make Ayahuasca from Phalaris arundinacea or canary grass?

i have a whole heap of Phalaris arundinacea or canary grass as some call it i want to make Ayahuasca out of it but the only MAOI i got is st johns wart what should i do? considering i want to have it like tonight and not wait to do an extraction of the dmt

Phalaris canariensis and arundinacea have not enought alkaloids. You should use phalaris brachystachys, because it contains 3% pure dmt

how to extract DMT from Phalaris arundinacea?

Ok i have Phalaris arundinacea.
I want to extract the DMT form it becuase i have heard that it is the most wild trip in the world.
i have read the information about this compound and i relize what it is and the bad effects from it as far as i have read is that the only thing is the smoke from it is harsh to the lungs.
other than that, your body and many plants and animals produce this chemical.
so i would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me and extraction method using the plant Phalaris arundinacea.
Any links to helpful websites would be great.
but i would like it more if you could put it in you're terms.
i need as much help as i can get.
i only have experience with extracting lsa which turned out very useful.
thanks alot everyone!

Unless you already have the Phalaris I would recommend starting from Mimosa Hostilis root bark. The difference is that the latter contains significantly less plant wax which you would otherwise have to chemically wash out of the grass. The result is an extraction with a higher yield that is much easier (especially for a first time chemist).

Here are two DMT extraction teks. The first one is the simpler root bark method. The second one will produce a lower yield but higher purity, and you can use any plant that contains DMT. Good luck... Email me if you need anything else.

What is the best smokeable naturally occuring form of DMT?

I've heard of Phalaris grass but idk if i can smoke it and expect to feel anything

as far i've heard naturally occurring DMT, even in its highest concentrations, still requires a chemical process of alkaloid removal.

dmt the discovery to the reason of life possibly?!?!?!?

i have like 10 Phalaris arundinacea dryed plants with leaves and everything on them.
can i just smoke like a couple bowls of the leaves to start to tripp off of dmt or do i really have to do the ectraction?
will i feel anything if i do this?
any answers are greatly appreciated and if you have any helpful links i would be thankful also!
i am on the adventure to discover the meaning of human kind and the point of life from this potent psychedelic!!!
thanks alot!


you really do have to do the extraction, i know its a drag, but smoking bowls wont do much for you

How long does it take a person to die when roasted to death?

According to some website, the brazen bull is supposed to be the worst torture device for executions in the middle ages. So here is what a brazen bull is:

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Maybe 2 hours or less.