• Although the bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey are often referred to collectively as the Channel Islands, the "Channel Islands" are not a constitutional or political unit. (
  • Jersey has a separate relationship to the Crown from the other Crown dependencies of Guernsey and the Isle of Man, although all are held by the monarch of the United Kingdom. (
  • On 1 December 1934, Channel Islands Airways was registered as a holding company for Jersey Airways Ltd. and its subsidiary Guernsey Airways Ltd. which had been formed a week earlier. (
  • Guernsey Airways was very much smaller than its sister company in Jersey. (
  • Jersey Airways and Guernsey Airways flights then terminated at Southampton and at Croydon. (
  • 31 July 1936: Saro A.19 Cloud amphibian G-ABXW "Cloud of Iona" went missing on a flight from Guernsey to Jersey on a stormy evening. (
  • The Jersey is one of three Channel Island cattle breeds, the others being the Alderney - now extinct - and the Guernsey. (
  • Before 1789 cows would be given as dowry for inter-island marriages between Jersey and Guernsey. (

Bergen County

  • Bergen County is in the northeast corner of New Jersey. (


  • - International Federation of Horseracing Authorities - Jersey Stakes (2017). (


  • Oakland was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 8, 1902, from portions of Franklin Township (now Wyckoff ). (
  • What is now Surf City was originally formed as Long Beach City borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on September 19, 1894, from portions of Stafford Township , based on the results of a referendum held the previous day. (
  • Sea Girt was formed as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 29, 1917, from portions of Wall Township , based on the results of a referendum held on May 1, 1917. (
  • Island Heights was incorporated as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on May 6, 1887, from portions of Dover Township (now Toms River Township ), based on the results of a referendum held on November 18, 1886. (


  • Jersey's Talking was a New Jersey prime-time television talk show that ran from 1996 to 2002. (
  • In modern times, the Jersey Royal is Jersey's biggest crop export, accounting for around 70% of agricultural turnover. (
  • It opened with an overview of New Jersey's economic development efforts from Caren Franzini, CEO of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and moved on to focused panel discussions on the progress New Jersey has made in recovering from the 2007-2009 recession, recent trends in employment and wages and predictions on future economic trends. (

Counties in New

  • Settled by the Dutch, Bergen was created in 1683 as one of the four original Counties in New Jersey. (
  • Jersey Dutch was an archaic Dutch dialect formerly spoken in and around Bergen and Passaic Counties in New Jersey from the late 17th century until the early 20th century. (


  • Jerseys come in all shades of brown, from light tan to almost black. (


  • The Jersey is a breed of small dairy cattle. (
  • Jersey cattle have a greater tendency towards post-parturient hypocalcaemia (or "milk fever") in dams, and tend to have frail calves that require more attentive management in cold weather than other dairy breeds due to their smaller body size (that increases effective surface area for heat loss). (
  • In 1789, imports of foreign cattle into Jersey were forbidden by law to maintain the purity of the breed, although exports of cattle and semen have been an important economic resource for the island. (
  • The United Kingdom levied no import duty on cattle imported from Jersey. (
  • Cattle were being shipped from France to Jersey and then being shipped onward to England to circumvent the tariff on French cattle. (
  • The increase in the supply of cattle, sometimes of inferior quality, was bringing the price down and damaging the reputation of Jersey cattle. (
  • The Danish Jersey is a breed of cattle developed in Denmark. (
  • It is based upon imported Jersey cattle. (
  • The Danish Jersey cattle can be found in Denmark, mainly West Fünen. (
  • The Danish Jersey are a variety of Jersey cattle developed from Swedish cattle during the late 1800s and from Jersey during the early 1900s. (


  • Due to the small size, docile and inquisitive character and attractive features of the Jersey cow, small herds were imported into England by aristocratic landowners as adornment for aesthetically landscaped parks. (
  • While all dairy bulls are considered dangerous animals, Jersey bulls are considered by many to be the least docile of the dairy breeds. (
  • The Jersey Giant is a calm and docile breed. (


  • Created in Newark, New Jersey with roots in Baltimore club, Jersey club is a staccato, bass heavy style of hip-hop featuring tempos around 130-140bpm and heavily spliced samples. (


  • The Jersey cabbage (Brassica oleracea longata, also known as Jersey kale or cow cabbage,) and by a variety of local names including giant cabbage, long jacks, tree cabbage and the French chour and chou à vacque. (
  • The Jersey Giant is an American breed of domestic chicken. (
  • The Black Jersey Giant was added to the Standard of Perfection of the American Poultry Association in 1922. (
  • A large amount of food and time are required for the Jersey Giant to reach its full size. (
  • Jersey Giant hens will go broody. (
  • Jersey Giant Chicken American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. (


  • Jersey Airways was an airline that operated air services to and from the Channel Islands from 1933 until 1947, when it became part of British European Airways. (
  • In 1947, the British government nationalised the UK airlines, including Jersey Airways, to form British European Airways (BEA). (

