How can I get a deal from a gym?

  • I want to join Washington Sports Club but they are giving me a price of $50 a month, which is kinda steep with my budget. They want me to tak the 2 year contract cause its a lower price but Im leaving for college in august and told them this. Is there any way I can get maybe $10 or $15 or more off this price, through any deals or talking or anything? I'm going to have to pay for this myself, without parental financial support. Anyone have any tips? All help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • when i first wanted to join a gym they also wanted to stick me with a yearly contract but after talking to them and making it clear to them that i was not going to sign up with any contract, they gave me a month to month deal. it was a little higher priced than the yearly contract would of been (month to month speaking) but it was worth it. no contracts and belive me that is a good thing because gym contracts are hell! basically the only way to cancel is like if you die or if you move away but if you do they will find you one of their gyms near by and you will still not be able to cancel. im serious, gym memberships are so overrated!.

I am looking for financial aid for single parents?

  • I'm a single parent. I need everything, financial aid, support, parenting tips, etc. Is there any website that has all this information?
  • Here are some links...

Whose surname will the child be awarded in court?

  • I am currently 6 months pregnant. The father of my unborn son wants the child to have his surname, while I want it to have mine. He says he will take me to court over this. We have never been married, common law, or lived together for any point of time, the father will actually tell some people that we were never really together! he has provided no emotional or financial support throughout the pregnancy thus far, BUT claims he wants joint custody over the child. Does anyone have any experience in this type of situation? What is likely to happen?
  • In the US the mother is the one who has the right to name the child, including the last name. You could name him Mickey with a surname of mouse and technically the courts couldn't make you change it to Daddies last name. Not sure about what the courts in Canada would decide though.

How to gain custody of my child?

  • I am a single mother to a 5 year old girl that sees her father (we are seperated, we were not married, but he lives nearby) occassionally on the weekends, he doesnt arrange times to come, doesnt call to talk to her often, calls unexpectedly expecting to to see her when other plans have already been made, doesnt provide financial support for her and doesent think that he is ever in the wrong even though it clearly upsets my daughter, I would like to know the process that I would have to go through if I wanted to gain outright custody of my daughter and if anyone has been through the same thing and what they did with regard to the law and custody. I am in the UK. All answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • call your lawyer and ask for professional advice. don`t try to cut your daughters father out of her life. only bad people do that

I am 13 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend's mother wants me to put the baby up for adoption, what do i do?

  • My baby's father has Schizophrenia and I know there is a chance my baby could have it as well. I do not want to give my baby away but I will need to rely on my family for financial support until I finish college. I am confused and do not know what i should do.
  • If you want to keep your baby then do so. You will be the one who will have to live with the decision, not your boyfriend's mother. If you give the baby up for adoption unwillingly, you will regret it, and you will not be able to blame anyone but yourself. It is your choice, and no one else's. Just love your baby regardless of whether or not it develops Schizophrenia. If your family truly cares about you, they will understand and support you.

Financial support before baby is born?

  • I am about six months pregnant. The father and I are no longer together. The father signed a legal document stating he is the putative father. Will this allow me to get financial support from him before the baby is born?

Who is coercing who when it comes to forced adoption?

  • I have been attending my sister's court hearings lately as they threatened to take away her baby. There was definitely some fraud in my opinion as voluntary adoption papers had already been filled in with all her details, although our legal team could not prove duress. We ended up winning the case as I could provide financial support and "surveillance", furthermore she received compensation. However, I am still concerned with the details of who is coercing who? Someone who is in a higher position who has the appearance of being better than you, i.e. maybe your boss or in this case a social worker. It does not matter in my opinion whether an outsider sees the social worker as just a lower class citizen, e.g. compared to a lawyer. However, in that situation the social worker can the ability even voluntarily to coerce someone into giving up their baby for adoption. Now, some argue that they are coercing but it is only voluntary... So what I did was convince my sister to twist the argument around and argue that the lawyer was in fact "convincing/coercing the judge into involuntarily going against (preconceived pseudoscience theory of psychiatry)". The fact is just being suggestive is enough and "feelings of being coerced are actually subjective". Therefore, the only side that should matter is the one who is feeling threatened by "suggestions" because the other party doesn't benefit regardless, except maybe some commission on the adoption. We managed to convince the judge to return to fundamentals which he eventually did. I was a bit worried about him being a "old man", but he seemed to be objective which I definitely am praising now. So, why are we so divided on the issue that it had to end up in court. To clarify with the convincing the judge statement: i.e. involved going against a precedent. (can't remember the name) Which our legal team had told us at the time, we are definitely going to lose but we should make a stand because statistically it was still possible to win. I won't go into the full details, but my sister definitely in my opinion and probably a reasonable person on the street would class her as "NOT mentally ill" and she was not taking any medication, had PhD completed in chemistry but refused to work because she had a form of autism (supposedly they stated), but it all came down to being involuntarily held over a decade ago. So, yes I also believe it was partly trash by the social workers who said she didn't work, because people can choose to work or not depending on if they require financial assistance. In her case she didn't need to work as the our extended family could support her. The other side tried to argue people don't choose not to work or work, e.g. prostitutes, but the judge threw this out the window. Thank god for that. Basically a lot of trashy arguments coming from the other side. Although, you would think them coming from a mental background would know better than to argue and put my sister in this position. Idiots! Furthermore, having worked in a behavioural finance position, I find that people in fact not rational beings. I would have thrown this argument in to but there were too many risks I thought. It may have done more damage as then they could state "she was in an irrational mode" and that could be repeated if she had the baby returned. So on. Yes, it's very complicated. The whole idea of mental health is such rubbish and the whole idea there is a "RIGHT way" to raise a child is ludicrous. Seriously, in all good word I would have adopted the baby on her behalf. Somehow, she didn't talk though, so maybe there is something wrong, or maybe she thinks that "yeah they should know, they are the government/social workers". I don't really know what was going on in her head, but I'm just glad to have our "family" back. ... Too many details, so little time. If anything seems fragmented, just use common sense... From a top contributor, I don't understand why you aren't able to comprehend the question. The first three paragraphs are background. The fourth small line is where the discussion starts and that is the purpose of this question. I suspect bias... This is the question: So, why are we so divided on the issue that it had to end up in court. Clearly after using yahoo answers you haven't realized where additional details stop and start??? Yeah right, bias and social worker probably. Also if you are a social worker and involved in these cases. How can you not be familiar with the law? It's like a business person who doesn't know commercial law; it's suicide. No wonder our social workers are so lowly educated that they tried to break apart our family.
  • I don't know exactly what you are saying, because it all seems like a sequence of events. However, if your question is who is coercing who. I guess the judge answered your question... The social worker was clearly wrong. I suggest you post on a forum rather than use a question... It seems like you are just trying to make a stance.

Do you think that an adoptee should be able to sue their adopted parents?

  • When many adopted children they go back to home country and easily find out that they were kidnapped or that their bio-parents were forced into the adoption racket and the adoptive parents didn't bother to find out the truth should they be able to sue their adopted parents for negligence? Here's an interesting website into the beautiful world of international adoption. Some sites were forced down by attorney's and adoption agencies fighting for the right to continue brokering babies with the financial support of a-parents.
  • Yes, but I also think it would be smarter to go after the adoption agency. Deep pockets and all that. Or better yet, they should do BOTH. ETA: To the first two answerers, if there is ANY chance the child you're adopting could have been stolen, what the heck are you doing taking that child half way around the world? How is ignorance an excuse???