What is the difference between the china waiting child program and the china special needs program?

  • How are the china waiting child program and the china special needs program different for adoption? They have different time lines, yet I am having trouble distinguishing them.
  • The 2 terms are interchangeable. A WC is a SN child. Their SN could be anything from being over the age of 6 to cerebral palsy to blindness..... When the CCAA redid the SN program to having a list that any agency can look at they renamed the program to WC. I think it is the politically correct name for SN kiddos.

What is your opinion about comparing your child to other children?

  • I have heard many parents who tell their kids that other children are performing better than they are and that they should live up to the expectations other children are setting. For example, a parent may continuously tell their eight year old that her friend excels in an area she herself may not do very well in as a ways to push them to try harder. Please tell me your opinion about this - is it a means to convince your child to do better, or does it prove to be more of a means of breaking the child's own self esteem?
  • what parent, at one point or another, has never compared their child with another? all parents do that. even subconsciously. thinking it and not saying it is the only decent way to do this. it's very wrong for a parent to pull Junior to one side and tell him that another child is performing better than him. i'm sure some parents think this is a motivational tool, but it's not. it does nothing for the self esteem of the child. telling your child that he's better than someone else is likewise wrong. this tact puts your child on a pedestal he may not be able to come down from well into adulthood. he will have a false sense of superiority and will be hated by most. the best way to motivate a child to perform at his best is to tell him that he CAN --with no reference to any other child. an 8-year old is already pressured into personally comparing himself with his peers in the classroom and in the playground. the last thing he needs is to be told this by his very own parent. what a parent can do is support the child and nurture his gifts by his own pace. children have different paces of learning and development anyway. comparing one and the other would be like comparing apples and oranges.

How do you handle a sick child in your daycare?

  • What are your rules for sick children in your daycare? When should a parent be called to pick up their child? What should you do about a parent that brings in their sick child?
  • I have a sick child policy in my parent handbook and a statement in my contract regarding sick children. The parents know my policy on illness and respect it. I make it very clear to the parents in my childcare program that sick children need their mommy or daddy. If a child seems ill I will check their temp and then call the parents. They are expected to pick up as soon as possible. I would probably ask a family to leave my program if they tried to "sneak" a child in that wasn't feeling well. (By dosing up with Tylenol or something) If they can't respect me and the other children in my program they can go elsewhere for their childcare!

How can we work together to reduce child mortality around the world?

  • Worldwide, 10.5 million children under 5 will die this year, most of them die from easily preventable causes. How can we work together to reduce child mortality on a global scale?
  • Child mortality is based on quite a wide and varied number of things. My advice is choose a cause that is contributing to the problem but has meaning for you. Get involed. There are a lot of wonderful organizations doing the work you already care about. Even a monetary contribution would allow these organizations to buy additional vaccine to distribute. The best answer is ... care. When you care you talk (informing others) and give (protecting others). I think it is wonderful that you are thinking this way. Please, do what you can. Have the courage to make a difference, even a small one.

What are the effects of procreating a child under the influences of drugs?

  • Like, perscription drugs, or narcotics like amphedimines or the like.What could happen to the child if it is made under the influence? For instance, how many of these one night stands and the like create a child while under such influences that are not suitable to create a child. Does it really effect a baby in the long run from that point on, or does it happen further along in the development of the child while being carried in the mother? At what point does it show the effects?
  • Whether or not the parents are drunk or high at the time of conception really has no scientific evidence of being harmful for the child. Now, if the mother continues to abuse alcohol or drugs (prescription or otherwise) during her pregnancy, the effects on the child will most likely be harmful. Depending upon how severe the substance abuse is, the result could show at birth or it could take days, weeks or even months. There are too many factors to give a definitive answer to this question, but it was a great one!

How do parents who have children without autism deal with raising an autistic child?

  • As in, they already had children without autism, then they have a child with autism. How do the parenting skills change?
  • Im 14 years old. I have a brother and he is autistic and he is 13. I know from seeing them all the time that autism can make the parents life so much more stressful (including mine). But, i know patience is a big thing that changes when they had my brother. My dad isnt very good with that but i know my mom sure is. I mean, my brother is pretty smart (above the average smartness level of autism), he can read, write, spell, and do math. I know that having an autistic brother changed me completely, without him, i totally would look at life so much differently. It makes me appreciate autistic people and mentally challenged people way more than i would if i didnt have my brother. Also, ive been thinking of becoming a special teacher. But yeah, back to topic [lol] parenting skills change by having A L O T more patience, and idk but its hard and i give anybody who has an autistic child [including my parents] alot of credit, it is alot harder than people think. hope this helped :)

How much easier is it to adopt an older child compared to a baby?

  • I'm interested in adopting a child. My sister didn't have any children and ended up adopting identical twin girls from Eastern Europe, they are 13 and have cerebral palsy and both can't walk. They are very beautiful and sweet and my sister is very close to them....Is it generally easier to adopt an older child? What about an older child with a physical disability? (I'm not interested in those with low mental function though). How hard is it compared to adopting a baby?
  • I am a foster mom, and have adopted three. One was actually in my oldest daughter's foster home (she and her husband were a group foster home). I knew him well from birth, he became my adoption placement when he was a year old, and we finalized when he was eighteen months old. We had gotten a foster/adopt license when we adopted him, so we began fostering for the state again. One week after we finalized our sons adoption, the little girl who became our adopted daughter came to live with us, she was two and a half, and we finalized her adoption when she was four. Six weeks after her adoption was final, we were asked to take her five month old baby brother, and we did. We finalized his adoption when he was three days from eighteen months old last January. Other than the fact there was one social worker who was determined to place our first adopted child with someone else, it wasn't hard to adopt through the foster care system - IF you are a foster parent.

How likely is it that a child will inherit diabetes and arthritis?

  • What are the chances of a child inheriting arthritis and type 1 diabetes? There are heart murmurs in the family too, could that be hereditary? Thanks in advance!
  • If the mother is the carrier then it is very likely the child especially a boy will have inherited diabetes. Arthritis is most definitely an inherited disability. Heart murmurs, if a family trait then those too. However in these times none of these are live threatening as long you take medical help