What happens to a child from birthday to 12 months being stuck in a buggy all day?

  • There's this girl that keeps her child in the buggy every day from morning till late night, and child is 12 months and only just started crawling and the buggy is never laid down when child is asleep this has been happening every day pretty much since the child was born. What will happen to the child?
  • my babys sister (2 yrs now and walking talking) learned to walk at 9 months. my babies that are 4/5months old are just learning to crawl so first it is not right and i think kind of child abuse

What age limit should a child be allowed to be left alone for at least 8-10 hours a day while parents at work?

  • I know of a child and it really disturbs me the parents don't care about the welfare of the child. What should I do?
  • probably 13 but it all depends on the maturity of the child

How to terminate a child from your daycare?

  • I have two agressive child in my daycare and Honestly just had enough!! I had talked with the parents a couple times before and they still act up each day. By hitting other children in care, using bad words, having very bad tantrums, and just plain has no respect for anyone. How should i terminate their contracts without feeling uncomfortable?
  • I would have another conference with the parents, further detailing their children's bad behavior and the effect that it is having on the other children. I would explain that it is endangering the other students and cannot and will not be tolerated. Depending upon the severity of their behavior and the number of previous conferences with the parents, I would give a two week notice/final notice to work on correcting the behavior. However, note to them that if any further violence takes place, the child will be removed immediately. Ultimately, you are responsible for the care and well being of all the children. I know it's uncomfortable & will be very difficult dismissing students, but think of safety of the other kids. Also, imagine how distressing it would be if a parent walked in to find their child being hit or yelled at by one of these other kids. I wish you all the luck. And if at all possible, please have the parents sign something stating they have attended a meeting with you & been made aware of the aggressive behavior and appropriate steps of action.

What does a child need to know before entering kindergarten ?

  • I live in canada and my child will be entering Junior Kindergarten on September 2011 and i would like to know what he needs to know before he will start Junior kindergarten. A list will help :) Thanks.
  • they should test the child (its not a test she/he will have to pass, just one to see where the child is) and they should teach the child things like 1-20 abcs ect. it helps if he/she has a previous knowledge but i dont think they would have to actually know anything just be potty trained

How do you draw the line between child discipline and child abuse?

  • I believe that children need to be disciplined to learn the consequences of their actions, but I also know that child abuse can cause heavy pschological damage to children. What in your opinion is the acceptable way to discipline one's child?
  • There are probably as many ways to discipline your child as there are kids in this world. Every parent is different. We have an 11 month old son and do plan to use spanking as a means of punishment. BUT I only plan to spank after other methods have been used, such as time out, removing privileges, praise for good behavior, etc. And then I only plan to use spanking if it's effective. Also, there is a right and a wrong way to spank. You should never spank in anger and your child should know why it is happening. I agree, beating your children can cause psychological damage but there is a great difference in spanking as a discipline method and abuse. We were spanked a bit growing up, but honestly more damage was done to us kids through my dad's form of verbal abuse. But in the end, you do what you are comfortable with and what works for your kid. I think more parents should discipline SOME WAY, instead of treating their child as their best friend!

How important is it for a child to know their real parents?

  • Would you raise a child and never tell them truth? What if you knew the real parents and they were horrible people? What if it was just one parent and not two? I personally think the whole "blood is thicker then water" is hogwash. What if a child is born from rape, would they really want to know the truth?
  • I think it varies. The most important thing is for the child to know that they are loves, wanted and appreciated. Be it by a biological parent, adoptive parent, or such. My boys know I love them, and they also know and remember the abuse they got from their "real" biological parents. I have told them all many times that I love them and that I am blessed to be able to call them my son. I think that is the most important thing. Also make sure that kids get lots of postive attention and positive reinforcement when they do a good job. And also let them be kids. Dont make them grow up to fast. They will grow up and move out soon enough and then the house will be to quiet and such! An example. All my boys are bedwetters and some have daytime issues as well. My preteens and older often well tell me they are sorry that I have to either change/diaper them or help out and stuff or do it all when they are home sick and such. I tell them, its no big deal and its what daddys do. I tell them I did not get to do it for them as a baby and toddler so I am making up now, and they laugh. I also tell them that I dont care how old they are and if they need help with a diaper ot being diapered, I will do it as that is what a dad does for his child. Also that there are a lot worst things in the world that being a bed wetter or even having daytime issues, and that its not a big deal. It helps them feel better about it and thier self esteem. I have had many foster boys over the years that were punished, beaten and even forced to sleep in the cold wet bed if they had an accdient or when they did. And that is just so wrong and cruel. I look at it this way, that the Real Parent(s) are the ones that love and raise the child. They are the ones that stay up late and help with the cub scout derby car and let the child sleep in their room after a night mare, even when they should be old enough not need it, but still understand that no matter how old the child is, he/she is still their little one, and that esp boys seem to be big toddlers when they are sick or scared, and need that extra love, attention, support and comforting. These parents might be parents, just a mom or dad, 2 moms or dads, grandparents, uncle, aunt, or whom ever, the important part is that the child feels the love and knows they are safe and wanted!

How many presents does your child get for birthday and Christmas?

  • And how many children do you have? Or, inversely, do you have a set spending amount for each child? Like, each child has $100 worth of gifts.
  • Depends on the money flow and who all im buying for Santa always brings 3 gifts per child. One of Santa's gifts is always the large gift and the other two are small plus a stocking. For the rest of the presents I just give small / medium gifts whatever I happen to have (i start Christmas shopping 2 months early it takes the tension out of Christmas shopping)

What do you think of home-schooling one child and sending the other to public school?

  • If one child is significantly ahead of his grade level and does better in a home-school environment and is being home-schooled, do you think it would be strange to send the younger child to public school (which is also a great system)? What's unschooling?
  • Works just fine. A lot of homeschooling families do it! I gave my kids the choice to do it, specifically my youngest who wasn't miserable at school, but both chose to homeschool/unschool, so it's never been something we've done. If one of them changes their mind, or my youngest wants to try regular school when she's of that age, then I guess that's what we'll do. I even know of an unschooling family with 4 kids, and one who just up and chose to go to public school himself (why anyone would choose that cesspool is beyond me, but whatever, he knows what's best for himself), and it's apparently working out wonderfully. *ETA: Unschooling - in simplest terms, there's many different kinds and many different views on it, each family's is different - is not using a set curriculum, or only using it if and when the child chooses. Unschooling is based on the philosophy that children learn best by experiencing and doing things that interest them, and that forcing a certain curriculum or forcing them into a certain way of learning stunts a child's ability to learn at all. There is unschooling as a purely educational philosophy, and there is also "radical unschooling" (not as scary as it sounds, LOL) also known as "whole life unschooling" in which unschooling encompasses a parenting philosophy, and then there's "eclectic" unschoolers (like my family) who don't fit into either homeschooling OR 100% radical unschooling, they're usually a bit of both. I'll give you some links on it.