Should I give a dental clinic a second chance?

  • I had a bad result 9 years ago at a dental clinic . My insurance covers 50% . the dental clinic has cheap insurance that covers another 30 % .My nephew goes there and likes them. They have all new dentist. I don't think I can afford anywhere else.
  • Its because the clinic you visit is not reliable and trustworthy. The insurance and the dental clinic has to be good no matter on money but on service. Even cheaper dentist and dental clinic can also provide good service and good insurance policy. It's not that cheap dentist provides worst services. They can also provide very good or even best services. The thing is that we have to go for the right choice.

Kindly help me conceptualize a catchy Dental Clinic Brand Name?

  • The Dentist's name is Grace. She is my aunt and she was playing around with the idea of using her name. Like Graceful Dental Clinic. But she wants it more modern sounding. More of the Zen and Spa trend names. Like Dental Zen. Could you help me out? Thanks :) Additional Info: This is for the Name of the Clinic or the Brand. Not the tag line. :) Thanks a lot.
  • Grace and Teeth = Good Healthy teeth

Is there any free dentist here in LA for those who have no dental insurance?

  • Any free dental clinics you know for filling and cleaning?
  • Why do you think you should receive FREE care?? Do you know of any free restaurants or free car mechanics? If you do...please let me know, I hate paying for sh-t. A university or college dental program usually offers service at a pretty reasonable and reduced rate. Just not for free.

How much does it cost for a Ceramic dental crown in Chennai(Or India in general)?

  • Can somebody suggest the best dental clinics in chennai to do this?

Why can kids with bludging parents get free dental pain relief and not those with a working parent?

  • My daughter needs dental treatment with gas. As my partner works we are not allowed this through the school dental clinic, where as anyone on a concession is eligible . Does anybody else get cranky with this injustice. Why is one child entitled to pain free treatment and not another?
  • I'm not entirely sure what "bludging" means, but depending on your child's age, a dentist may be hesitant to use gas on a child when it isn't medically necessary, as after the initial pin-prick from the Novocaine needle, most work is relatively painless. If your daughter has a legitimate medical issue (or diagnosed phobia of needles), a note from her PCP could go a long way to helping out. As for the payment issue, I couldn't answer that without knowing what "bludging" means.

What happened to the St Louis veterans hospital with the dental contamination?

  • They exposed 2000 veterans to HIV. I have a broken tooth and cant afford to have it fixed even with insurance.Do you know if the John Cochran dental clinic is safe now?
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Where should I go in a dental emergency?

  • I went to a dental clinic last week but they said my insurance do not cover dental treatment. So now what should I do? should I go to hospital or..can you give me some advice, please. thank you so much.
  • Alot of dentists will do payment plans. Also alot of dentists are not too expensive. I would say there are a ton of people without dental insurance out there and the dental industry recognizes that and tries to accomodate. My daughter had to have an exam and a tooth pulled before she had insurance and it was only 160 in CA. oh yeah if you look up dental schools such as Western they will do alot of dental procedures for free under the guidance of a professional dentist.

How to apply for dental assistance without having any experience(Australia?

  • I want to do dental assistance certificate 3 but the requirement to do this course is I must work as a dental assistance in dental clinic or any other place related to dental. But I dont know how to find a job without having any experience about dental assistance. They are mad why they want us to have experience in dental assistance before we do the course. We apply for course to learn something
  • Send your cvs to a whole lot of practices, also try to send it to new practice who are hiring at the moment