What are your favorite names from classic literature?

  • and don't anyone dare mention Twilight! i'm talking Shakespeare, Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, like older literature. and nothing common like juliet where we all know those already. No I mean exactly what I wrote Juliet
  • All of Jane Austen's names are gorgeous, especially her own, I love: Female: Jane Elizabeth Catherine Lydia Alice Patience Rosalind Viola Margaret Helena Male: Bennett Charles Robin Lysander Adam Abram Henry Many of the names are from Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and various works of Shakespeare.

What type of food did they eat in Shakespeare's days? or in literature?

  • I need to know REAL food and drink that they ate during Shakespeare's time. We will be eating these in class so it has to be easy to make and good to eat. Desserts especially wanted.
  • Cherry cordial. this came both alcoholic and not.It was cherries cooked in water with sugar and simmered for a long time then strained. Wines were too. Since this is for school you could pretend with grape juice.Keep in mind the only way they had sweet drinks to have was when they could be encased in alcohol(wonderful preservative). tea was also popular. Also food baked in pastry was also popular. This was called a pasty. Plainly it was meat and potatoes (sometimes onions or other veggies when avail) in a pie shell. Authentically these were half moon shaped or rectangle. Desserts were simply fruit with pastry. Fried fritters too. Breads and rolls were also a staple. Sugar yet available was very expensive and only used by the wealthy and special occasions. hope this helps

How come Starbucks is promoting "Holy Shots of Espresso" and selling christian literature and merchandise?

  • Did Starbucks President Rory Emerald have an epiphany? I just thought it was strange seeing religious stuff at a Starbucks. It was kinda' creepy and I didn't enjoy my visit or coffee. I guess they are doing this all over the country. My friend in Boston (at another Starbucks) had the same kind of encounter. Please tell me this is only temporary and not permanent? Thank you!
  • I think it's a response to criticism that Starbucks has a liberal agenda. They want to do well in the Bible Belt and with more conservative coffee drinkers so they're trying something different. If it doesn't work, it'll be business as usual soon enough. If the religious folks start going to Starbucks, they might keep the Christian literature. I'm pretty sure that it has more to do with the bottom line than any conversion experience.

Where can I find cheesy/romantic erotic literature stereotyped for women ?

  • I can find a lot of hard core short stories online that're really dirty, but I want online short stories that are something like "on the beach" (cheesy settings like that), heavy on foreplay, and descriptive passion. Oh. Thanks. LOL.
  • type exactly what you asked just then into google. It'll help you

What is Black bread as refered to in Russian literature?

  • Lots of my russian spy novels refer to black bread....what can this be compared to in America? A dark wheat?
  • It would be rye bread probably made from rye flour alone. Rye flour is quite brown, darker even than whole wheat flour, and it doesn't rise as high as wheat flour so the loaves tend to be heavy or dense and on the damp side, and dark coloured. It would have been what the poorer people ate, the ones who couldn't afford wheat or more refined flour. Comparable to a pumpernickel, perhaps, though the pumpernickel you get in North America is often coloured to be very dark. Most of the rye bread you get in North America doesn't have a very high proportion of rye flour so it's very light when compared to an all rye loaf.

For those of you who take AP Spanish Literature: How do you make sense of the readings?

  • Do you have trouble understanding the stories? My teacher gave us a story on the curriculum in preparation for next year, and even with the English translation (which I read first), I'm still having trouble making sense of it. Is this a good strategy? What are other ways to work smarter and not harder? Thanks for any advice on how to succeed.
  • I'm taking the course this year and I'll admit, it's hard! Sometimes I'll read the entire story in English and still wont understand it, but after we review it in class I always understand. My strategy has always been to read the summary and themes in English first, then read the actual story in Spanish (that way you actually learn more Spanish). Keep in mind that although the stories seem confusing at first, the teacher will analyze them slowly in class to make sure you understand.

What connections would you say there are between food, literature,cinemas and theatre?

Is it odd to become aroused by romantic literature/ softcore erotica?

  • A few years ago,when I was around 16/17, I would watch some of the most disgusting videos you could imagine. Raunchy, kinky, nauseating things (I have no idea why I thought it was ok to watch). >_> Now that I'm older though, I've found that books with erotic words are actually more appealing to me than the hardcore things I used to do. Is it odd that I can become aroused just by READING? Thanks in advance.
  • Absolutely normal. Words are extremely powerful and they arouse the most powerful part of our bodies, the brain. The brain is where all orgasms truly begin. So if you like reading that material, just enjoy it.