• vascular
  • Iridectomy - Removal of the affected piece of the iris Choroidectomy - Removal of the choroid layer (the vascular tissue sandwiched between the sclera and the retina) Iridocyclectomy - Removal of the iris plus the ciliary body muscle. (wikipedia.org)
  • These circulating complexes have been found trapped in the highly vascular choroid plexus of SLE patients upon autopsy. (wikipedia.org)
  • peripheral
  • It is also defined as a purulent nonencapsulated parenchymal infection of brain which is characterized by nonspecific features on CT (ill-defined low density area with peripheral enhancement) and cannot reliably be distinguished from neoplasms. (wikipedia.org)
  • production
  • In addition to CSF production, the choroid plexus act as a filtration system, removing metabolic waste, foreign substances, and excess neurotransmitters from the CSF. (wikipedia.org)