What is everything I need to have my own dental clinic?

  • I need to know what i need to do and get for a dental clinic.
  • 1) Go to dental school and get a DDS or DMD degree, then pass the national board exams and apply for a license 2) You need ALL of your own equipment. Chair, tools, x-ray machine, computers and office supplies for record keeping and scheduling, supplies like gauze, autoclave...Essentially, everything a dentist needs on a daily basis (which you will learn in the DDS program). 3) Staff to run the office-Office staff, hygienists, assistants 4) To sum it all up, you are responsible for all of your costs...supplies, tools, materials, rent, staff salaries, utilities, drugs, etc. You will need LOTS of money from your own pocket to get started (unless you take out a bank loan). If you don't have this, you can associate with another dentist who may allow you to buy into the practice when you can. If you are not a dentist and are wondering how much supplies cost, the basic kit that I will have when I graduate is worth about $40 000. And this doesn't include materials or some of the equipment that the school provides, just my hand tools and drills!

Are there any dental clinics available for me to volunteer? How is it like to volunteer in a dental clinic?

  • I want to become a dentist..but not 100% sure...pretty sure though. In order to prepare for this dentistry...I will major in either biology or biochemistry in college. I think volunteering in a dental clinic will be an excellent opportunity to prepare for dentistry. I really wanna volunteer in a dental clinic to prepare for dentistry. What do you do in a dental clinic? Is it rewarding? What is it like? Thanks for all the answers! =]
  • Yes its very good to do this, phone even private pactices and they will be willing to get you on to do odd jobs and then you can see how things are run

How can i volunteer at a dental clinic in Miami,fl?

  • I'm studying for my associates in DA, then im going for my bachelors in DH. In the meantime, I would like to volunteer at a Dental Clinic. To gain experience and knowledge, that way I can have my foot in the door so when I go to apply for a job there won't be an issue. Any suggestions? I have shadowed a Hygienist for a day, but she was my friend so that was easy.
  • Ask the dentist you go to...If not, he-she may know a dentist that would allow you to.

I need help finding a free or low cost dental clinic in the Dayton/Cincinnati area to pull a bad wisdom tooth?

  • I have a wisdom tooth that is rotten, causing me lots of pain. I think it may be spreading to other teeth. I have no dental insurance and cannot afford to get the problem fixed at a regular dentist/oral surgeon. Does anyone know of a free or low cost dental clinic, or a dentist/oral surgeon that would do the work for free? I am in the Dayton Ohio area, but can travel to Cincinnati if I need too. Please help!
  • You can purchase a dental discount plan to help with paying a regular dentist. The dental discount plans will discount the cost of service up to 60%. If you buy a plan today you can get service by 2-9-10. You can get a good plan for about $110 for the whole year. The major insurance companies sell these discount plans. To get an idea of how the plans works and instructions on how to go about getting a plan you can go to www.dentalATadiscount.com. Hope this helps.

How much area is needed to set up a dental clinic?

  • I have 16/12 feet room i.e 192 sq. feet area available for my clinic. Is it sufficient to set up a dental clinic? And also where I can get information to set up a dental clinic? Thanks
  • Ahhhhhhh..define your idea of what you think the services you will provide will be. The more services you want to provide the greater amount of space you will need....If you think you can provide a wide number of services in the space you say you have...you can't...My waiting room was twice the size of the space you say you have and I specialized in dental appliances only. I also had a full service dental lab that required 900 sq feet by it self. I had six employees. Like I said, define the services you intend to attempt to provide, that will determine how much space you will require.Good luck and I wish you well. The Denture Pro

Anybody know of any good Houston dental clinics?

  • I need a list of Houston dental clinics please. Where can I find one?
  • There is a good directory of Houston dental clinics at the site below. Convenient list of the best clinics.

What does the Emergency dental clinic do in the ER?

  • Hey just woundering, how expensive is the ER dental clinic compared to a regular dentest. Can you have root canals, caps, crowns, fillings, bone grafting, implants, and extractions done there? Would it be better just to go there when you need work done? Thanks
  • The specialize in palliative treatment. That means drain infection, prescribe and administer antibiotics and analgesics for pain and swelling. They would not do routine fillings and crowns and that type of thing. They would treat an emergency condition and then refer you on for anything that could wait for even a few hours.

Will a free dental clinic take out wisdom teeth?

  • I still have all four, two are out of gums completely and two are halfway out but they are hurting. Is this something a dental clinic would do or is it too complicated of a surgery b/c of anesthesia and all that?
  • Some dentists will take them out and some wont it really depends on how deep the roots are and how accessible they are and also if the dentist feels they require to come out or not.