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  • metabolize
  • Individuals with the rapid phenotype of either CYP1A2 or NAT2 metabolize PhIP more effectively and are therefore at greater risk of PhIP's carcinogenic metabolite and could be at a higher risk of cancer. (wikipedia.org)
  • lung
  • β-Naphthoflavone treatment attenuates neonatal hyperoxic lung injury in wild type and Cyp1a2-knockout mice. (nih.gov)
  • either
  • Individuals can be classified as either rapid or slow N-oxidizers and O-acetylators by assessing CYP1A2 and NAT2 activities. (wikipedia.org)
  • major
  • CYP1A2 is not regarded as being a major contributor to forming the cited epoxides but could act locally in certain tissues to do so. (wikipedia.org)