What are personality traits that make a guy a good boyfriend for a teen?

  • I'm curious what are things personality wise like funny or smart or stuff like that. I've never really had a boyfriend and I was wondering whats really important?
  • Honesty and trust are really everything. Then sense of humor, intelligence... ability to socialize... Look at how he treats his mom/sisters/etc... but that's not always accurate because my boyfriend really doesn't like his mom or his sister... It's also nice if they can think about something other than sex, but that's becoming increasingly difficult to find... Find someone who you like for who they are. Decide what is important to you in a relationship ahead of time. Might be difficult and your answer can change. But I really sort of knew what I wanted ahead of time as far as a boyfriend went. And I somehow found him.

Can you typically get a fitness assessment/personal training at a gym without a membership?

  • I'd love to have a fitness assessment, and I have all the equipment at work (for free) but I'm not sure how to use it properly, like how many reps and how much weight and how to use free weights. Could I go to a gym like goodlife or premier (both canadian) and just get like a fitness assessment and a few sessions with a trainer without getting a full membership since I don't need it, just the training? Or do most places require membership?
  • no they wont do that, you have to be a member

How would you describe your personality using a picture?

  • We have a project due in the next week, and we need a picture of something to describe our personalities. Mine is a picture of MTV, because i love that channel and music. My friends are confused what they should do, so if you could use a picture to show your personality what would it be of?
  • http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/9400000/Sad-Emo-emo-girls-canadian-9419558-1024-972.jpg http://www.doubleviking.com/hotties/d/6932-4/xll.jpg Confusing yeah it's because I'm am unhappy on the inside allot of the time I have lots of bottled up feelings, but I put on a happy act for others to see. But when I am being held by my boyfriend that's the only time i feel happy.

What is the disease called where a person has a split personality?

  • What is the disease called where a person has a split personality? Where they do things fully conscious with one personality, then wake up to another personality and not remember at all of what they did with they're other personality.
  • Multiple personality disorder

Why are Borderline Personality Disorder people so good at making people become infatuated with them?

  • People with Borderline Personality Disorder seem to have a talent for making people very quickly become infatuated/obsessed with the Borderline (I won't use the word love). How is it that they have this "talent"?
  • There are different types of behavior with BPD. There are those who predominently act out (raging) and those who act in (cutting) and there is a continuum with sufferers somewhere on a spectrum - low functioning (prone to drug use and poor societal function, crime, and hospitalization) and high functioning (can hold down a job and "appear" normal to people not close - like family - to the BPD.) Higher functioning BPDs almost universally deny that they have a problem. My opinion of higher functioning BPDs who predominently act out is that they lack a conscience and are self absorbed. If a BPD is higher functioning and intelligent, they often have the ability to "read people" pretty well. They can also be extremely adept at manipulation. It's very easy to not understand the manipulation, especially when everyone else around (i.e. not family) seems to think well of the BPD. The manipulation and the lack of insight from others can make the non-BPD doubt their own instincts. At the core of all BPD behavior is fear of abandonment and great difficulty dealing with their feelings. CONTROL is at the core of effective, manipulative BPDs. It's a sick game, but it gets played by many women. BPD is the most prevalent personality disorder and yet most people have never hear of it. Statistics show that just about everyone interacts with a BPD at work or school and is completely oblivious.

What are some personality characteristics of a bulimic? What does the stereotypical bulimic act like in public?

  • I know it changes a lot this is just your opinion of the personality traits Bulimics show. Example- Mostly quiet and nice. But we all know that all bulimics are not quiet and nice.
  • Bulimia is not a personality disorder and can be found in many different types of people. I don't think you can look at someone's behavior in public and say they probably are bulimic. There are some physical signs, like dental problems that can occur. I think your mission of finding all bulimic people the same isn't likely to work out for you.

What type of personality disorder is it when someone feels the need to argue about meaningless issues?

  • I'm talking about someone who gets a false sense of strength and confidence by being argumentative and annoying others by being contrary for no reason. My guess is that their continuous arguing hides the fact that they lack intelligence and substance, and it also hides how deeply insecure they are. These types are obviously mentally ill, and I avoid them when I can. When you are forced to work with them though, what are they best responses to tell them when they launch into one of their delusions? Also, which personality disorder or other diagnosis would describe them?
  • One answer is paranoia but the other is they have too much time on their hands to think about nonsense. Another answer is they are grown up unhappy or they are not happy in their personal lives. When a person becomes happy in their personal life you and them will notice a change for the better. It's sad but true.

What are the personality of cancer according to the zodiac sign?

  • I am a cancer i was just wondering what horoscope says about my personality.
  • like the disease CANCER. they will hold on to you for life. moon faced, full moon & high tide will make them moody. once they hate you, you are enemies for ever. no forgive & forget.