• complexes
  • Taken together, we propose that FACT and PBAP complexes are recruited to chromatin boundaries in a GAGA factor-dependent manner, and are needed for H3.3 replacement to execute boundary functions. (biologists.org)
  • studies
  • SIRT7 is localized to the nucleolus and interacts with RNA Pol I. Chromatin immunoprecipitation studies demonstrate that SIRT7 localizes to rDNA, and coimmunoprecipitation shows that SIRT7 binds RNA Pol I. In addition SIRT7 interacts with UBF, a major component of the RNA Pol I initiation complex. (wikipedia.org)
  • regions
  • Mediator is involved in "looping" of chromatin, which brings distant regions of a chromosome into closer physical proximity. (wikipedia.org)