How awkward it is to have a boner while seeing a dentist?

  • Okay so i went to dentist today, and it was my third time. The dental clinic near my house has all female dentists. Today, as i sat on the chair, she started to lower the back of the chair, bringing me in a lied down position. While she started looking my teeth, i had a huge boner. And yeah she noticed it. It sucked when i adjusted it with my hand. Has it happened to you as well?
  • Yes, often times a hot dentist or dental assistant will get me thinking naughty thoughts ...

Would it be good idea to go to university dental clinic for braces?

  • I have overbite and my molars are further crooked. My teeth feel really uncomfortable. Especially when I speak and chew food. I don't have lot of money. I found out local university's dental school run clinics for less expense than the private clinics. Would it be good idea to go there for braces? Do they perform dental cares correctly? are they worth it?
  • I am a dental student now and I am going to our clinic! I think you get a better deal because EVERYTHING is checked by a faculty (or 2) before anything happens

How long should the roof of my mouth hurt after a palatal injection?

  • Hi, Last Monday (24th) I had a palatal injection (numbing injection into the roof of the mouth) whilst under sedation at a dental clinic. However, 6 days later and the roof of my mouth is still very painful, to the point where I'm still taking pain killers every 6 hours or so. Has anyone had any experience?
  • For the injection site to be painful sounds odd. I'm assuming from the site that you had a tooth taken out. If this is the case it's possibly a dry socket/infection. Give your dentist a call, you'd be surprised what a saline rinse and some sedative dressing can do for you.

Where can a person get emergency medical treatment in USA?

  • I am new to USA so don't know all things. Suppose if a person is bleeding, NOT so severe but it requires immediate medical attention where can he get treatment If he doesn't have insurance? There are so many dental clinics around my area but haven't seen any medical hospital nearby. I have seen Kaiser hospital but I think it is closed on weekends.
  • Any hospital with an emergency room.

Would it be good idea to go to university dental clinic for braces?

  • I have crooked molars and overbite. My teeth feel really uncomfortable. Especially when I speak and eat. I don't have lot of money. I found out university's dental school run clinics for dental cares. Would it be good idea to go there for braces? Do they perform dental cares correctly? are they worth it? what do you mean it hurts more?
  • Great idea and very wise. You should get expert treatment. Yes there are students training but they have a highly qualified Dentist looking after them so they need to do a good job and the boss will take over if he doesn't think they are quite ready. They need people to go there for there training. The People that get into Dental school are clever people with a passion for being a dentist. I'd rather go there than pay a dentist big money for what could be an excellent job or it could be a rush job . He's trying to make money now

good place to open a dental clinic in seattle?

  • Anyone knows where a good place to open a dental clinic in seattle area is? what are the pros and cons?
  • try under a bridge! pro: not too much competition! con: not too wealthy clients!

Do you know that you can get your teeth cleaned for CHEAP?

  • Yes you can! You can get your teeth cleaned and other dental services at a reduced cost at local college and university dental clinics. Dental hygiene and dentist students need patients from the public to practice on. Before a dentist or dental hygienist can be licensed they need to work on many different patients at their college's dental clinic, under the supervision of licensed dental hygienist professors and a licensed dentist. Please look at the websites of all the local colleges in your area to see if they offer a dental hygiene or dentist program. If they do call the school because they probably have a public clinic that you can visit and be treated for CHEAP! Dental students need you.

I'm going to a dental school to get my teeth cleaned/examined. What should I expect?

  • Anyone ever been to a University dental clinic? How long will it take? Will like thousands of people be looking in my mouth if I get a cavity?
  • If they find something really interesting in your mouth they might have a lot of students look at it. I know there is a tiny little TV camera that some dentists use, and they might have one of those so all the students don't have to line up to look in your mouth one by one. Or they might just videotape it and show it to the students later. I have had my teeth cleaned by dentists and by dental hygienists (specialists in cleaning teeth), and dentists do it much more gently! I think a student dentist might be even more gentle! It should take about half an hour, maybe more depending on how careful the student is.