How to i roll up marijuana into a joint using household products?

  • actually im smoking katnip cuz i got no idea where to get weed buttttt yea so i got household materials and a bag of catnip how do i make the joint
  • Holy Crap, I have done this exact same thing. Smoking catnip is weird. It felt like being trapped behind someone's eyes. Like the movie "Being John Malkovich". Anyway, don't do that. It's not worth the lung cancer. Check out the site below for some social contacts. Herbalists of world

What household products can I use to clean and disinfect my make-up brushes between uses?

  • Using a spray bottle. Witch hazel? Alcohol? Water?
  • On a cloth put a very small amount of your make up remover (I use neutrogena oil-free) and 'brush' out the color on your cloth. This is quick and cleans the brush without leaving it soaked.

What household products can i wash my hair in?

  • I have curly, frizzy hair. Ive heard of showering with beer& mayonnaise& mouthwash. What else can i do to make my hair smooth, shiny or tamed. And also, any advice for controllable curls?
  • Your best bet is to use some cheap shampoo. The household products will damage your hair because the chemicals are too harsh for hair. There are some great shampoos at dollar stores. For the frizz and curls use olive oil.

What household products can i use to lighten my hair?

  • thank you guys for your help but the beauty supplies by me don't sell what i need. they sell weird rainbow colors and i dont want that. Now i have very thick black hair and i have a perm in it so do any of you kno what house hold product i could use?
  • This sounds dangerous, but I actually knew 2 girls that used household bleach for streaks in their hair, with foil, and it actually worked. But I still was never able to do it.

What household products can u overdose on?

  • I'm doing this for a school project I'm not suicidal. Also, if you can tell me how much of the stuff you need to take that would make the project look better. If your gonna write silly comments please don't I'm not suicidal and I'm not going to do any of these things.
  • Wood charcoal

What household products can I use to clear my face up?

  • If anything. I've heard of using toothpaste before, but I'd rather not incinerate my face. Morgan, I suggest you swallow a cup of cyanide.
  • Your right toothpaste really works-but if you want to try something else this webstite has good homemade face recipes to clear up skin: I hope this helps you!

How would you go about making drinkable alcohol from household products?

  • What is the best method for making it, and what should i use to make it. I would best understand it if it was in a recipe type form. THANKS! by the way im over 21 so it should be perfectly legal.
  • You can make your own beer and wine (fermentation), but you're not allowed to distill it. Fermentation is pretty basic. Water, fruit or grain and yeast.

What household products could I use to lighten my hair?

  • my hair is a dirty blonde and I want it to be a lighter lighter blonde.
  • Add lemon juice to your shampoo. This will naturally lighten your over time.