• bimodal
  • For instance the distribution shown above would require at least two moments to describe the first peak (assuming it is symmetric and could be generated using a Gaussian function), at least three moments to describe the second peak (assuming it can be described by a Maxwellian distribution) and a sixth parameter which relatively weighted the two peaks of the bimodal distribution. (uc.edu)
  • primary
  • None of the primary techniques are used on a routine basis as they all involve a significant effort and generally yield only one moment of molecular weight. (uc.edu)
  • features
  • More recently, expression of engineered immunoglobulin genes in tissue culture can be used to produce IgM with specific alternations and thus to identify the molecular requirements for features of interest. (wikipedia.org)
  • make
  • Not only are there a variety of chemical element molecular weights to account for in amino acid sequences that make up peptides, but there are also other factors to consider. (wisegeek.com)