why does a baby not have a bowel movement until birth?

  • if a baby has meconium when birthing, why do they not ever "poop" whille in the whomb?
  • Because their waste goes through the umbilical cord and the mother disposes of it. It is not actually poop at that time.

how do they test your amniotic fluid?

  • I am 37 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and i recently had about 2 tablespoons of green discharge. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow and think that they may want to test the amniotic fluid for meconium in case it was a leak of fluid. How do they do this? I am scared they will stick a needle in my belly to draw fluid out. please only people that know the answer. ok it was discharge like yellowy stuff with a very small bright green tinge to it.
  • I work in OB.... they will just take a small strip of paper and put it in your vaginal opening... if it is a small leak of amniotic fluid the test strip (called a nitrizine control strip) it will turn a certain color letting your doc know that it is that.... more then likely it is just your "mucus plug" which is just your cervix ripening and getting prepared for your delivery.... good luck any more ?'s just ask

why do babies become distress in the womb?

  • my baby died because he had meconium in his lungs, dont know why?
  • Meconium is the term used for the early feces (stool) passed by a newborn soon after birth, before the baby has started to digest breast milk (or formula). In some cases, the baby passes stools (meconium) while still inside the uterus. This usually happens when babies are under stress because they are not getting enough blood and oxygen. Once the meconium has passed into the surrounding amniotic fluid, the baby may breathe meconium into the lungs. This may happen while the baby is still in the uterus, or still covered by amniotic fluid after birth. The meconium can also block the infant's airways right after birth. This condition is called meconium aspiration. It can cause breathing difficulties due to swelling (inflammation) in the baby's lungs after birth. Risk factors that may cause stress on the baby before birth include: Decreased oxygen to the infant while in the uterus Diabetes in the pregnant mother Difficult delivery or long labor High blood pressure in the pregnant mother Passing the due date

Should i take castor oil 40 weeks pregnant?

  • I am 40 weeks pregnant and ready for my daughter to come out. i am 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced and thinned out and my cervix is coming out or whatever they call it. i am also down two stations so im close. If i take castor oil do you think it will put me in labor? and yes i know the whole meconium thing so i dont want to hear how it is dangerous i just want to know if it will work for me.
  • Stay as far away from this as you possibly can!! At 38 weeks my sister took this - it gave her extremely violent contractions - it put my niece in fetal distress which caused her to pass meconium prior to delivery She spent 8 days in the NICU - 4 of those days we didn't think she was going to make it through the night! She damn near DIED immediately after birth If this is what you want for your new baby and you KNOW about the meconium passing - then by all means have at it Personally I think my baby's welfare is by far more important than my own comfort

What is the first stool a baby passes called?

  • Pooh Meconium Poo Amniotic
  • meconium

has anyone ever taking castor oil to induce labor?

  • i have two children. i took castor oil with my son at forty weeks and he was born the next day. so i did it again with my daughter at 38 weeks - it took two tries but she was born thanks to the castor oil too- neither one had meconium in their water(i didnt know of that risk til later ). i am now having my third child and wondering if i should try it again - it seems to work for me. what do you think? did it ever work for any of you?
  • Castor oil does not get to the baby that way. The danger is that it will cause mom to be dehydrated, Meconium is caused by fetal distress which can be caused by MANY other factors. My second was a very thick mecomium baby, no castor oil. He was so thick they had NICU in the room even though he was born at almost 42 full weeks. **ETA**castor oil MAY cross there is no research definitively saying that it does. But I am sure if you did a poll and all fo the women even on Y!A were honest you would find how few acually had meconium without another possible cause. Most that do are because castor oil shoudl be used only when post-term at which point the baby could very easily be in distress.

what is a meconium drug test on a newborn ? & when does meconium start to form?

  • no negitive comments please. for anyone who has had their newborn tested , did ur test come back negitive or positive ? & what happend ?
  • Meconium starts forming before birth - this is the baby's first bowel movement - from this they can determine whether or not the baby was subjected to any narcotics - both legal and illegal

What can cause your baby to discharge meconium (feces) while in the womb?

  • I heard that castor oil can be a great distress on the fetus and cause it, but is there anything else I should steer away from that may also cause this. I am 40+ weeks and I don't want my baby girl to have her first bowel, and choke or inhale it. I am having my baby delivered in a birthing center.
  • Meconium is usually a stress reaction of the baby. The Castor oil puts stress on your body causing things such as dehydration and diarrhea. No Castor Oil isn't passed to the baby, but the dehydration state of you is. Don't do Castor oil please.