biological father

  • In an exclusive interview with Australia's Sunday Night that aired this week, the late princess's former lover James Hewitt was asked point-blank about a pesky rumor that has been circulating since the '80s - that he, not Prince Charles, is the biological father of Prince Harry. (
  • Singer Keyshia Cole took to Instagram to announce that she has found her biological father. (


  • Grievous losses: How many more families must lose sons, daughters, mothers and fathers? (
  • My mothers father and mother were cousins And my mothers grandfather and grandmother were cousins will this effect me in some way like height or etc? (


  • At the Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump said her father Donald Trump employs more female executives than male executives, and as president would continue to support equal pay for women. (
  • I am male 21 height is 5 3.5.Father height 5.7 mother 4.9. (


  • My father, a retired family dentist is far from the average sedentary senior citizen. (
  • after all, father knows best, and a country, like a family, is best ruled with a firm hand. (


  • My mother, whenever my father was doing something for me, would fondly advise: ''Remember this when you have children. (
  • My cousin (female) is 6ft, her father 6'5 and mother 5'1. (
  • My father have 188cm and my mother 160cm. (
  • I am 18 years my height is 5.6i my father is 6ft my mother is5.2 I want to add 4inch more in my height please suggest me some medicine? (
  • My father is 5ft8in and my mother 4ft11. (
  • My height is greater than my father and mother. (
  • My father is 6, 1 but my mother height is 5, 2. (


  • Kyle Holder, the father accused of nearly beating his 2-year-old daughter to death outside a Salmon Creek motel, is escorted into Clark County Superior Court on Thursday for a hearing to determine if he was legally insane at the time of the June 2016 attack. (
  • A father charged with trying to kill his 2-year-old daughter after brutally beating her outside a Salmon Creek motel was legally insane at the time of the June 2016 attack, a judge ruled Thursday. (
  • She was, of course, referring to the devotion with which my father granted his time and skill. (
  • Here are some things that aging can do to you - if you give up and let Father Time take his toll. (


  • What started out as excitement to become a father spiralled quickly into resentment for the life growing inside Ms Mooney - and the two children she already had. (
  • Cole has spent most of her life looking for her father, and it was well documented on her reality tv show series. (