Why do they still give smallpox vaccinations?

  • Wasn't smallpox eradicated decades ago? I can understand that they may give it to soldiers who go overseas, the disease still might be out there, but why do they give smallpox inoculations to immigrants coming into the US? No one in the US has smallpox, so why give them the vaccine, and if they have smallpox already, what could a vaccine possibly do about that? They may not do this anymore, but I know as a fact that they did this in the 90s. I don't see the logic behind it, or is it done just to be done?
  • They don't give vaccinations to immigrants anymore. I am not even sure that they are vaccinating soldiers anymore, although I would think they are. The disease has been eradicated in the world; the only stocks of it are in labs in the US, Russia and possible a couple other locations. If there is a new "outbreak" it would be the result of biological warfare.

Can i get food stamps for myself my baby and babies father?

  • Can i get food stamps for myself my baby and babies father? Im 18 and live with my bf's family and i attend school and he is 18 too but an immigrant i live in houston but im not sure if i qualify for food stamps?
  • This is how I am doing it. I live with my mom. She has 4 little kids and herself on food stamps and gets a good 600. My step-dad has his own. I and my 2 get our own food stamps. my baby daddy gets his own which is 200. Its easier to tell them you eat separate. Now I forgot that I live in Iowa and you in Houston.. So it might be different. But good luck!

How come when white people adopt (most of the time) minority black kids?

  • Most of the time it is african/other black immigrant nations? Never mostly african american?Do white people have something against african americans?
  • Most of the adoptions which are done in my area are adoptions of foster children and the majority of these children are white or bi-racial.

How do you feel about the new Vaccine?

  • The FDA is now recommending the we inject our Babies with Hepatitis A because of the risk from ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! When do we say enough is enough?
  • we gotta keep our peoples safe, why not??? you should be happy

What are some nice but not common boys names?

  • My hubby and I are starting to plan for a 3rd baby (we already have 2 girls) I have some leads on girls names, but boys names are always so much harder for me. The difficulty in finding one is compounded by the fact that we do not want a repeat name that someone else in our family has used. No easy task as between the two of us, we have over 200 FIRST cousins (our parents are from large immigrant families). I would love to hear some suggestions for names that are not made up but not overly popular. Thanks!
  • Teagan (TEE-GAN) Rowan Brooks Cameron Spencer Brody Orson Hudson Eli Mason Callum Dallin Clark Harley Brendan Dawson Brevin Boston Armand Mason Bronson Barrett Beckett Collin Leroy :) I hope this helps you. Good luck!

Some good game ideas for a child's birthday party?

  • I have some games already picked out: "Throw the criminal immigrant in the garbage", "Beat the criminal immigrant with a stick" and one of my favorites: " Stick the pencil in the criminal immigrant's eye". Any other ideas?
  • 1. Hide and seek 2. Tag 3. Musical chairs 4.Jump until you get tired 5. Pin the tail on the donkey

How can I tell what the while bump is?

  • My friend has this white/clean bump inside her mouth. One time when she squeezed it, white puss stuff came out. I told her it was probably a pimple, an under the skin type, but she said no. It bothers me, not knowing what it is. She can't go to the doctor, because she is an illegal immigrant. So, my friend who is a nurse, doesn't have a clue what it is. She says it goes away once she squeezes it but another one comes every week. Also she said it tastes weird, so, I don't know Please please help me help my friend.

What are some Italian haircuts for teenagers?

  • I am a second generation Italian immigrant and I am looking for a good looking haircut, long or short, don't care.
  • Get a Caesar.