State of New

  • Inset: Location of Ocean County highlighted in the State of New Jersey. (


  • Jersey oxen are not as strong as larger breeds however and are generally out of favour among competitive teamsters. (


  • Over the past 15 years, Jersey club has become a widespread cultural phenomenon in its home state. (


  • Jersey Dutch was spoken by the descendants of Dutch settlers in New Jersey, who began to arrive at Bergen in 1630, and by their black slaves and free people of color also residing in that region, as well as the mixed race people known as the Ramapough Mountain Indians. (
  • A variety of this dialect, referred to by Jersey Dutch speakers as neger-dauts ("Negro Dutch", not to be confused with the Dutch creole Negerhollands) was spoken only by the Black population. (
  • It was distinguished from Jersey Dutch by pronunciation and grammar, reflecting African linguistic retentions: an overall decline in inflection, apparently including a loss of past tense verb forms because of isolation from other Dutch speakers and contact with English-speaking settlers. (
  • An example of Jersey Dutch from A text in Jersey Dutch Dr J. Dyneley Prince, 1910. (
  • List of Bergen, New Netherland placename etymologies Dutch-based creole languages Holm, John A. (1989). (
  • A Jersey Dutch vocabulary. (


  • Clint Eastwood makes our day as the seemingly miscast director of "Jersey Boys,'' adding dramatic heft to this hit-filled, perfectly cast big-screen adaptation of the long-running Broadway musical. (


  • Renouf (1989) suggests that between 4000, and 3000 BC it is unlikely that the population of Jersey was less than 2,000, but may have been double this. (


  • And now, reports the Times , a legislative committee in New Jersey has recommended the state abolish the death penalty, which would make the Garden State the first to do so since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the punishment 35 years ago. (
  • The 11 other states that have clutched California's tough emissions standards against their legislative bosoms: Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey (whoo hoo! (


  • Born in the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township, New Jersey, Bakley made his major league debut at the age of 19 for the Philadelphia Athletics of the American Association. (
  • Jersey Belle is an American reality television series, which premiered on August 4, 2014, on Bravo. (
  • The Jersey Jays were a professional American football team based in Jersey City, New Jersey. (
  • Jersey is the debut solo extended play by American singer, dancer, writer and actress Bella Thorne, released on November 17, 2014 by Hollywood Records. (


  • This was a refuge for a close-knit group of several score families from the summer heat of New York City and urban New Jersey. (
  • Located on the Hudson Waterfront , the city was an integral part of the Port of New York and New Jersey and home to major industries for most of the 20th century. (
  • Erica Groshen, vice president and economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, presented an analysis of recent employment and wage trends in New Jersey. (
  • If you live in Los Angeles or in the New York/New Jersey metro area and want an electric Mini Cooper pay attention. (


  • La Cotte de St Brelade is a Palaeolithic site inhabited before rising sea levels transformed Jersey into an island. (


  • Jersey was part of Neustria with the same Gallo-Frankish population as the continental mainland. (
  • Each attracts nearly 3,000 entries, and, via teachers, relations and supporters, it is estimated that the Jersey Eisteddfod reaches a minimum of 10 percent of the population at any one time. (
  • Unusually for a small island Jersey has been characterised by large scale inward and outward migration and significant changes in the total population over relatively short periods of time. (


  • In its first full year, Jersey Airways carried 20,000 passengers, using a fleet of eight DH.84 Dragons, each capable of carrying eight passengers. (
  • The Jersey Stakes is a Group 3 flat horse race in Great Britain open to three-year-old horses. (


  • Hupokàn ) is a city in Hudson County , New Jersey , United States. (
  • Present-day Surf City was home to the first big boarding hotel on the Jersey Shore, called the Mansion of Health. (
  • That season the team also moved to nearby Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. (
  • JERSEY CITY, N.J. - About three months after a federal judge dismissed his case, former Hoboken police chief Anthony Falco refiled a retaliation suit against the mayor, Dawn Zimmer, in Hudson County Superior Court. (

Channel Islands

  • After Normandy was lost by the kings of England in the 13th century, and the ducal title surrendered to France, Jersey and the other Channel Islands remained attached to the English crown. (
  • The bailiwick consists of the island of Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, along with surrounding uninhabited islands and rocks collectively named Les Dirouilles, Les Écréhous, Les Minquiers, Les Pierres de Lecq, and other reefs. (
  • The Channel Islands are mentioned in the Antonine Itinerary as the following: Sarnia, Caesarea, Barsa, Silia and Andium, but Jersey cannot be identified specifically because none corresponds directly to the present names. (
  • Jersey, the whole Channel Islands and the Cotentin peninsula (probably with the Avranchin) came formerly under the control of the duke of Brittany during the Viking invasions, because the king of the Franks was unable to defend them, however they remained in the archbishopric of Rouen. (
  • Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, occupying 116 km2 in the English Channel, geographically part of France but a British Crown dependency. (


