How much do damon braces in the philippines cost?

  • And the dental clinics that have these, in Manila. Thanks.
  • 6000 us dollars

Can anyone help me find free or very affordable dental services in Orange County?

  • I am a 23 year old student who cannot afford dental insurance. I have a bad tooth ache and am just afraid to go see just any dentist and pay out the ears. I live in Fullerton, CA and I cannot afford much. If anyone knows a way to find a dental clinic or dental school in the area that would help me out greatly.
  • It sounds to me like you've need a dental clinic. The best way to find one is to look at your local phone book or you might try calling the emergency room of a local hospital and ask if they know of a local dental clinic they can refer you to. However, the problem with dental clinics is that you could end up waiting a week or more to be seen. If you can not wait that long, you'll have to put out a few dollars and join a discount dental plan that will allow you to go to the doctor ASAP as well as saving you a few bucks.

What is the Best Dental Clinic near Boston University?

  • I would like to straighten my teeth. I mean ortho. I am a student in BU. I would like to know the best dental clinic near Boston Univeristy. thx a lot~
  • Boston dental care, it is really close to the university and thet is ortho that work there Address: 1b Saundergate Lane, Wyberton, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 7BX. Tel: 0844 576 9399

where can i find a place to take the registered dental assistant test?

  • im working at jefferson dental clinic in dallas tx and i have been looking online to figure out where i can take a test to become a registered dental assistant..i already asked my job (you would think they would know!) but yes..they have no clue! so my manager said that would affect my raise if i didnt have it! so anyone have any idea if i can take a test online or where i can find a test spot at?
  • Most likely at a Health school. Try UT Health Science Center in San Antonio. If you contact them they might be able to guide you to the right direction. :)

I want to become a dental assistant and i need help with my resume, any suggestions?

  • I saw this ad in the newpaper and its a dental clinic looking for a dental assistant, but i've never taken any sort of course and the ad said " training is provided if your looking to start a career" I'm trying to make an amazing resume and cover letter but it's not going so well, any suggestions?
  • Your resume must have a few basic things, your info like name, address, date of birth etc, then you must state your schooling history, and then your job history and it will be good if you can pu in some letters of recomendation from lecturers or teachers and previous employers, state your strong points also

where can i get observation hours to get into the dental hygienist program?

  • I wanted to apply to the dental hygenist program at our local college. I have most of the prereq's, however there are "observation hours". Does anyone have any suggestions on how to obtain these hours. The program requires 15 hours in an outside clinic. Should I just walk in any dental clinic and ask to observe the hygenist? Please help...has anyone had any experience with this?

What am I going to expect about tomorrow's dental visit ?

  • I have a teeth cleaning appointment tomorrow and it has been a couple of years since I visited the dental clinic. Am I going to receive the service that I wanted or am I going to be required to go through a teeth check up ?
  • Hi Missy, It is common for a dental office to take bite-wing xrays once a year on patients who visit the dentist every six months for cleanings, so at the very least, expect bite-wings. Question: Are you returning to your previous dental office or is this a new office visit? Depending on the date of your last full mouth set of xrays (we dentists like them every three to five years) you might be considered a new patient and have to go through a new patient-type of an exam, prior to a dental cleaning. Why, You Ask? When your dentist allows you to have treatment done in his/her office, even dental cleanings, he/she is assuming COMPLETE responsibility for your oral health care. Diagnostic xrays and a complete dental exam are how we, as dentists, assess your oral health. Remember, if you have been away from the dentist for a couple of years, you might need a more significant, deeper cleaning than just a regular polish. It is the responsibility of your dental health care professional to adequately assess your needs and proceed from there. Best of luck to you on your dental visit. Remember, you need your teeth for a lifetime! ;-)

Would it be good idea to go to university dental clinic for braces?

  • I have overbite and my molars are further crooked. My teeth feel really uncomfortable. Especially when I speak and chew food. I don't have lot of money. I found out local university's dental school run clinics for less expense than the private clinics. Would it be good idea to go there for braces? Do they perform dental cares correctly? are they worth it?
  • That is a great idea. Do it! The student dentist work is supervised by instructor dentists. You will receive some of the best treatment possible. The problem with dental school dentistry is the time it takes. The student dentist is naturally slower than a practicing dentist, plus there is waiting for the instructor to check of different stages of treatment. The lower cost is a good trade-off for your time, and I think you will really enjoy the experience. It's very personal because you spend more time with the dental school personnel. You will really feel like part of the team.