• surgical
  • Laminectomy - A surgical procedure in which the lamina of the vertebra is removed or trimmed to widen the spinal canal and create more space for the spinal nerves and thecal sac. (wikipedia.org)
  • nerves
  • Despite the fact that microsurgical lumbar laminoplasty is an effective and less-invasive method for decompressing spinal nerves compared to traditional laminectomy, few surgeons have adopted it because the technique is more time consuming and requires specialized training and equipment (operating microscope). (wikipedia.org)
  • patients
  • According to a World Health Organization census in 2001, most patients who had undergone a lumbar laminectomy recovered normal function within one year of their operation. (wikipedia.org)
  • The success rate of a laminectomy depends on the specific reason for the operation, as well as proper patient selection and the surgeon's technical ability. (wikipedia.org)