  • Edward Enoch "Jersey" Bakley (April 17, 1864 - February 17, 1915) was a Major League Baseball pitcher in the late 19th century. (
  • It was named after the 4th Earl of Jersey, who served as the Master of the Buckhounds in the late eighteenth century. (
  • It was created in Burlington County, New Jersey, in the late 19th century. (


  • New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Bergenfield as its 211th best place to live in its 2010 rankings of the "Best Places To Live" in New Jersey. (
  • He previously worked as an assistant editor at New Jersey Monthly magazine. (


  • All purebred Jerseys have a lighter band around their muzzle, a dark switch (long hair on the end of the tail), and black hooves, although in recent years colour regulations have been relaxed to allow a broadening of the gene pool. (
  • Black Jersey Giants are, on average, a pound heavier than White Jersey Giants. (


  • Kim Rueben discussed the major tax and economic challenges that New Jersey is facing. (


  • Originally bred in the Channel Island of Jersey, the breed is popular for the high butterfat content of its milk and the lower maintenance costs attending its lower bodyweight, as well as its genial disposition. (



  • Jersey Boys is a 2005 jukebox musical with music by Bob Gaudio, lyrics by Bob Crewe, and book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. (
  • Jersey Boys won four 2006 Tony Awards including Best Musical, and the 2009 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical. (
  • Jersey Boys premiered at the La Jolla Playhouse at University of California, San Diego, in an out-of-town tryout on October 5, 2004, and ran through January 16, 2005 Christian Hoff, David Norona, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer played The Four Seasons. (
  • Clint Eastwood didn't just direct "Jersey Boys" - he also gave his Frankie Valli a driving lesson. (


  • Immigration has come from Britain, France, and more recently Portugal and Poland, while a high proportion of young Jersey people have emigrated. (
  • Dr. Charles Steindel, Treasury s Chief Economist, presented the results of his study of the impact New Jersey s taxes on high earners have had on out-migration from the state. (


  • The name Caesarea has been used as the Latin name for Jersey (also in its French version Césarée) since William Camden's Britannia, and is used in titles of associations and institutions today. (
  • The Latin name Caesarea was also applied to the colony of New Jersey as Nova Caesarea. (
  • The name was changed to avoid confusion with other places on the island and along the Jersey Shore . (
  • As its name implies, the Jersey was bred on the British Channel Island of Jersey. (


  • It was seen in more than two million cable households throughout the state on News 12 New Jersey. (
  • While at News 12 New Jersey, Welch also co-produced Fred Friendly Seminars, hosted by Jack Ford, which aired on News 12 New Jersey and PBS. (
  • Welch also produced the News 12 New Jersey town meetings "Is It Safe to Learn? (


  • On 1866, at the Annual General Meeting of the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society, H.G. Shepard notes in his history that "it was resolved - on the motion of Col. Le Couteur, that the Hon. Secretary be hereby invited to open and to carry on a "herd book" in which the pedigree of bulls, cows and heifers shall be entered for reference to all the members of the Society. (


  • There is no direct counterpart in the New Jersey RPCs. (

United Kingdom

  • Jersey is not part of the United Kingdom, and has an international identity separate from that of the UK, but the UK is constitutionally responsible for the defence of Jersey. (
  • The following day, Jersey Airways began flying its staff and equipment to the United Kingdom mainland, and on 18-19 June 1940, the DH.86 fleet was used to evacuate 320 islanders to the mainland, before German forces occupied the islands on 1 July 1940. (


  • In June 1939, the prototype Flamingo (G-AFUE) was evaluated by Jersey Airways, but further orders for the type were frustrated by world events. (
  • The Jersey Royal is a type of potato grown in Jersey which has a Protected Designation of Origin. (


  • Jersey Budd is an English singer-songwriter from Leicester, England. (


  • A blind, elderly New Jersey resident recently found himself in front of a judge. (


  • On Sunday, 28 January 1934, the first flights began from Heston (with a special bus connection from London) to Jersey, in March 1934 flights began from Southampton, and during summer 1934, a service was operated to Paris. (




  • Jersey Boy is the twelfth studio album by country artist Eddie Rabbitt. (
  • Jersey Boy reached number 34 on country album charts. (


  • A distinguished group of public and private sector economists offered their views on the state of the New Jersey economy at the first Garden State Economic Forum on Nov. 14. (


  • Jersey was a centre of Neolithic activity, as demonstrated by the concentration of dolmens. (
  • 2009) note that while there is some evidence of Roman activity in Jersey there is no definite evidence of Roman occupation. (


  • The event was held in the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton. (


  • Human occupation of Jersey first occurred during glacial times, with the earliest reliable dated human occupation going back around 250,000 years. (


  • No single was released, only the remix version of "Call It Whatever" was included in Jersey. (


  • The Jersey Eisteddfod is a cultural festival and competition in Jersey. (


  • Well folks, the students and faculty at Montclair State University in New Jersey recently celebrated the fact that they're newest eco-toy is up and running. (


  • The first commercial service took place on 18 December, with a passenger service from Jersey to Portsmouth. (