• Acetonide
  • The hexaol mannitol reacts with 2,2-dimethoxypropane to give the bis-acetonide, which oxidizes to give the acetonide of glyceraldehyde: (CHOHCHOHCH2OH)2 + 2 (MeO)2CMe2 → (CHOHCHCH2O2CMe2)2 + 4 MeOH (CHOHCHOCH2OCMe2)2 + [O] → 2 OCHCHCH2O2CMe2 + H2O An example of its use as a protecting group in a complex organic synthesis is the Nicolaou Taxol total synthesis. (wikipedia.org)
  • molecular
  • It was by a lucky guess that the molecular d- geometry was assigned to (+)-glyceraldehyde in the late 19th century, as confirmed by X-ray crystallography in 1951. (wikipedia.org)
  • conditions
  • In one experiment simulating early Earth conditions, pentoses formed from mixtures of formaldehyde, glyceraldehyde, and borate minerals such as colemanite (Ca2B6O115H2O) or kernite (Na2B4O7). (wikipedia.org)