How do I go about bleaching my hair with household products?

  • I'm one of the many millions in this country who will be going out tonight to celebrate New Years Eve, and as a change to my normal appearence I thought that I'd dye my hair. Thinking and doing, however, are two totally different things for me as I have no idea on how to go about this. I am a normal(ish) run of the mill bloke, who has no idea whatsoever on how to go about dying my hair. I have heard that bleaching can dye it white/blonde; is this true? And if it is, what kind of bleach? If it's not true, then what products should I use to achieve my aims? 10 points await for the best answer!!!
  • i really would not recommond it as you shall be going to a new years party bald!!! if you really want to do it use peroxide or just try normally toilet bleach mixed with some shampoo so it shall stick to your hair and leave it in for as long as possible!!! it is true tho but it totally wreks your hair and on most hair types makes it fall out!!

How can you get softer skin using household products?

  • My skin is always very dry regardless of how much i lotion my skin and no matter what types of lotions i try (i.e. oatmeal, baby lotion, ect.). What can i do that involves household stuff? Like stuff i can find in my kitchen?
  • I have another suggestion with sugar...create a mix of lotion(preferably cocoa butter, but any would do) and white sugar. White sugar because of how this will be used, brown sugar is to coarse. Use it massage your face, moving in a circular motion on each area of the face. This exfoliates the skin and decreases the appearance of fine lines and it helps to keep your skin soft by rejuvenating the cells. Added bonus - over time it reduces any dark spots on your face. At night, you can use a very, very thin layer of petroleum jelly before you go to bed to moisturize the face (however I wouldn't advise you to use this during the day as it will attract dust and dirt which will clog your pores)

What beauty products, hair products and household products have not been tested on animals?

  • I am looking for products that have not been tested on animals. If you know any beauty, hair or house products that you know HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS LET ME KNOW SO i CAN BUY THEM!!
  • household: Ecover, M&S or Co-op. toiletries: Nivea, Avon, The body shop or Wella hair: Goldwell, Paul mitchell or Aveda beauty: Urban decay, Clinique, Hard candy, Estee lauder, Revlon, Mary kay, Stila or Bare escentuals you can find a full list approved by PETA here: (click on the "word format" link from "companies that don't test on animals")

What product or household products whiten teeth quick and fast?

  • I need to know some products or products inside your home that can whiten teeth quick and fast. thank you
  • Obviously do NOT use bleach! Baking soda, lemon juice, peroxide, wearing red lipstick.

Is it safe to use household cleaning products when pregnant? Don't want to wait for hubby to get home to clean?

  • I would like to use my bathroom clorox spray to clean the toilets and tub, and lysol for the floors, but is it safe to use them? I hate waiting for him to do it when he comes home b/c i've been told and heard your not suppose to use them products b/c of the fumes. But not sure if it's true or not. I miss cleaning on my own, any suggestions would be great!! Thank you.
  • i never changed any cleaning routines or products in my first or this pregnancy. my son was perfect and still is never gets ill. just because your pregnant doesn't mean you have to change your routines. you need to relax and enjoy your pregnancy more no need to wrap yourself up in cotton wool! if the products say on the back harm full in pregnancy then get something else! i even cleaned my entire house whilst in the early stage of labour with my son as i wanted him to come home to a clean tidy house. its good exercise aswell.

What household products will reduce appearance of scars?

  • I was wondering if there is any products around the house, besides actual scar cream, that may reduce the appearance of scars. Thanks in advance. (: I got pure vitamin E oil, is that okay?
  • neosporin a & d diaper rash cream lotion w vit e cocoa butter

what household products can dry out skin?

  • i have some pimples i want to dry out. and don't say "just get proactiv or go to the dermatologist or use clearasil or something" i use face products. but i want to dry my skin out. what household products can do that? and won't like give me a rash.
  • There are so many chemicals that can dry out the skin. Many of them can leave you irritated as well, and looking worse. The strongest thing I've used is 90% isopropyl alcohol. I wouldn't suggest stronger things. You could wind up with a chemical burn. Watch out for your eyes.

How to fade permanately dyed black hair with just household products?

  • So I just dyed my hair today, to a supposed dark brown to end up with a jet black heap of hair. I cant go out and buy products without my parents knowing, and they can't find out I hate it since i begged them to let me do it. Is there anything with in the house that can fade it..? I heard baking soda mixed with shampoo or something. Also i unfortunately do not have dawn dish thats out. Thank you for any advice
  • Allison- mistakes happen, but you don't want to make it worse. Using harsh chemicals will only compound your problem. You just tinted your hair so right now your hair is in a very delicate condition, you need to wait a couple of days before you do anything, this will minimize the damage. Did you use a permanent tint or a semi or demi permanent tint. If you used a permanent tint then you need to have a professional correct this, they will be able to determine if it needs to be stripped or bleached then filled and re-tinted. If you used a semi or demi permanent tint it will fade out over the next 6-8 weeks. Using harsh chemicals won't speed the process, they will only dry out and damage your hair. Good Luck!