• discs
  • This work demonstrates the development of microfluidic compact discs (CDs) for protein purification and fractionation integrating a series of microfluidic features, such as microreservoirs, microchannels, and microfluidic fractionators. (mendeley.com)
  • With the advent of videocassettes and compact discs, however, original cast albums of non-musical plays, as well as spoken word albums of film soundtracks, went into a serious decline from which they have never completely recovered. (wikipedia.org)
  • method
  • 2. A method of moving video disk cartridges as defined in claim 1, comprising the further step of disengaging said engaging member from said aperture before extending said object from said rotatable transport carriage. (google.es)
  • single
  • Because the disk spins, the platform has the ability to drive the sample through it through microfluidic channels and for multiple steps to be performed, allowing the possibility for sample preparation and more than one analysis to be conducted during a single run. (wikipedia.org)
  • basic
  • The ECC block is the basic unit for testing disk quality by counting the number of parity inner errors (PIE) or parity inner failures (PIF). (wikipedia.org)