What happens if a parent spanks a child and the child instead of crying becomes full of rage?

  • I know that if someone spanks a child, that the child cries and becomes fearful but what would happen if the child doesn't cry and becomes hateful.
  • I think I get them some counseling, and quick. Because they are having some underlying issues (not having to do with the spanking). I've done many spankings in my time, and never came across a child filled with rage. That is just simply a myth from the anti-spanking religion out there.

What do i need to start filing for Oregon Child Support? Is there a way to just file without court?

  • The father is refusing to pay child support for his son. I heard there was a way to file with just knowing his address and where he works and i can get child support automatically sent to me from his check.
  • I would start with Oregon Department of Justice - Division of Child Support ... Their website has a lot of information and resources to help.

What is the best way for a young child to get the needed amount of flouride for their teeth?

  • Is it necessary for a child to drink plain water to get the recommended amount of flouride or does making juice for your child with tap water still count toward them getting and absorbing the needed amount.
  • If your tap water has added fluoride (most places the tap does) then it doesn't matter if you use it to make kool aide or what not it's still in there. Also most tooth paste has fluoride added. There is a such thing as too much fluoride for your child though so be sure to watch for that.

How old is the typical victim of child neglect? How can you tell if a teen is being sexually abused?

  • Okay, so i'm doing a project for my child developement class.First to answer all these questions gets best answer. How old is the typical victim of child neglect? How can I tell if a teen is being sexually abused?
  • Any age! The child can be not even a year and can be sexually harassed or can be all throughout their childhood and adolescence- even into adulthood. Typically the child is targeted at a very young age, when they are unaware that what is happening to them is wrong and can't fight back. You can't automatically target someone. It's one of those things where it "takes one to know one." They may have problems socializing, don't like being touched by the opposite sex, get very defensive when it comes to the a title of a person (i.e. a father figure, mother figure, cousin, etc. where they have the constant fear applied to that status). Or they may be very promiscuous to as a security blanket to make them feel wanted, and "normal." Sorry if this is vague- but if you message me, I can give you more specific and valuable information for your project. I'd be able to give you much more insight to this common form of abuse. I won't go into more detail though about it in front of the public. So if you want to know more- especially if you want a personal source with credibility for your project then get in touch with me. Hope the information I gave you is a good base to start from.

If your teen child had sex with an adult would you react differently based on the sex of the child?

  • If your teen child had sex with an adult would you react differently based on the sex of the child? What if your child has sex with an adult of the same sex? Explain.
  • If it was my child and it was statutory? No. It's illegal. The court doesn't react differently based on sex, and one of the last things an parents wants is their child to end up in a legal battle.

How to adopt a child who got rescued from the polygamist sect?

  • Hi all, I and my wife are planning to adopt a little child from those kids who recently were rescued from the polygamist sect in texas. I heard that nearly 160 of those children are in orphanages now.. How should we proceed in this matter? Whom should we contact? What are the issues/ problems involved in this?
  • Hi Google Reddy, That was certainly a tragic situation going on there in Texas, wasn't it? As a previous poster mentioned, USA does not have orphanages. What happens when protective services steps in, is they move the children to other families who have already been pre-certified by the state to provide temporary foster care. The objective of foster care is supposed to be to reunite natural families after the parents have been given the time & resources to correct whatever problems led to where the children were endangered in the first place. What we have with the Texas example is unique in that it is not the mothers abusing their children. The mothers are equally the victims here and have also been rescued from the polygamist sect. What I predict is that they will make efforts to keep the mothers with their children and help them all until they are capable of taking care of themselves independently of both the sect and the state. I'm sure those families love each other. They have been through some traumatic events lately and it would only compound it to permanently separate them from their families on top of everything else. They are going to be experiencing a mini-culture shock of just being in the outside world for the first time. They will have additional needs that will be need to be addressed. To answer your question, I really do not believe those particular children will ever be available for adoption. However, there are still about 140,000 other children currently in the U.S waiting for adoptive families. If you would like to become an adoptive or foster family, contact your state dept of children & family services for details. If you are in Texas, here is the link to get started: http://www.dfps.state.tx.us/Adoption_and_Foster_Care/Get_Started/default.asp If that is not your state, there is a dept of children & family services for every state. Hope this helps. Thanks for caring & good luck, julie j reunited adoptee

How do I keep my child's crazy mother from hurting me and my child?

  • My child's mother has pressed false charges against me multiple times, has stalked me during my visitation with the child, and has attacked my car (fractured her hand on the window) with the child inside. My child's grandmother has also attacked me and my child stays in the grandmothers home. What can I do to get my child out of this situation?
  • For the childs sake I would seek costudy, just because he/she will get the idea what the mom/grandmom is doing is just how a normal person lives, and will end up like them. My opinion, but don't risk you time with your child.

When filing for child custody can you get temporary custody if you dont live with the child ?

  • My child lives with me & has since birth but now his father is wishing to ge custody . When he files is it possible that he will get temporary custody when he files ? Or will my child be able to stay with me until our court date ?
  • He could only get temporary custody pending a hearing if he can prove you are unfit or the child's living situation is a danger... As long as everything is ok with you and your daughters living situation she will stay with you till the court says otherwise...