• monkeys
  • More recent field experiments with Diana monkeys ( Cercopithecus diana ) of Taï Forest, Ivory Coast, have clearly shown that loud male calls function as predator alarm calls because calls reliably (1) label different predator classes and (2) convey semantic information about the predator type present. (springer.com)
  • subspecies
  • The subspecies and their ranges are: Cercopithecus pogonias grayi Fraser, 1850 (Gray's crested mona): Sangha River basin of southerm Cameroon, southern Central African republic through to the northern Democratic republic and Cabinda. (wikipedia.org)
  • range
  • Lesulas ( Cercopithecus lomamiensis ) inhabit a limited interfluvial range of about 17,000 km2 in the eastern central basin of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (animaldiversity.org)