How do I tell my parents?

  • I am almost 19 an just discovered I am 6 weeks pregnant. I have my options regarding University sorted an also what financial support i can receive. My boyfriend(24) is as excited as i am about the baby and we are planning on moving in together in the near future. However I have no idea on how to approach my parents about this subject as i am scared of them and they are very strict people. Please can anyone give me any advice on how to tell them
  • From my own personal experience. Bring your boyfriend to your parents house, and act as mature and as calm as possible about the subject. You and your boyfriend, be a united front and support each other, tell your parents what you plan to do, as in school, daycare, and financially etc.... Your parents will most likely be mad and probably will yell at you. Don't yell back. Don't say anything rude of disrespectful, because your trying to show them you are going to be a fabulous mom. Don't let your parents, manipulate you and hurt you about this. You, from the moment you got pregnant are a mom, and have to act like it, even if you are 19. Hope I've helped you and best wishes x Hope everything works out x

What do the government do concerning pregnant teens in the UK?

  • Ok, my friend is 16 going on 17 and is 5 months pregnant, her parents are against it so she has to find a place to stay. I was just wondering how the the government (or whoever responsible) deal with situations like these. I'm wondering whether they help find flats for young mums who have no where to live, provide financial support for young mums or stuff like that.

If a person is useless to society, should they kill themself?

  • Instead of relying on the financial support of family and government? They can't find work, they don't have any talents, they're mean, and they feel hopeless.
  • I don't believe that anybody is useless to society. Everyone can give *something*, I think its that some people just choose not to. When your low everything can seem negative so you shouldn't make hasty decisions when your opinions are clouded by hopelessness. If the person can't find paid employment they can do a bit of volunteer work. These days you can volunteer in most of the same areas you can get paid work like retail, office/admin work for a charity, pet or social care etc etc. Volunteering will also increase the chances of getting paid work. You may not be paying taxes while volunteering but you will be giving something back to society and your community. It's also better for your mental health than just sitting at home dwelling on problems. Take care.

I am pregnant but separated from my husband who is the father?

  • My husband and I are planning to get a divorce but I am 4 months pregnant with my first and I live in Texas, I am not gonna be asking for child support but what rights do I have? I am almost done with college but I do not work, is there any financial support from the government or anything to help me?
  • Get signed up for WIC. Also check with a social worker at the clinic you go to in order to get hooked up with as much help as possible. Also, you are entitled to child support, so you might as well take it; it doesn't mean that you are going to give up custody. If the father wants to be a part of the child's life that is his right, just as it is your right to his money since you are raising his kid.

What would be a reasonable age for a mum to leave her baby with a carer in order to return to work?

  • Do you think new mums should be given more financial support after having a baby so that they can stay at home longer? Most mums go back to work because they have bills to pay.
  • We waited until our kids were school-age (around 6 yrs old). It put quite a burden on our finances for awhile, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. the time we got to spend with our kids cannot be measured in monetary value.

Is the number one reason mothers today give up their children lack of money?

  • My mother's generation seemed to lack men who stood up to their responsibilities (i.e. a guy would would marry them) as the main reason for surrendering a child, but today it seems to be financial support. Do you think if most surrendering mothers had more than enough money they would keep their children?
  • Sunny, The man, during the BSE,would have provided the financial support that I needed. Mothers of that era couldn't provide for their children on their own, especially if they were only teenagers. Women were persecuted for being pregnant, and discriminated against, in employment. So finances were still...the bottom line. My family wouldn't help me, even though they were well-off. The agency I went to was corrupt. I think that, from what I have heard from today's mothers, it is somewhat different. The laws today do protect women's civil rights. There are benefits available today that BSE mothers couldn't get. BUT...the industry is manipulative with "open adoption" and the timeframes are ensnaring mothers to sign surrenders earlier than ever. And young mothers can still be forced or threatened by their parents if they don't understand their rights. ETA: some grandparents of today can be really nasty. A pregnant teen really needs support if she is to keep her baby while facing down a hostile grandparent. It isn't easy for these young mothers, and they don't know where to turn.

How can I stop being scared of own house?

  • At night weird things have been happening men don't work dogs don't work I can't fall asleep unless i drug myself with anti anxiety medication. I need help I don't have the financial support to move I live with my mother & my grandma no matter how many people are by my side I can't do it. :l I am saying when I looked on here people tell others to get a man to stay with them or a dog to make them feel safe & again I don't have enough money to move right now!
  • Evil spirits are arroud to intimidate, make you scared and stressed, and try to persuade people to do evil things. Trust in God as your heavenly Father, accept Jesus as your saviour, invide the Holy Ghost as your comforter and ask God to send His angels to guide and protect you. They really exist.

8 months pregnant and unsure what to expect from the father?

  • I am 22 years old and 8 months pregnant with my first child. The father of the baby and I are not together however he has offered to provide financial support for our unborn child and I. He states that he does not want to be with me in a relationship however sends me all these mixed signals. He calls often to make sure that I am okay and tells me that he loves me and the baby. He sends me flowers and is very affectionate. I dont understand what he is doing. He reassures me over and over again that he just wants to be friends.
  • the only thing i can think of is that because you are the mother of his child (his first too?) then he is always going to have a special spot for you in his heart, even if you two aren't together and he doesn't want to be anything more. the same thing is happening with my sister. she had her and her ex's baby girl 5 years ago, and the father takes them both out for dinners, gives her money, tells her he loves her. it's nice, considering his brother (the father of her 2 other kids...yeah, i know...) won't have anything to do with them. there are some decent guys out there for the most part. good luck! :)