• Is the amniotic fluid clear of meconium and evidence of infection? (
  • How does meconium stain amniotic fluid causes amniotic fluid embolism? (
  • However, if the amniotic fluid is greenish or brown in color, it may indicate fetal meconium, which is normally passed after birth as the baby's first bowel movement. (
  • Meconium in the amniotic fluid may be associated with fetal distress. (
  • Before her birth via emergency cesarean section on Aug. 29, Tatiana had inhaled meconium, a mixture of fetal stool and amniotic fluid, causing severe respiratory distress. (


  • Meconium is the first stool that a newborn baby passes. (


  • Meconium passage in utero is common and generally without consequence provided there is no fetal distress . (


  • Fluid that will just keep coming out, will not stop, usually thin and clear, can sometimes be greenish if baby had a meconium bm in utero but if you are concerned u may be leaking please call your OB right now, because if i was your doc i would send u to l&d if there was any concern about leaking af. (


  • If the mother has taken drugs during her pregnancy, it may show up in the meconium and be used as evidence in a protective services case. (