• [ 8 ] Argyria also happens as an occupational disease in workers who prepare artificial pearls or who are employed in the cutting and polishing of silver (absorption of silver dust). (
  • Argyria has become a rare dermatosis, mainly because of the avoidance of silver-containing compounds as medicinals and a decrease in occupational exposure in the silver industry. (


  • Protective feature ought to be old by workers in the palm factories to conservationist off occupational exposure to silverish and its various chemical forms. (
  • It is important to delve into any past occupational history of metal exposure or use of dietary supplements containing silver. (


  • LncRNA-ATB (lncRNA was activated by transforming growth factor-β) has been reported to be involved in specific physiological and pathological processes in human diseases, and could serve as biomarkers for cancers. (


  • Occupational danger - mainly in workers entangled in ribbon defence, decoration refinement, silverware and metal mixture manufacturing, bimetal films on inclose electroplating solutions, and photographic processing. (


  • The department is staffed by a full time John Hopkins University Occupational Medicine Resident who can provide personalized assistance on occupational health concerns. (