psychonauts.

what exactly is a piperazine? ?

i know it is resorted to a lot with people trying to buy ecstasy and they get piperazines instead (pipes). what do they do and why are they used so much to rip people off who think theyre getting x?

Piperazine is a dog wormer-They should make you pretty sick, but at least you won't have round worms. If you are going to be crazy enough to use sh** that people make in their bathtub, atleast know what you've taken. You'll be on the floor dieing soon, or a vegetable not able to wipe your own a**.

Bad ecstasy pills and such?

What exactly are Piperazines? Why do chemist put them in pill in place of MDMA/MDA (besides saving money on the supplies and such)? Are they dangerous or safe? What are the effects,doses, and potency compared to MDMA? I tried erowid but it doesn't seem to answer all my questions(haven't looked to hard though). Please no anti-drug talk or anything I just want to know for educational purposes. (not saying I don't roll every now and then lol) =)

You just answered your own question, pure X Molly is hard to come by so they may add other ingredients to save money or if they don't have MDMA. I think some of the other ingredients are MDA and DXM. They provide a smiler roll, but not as good as if the pill just had MDMA in them. These pills also will probably cause a headache after you come down from them the next day.

Issues with a cross eye, what could this mean?

Well basically i have a lazy eye, when i look at people they say i dont look like im looking directly at them. When i try on strong glasses, my left eye crosses so that it's completely turned to my nose. I took two pills of ecstasy (but it was a batch that were either laced or piperazines) and my left eye completely crossed for the duration of my trip. I also have hard time focusing on things sometimes and my eyes will vibrate left to right before focusing.

What could be causing my eye to act this way?
thanks for any help :)
and please keep nasty comments to yourself

Well, drug use aside, a lazy eye is the result of weaker ocular muscles combined with your brains response to shut down use of the affected eye. You do not indicate your age, however, as a child you could have done exercises of the eye to strengthen its brain connection. This would have consisted of placing a patch over the dominant eye and following a pencil or other object left to right and up and down in your direct field of vision. Only move your eye, not your head or neck. I am not certain how useful such exercises would be in an adult. I recommend you see an ophthalmologist. Surgery may be necessary to correct the eye.

Regarding the drug use, your brain's response to the drugs may have been to shut down what it considered unessential functions while it focused more heavily on breathing, respiration, heart function, temperature regulation, etc.