how many fire ant bites would it take to kill an adult human being?

  • I was bitten today about 15 or 20 times and it only hurt for about 30 minutes
  • Depends on how allergic you are to them - You will probably have little "pustules" tomorrow - the bites will have 'white-head" looking poison pockets on them - open them with a needle - and put Hydrogen peroxide on them to disinfect - and maybe use some Neosporin or other anti-biotic ointment on then to keep form getting infection - You're lucky you didn't have a reaction --

How many mosquito bites can a human hold before they die?

Does flea bites make permanent marks on human skin?

  • If it does, my life is over.
  • No it doesnt. it simply leaves a mark. don't fret on using products, just don't itch, and let ur body do the rest. Now, if it has a small rash, then consider seeing a pro.hope this helps

How do you get rid of flea bites on a human?

How Do I Get Rid of bug bites Super Human Faster?

What to do with human bites?

  • SO iwas in school and my friend came ip to me and bite me for no reason on my arm. i felt the pain but i thought it wouldn't leave a bruise or nothing. Then i checked my arm and its purple and now it burns. What can i put on this bite mark for it can do down and not get infected? Please help me i dont want my mom to see it and i dont want it to get infected.
  • If it broke skin... then you should go to the ER/ED/AE, or at least a clinic, to get it seen by a doc. Human bites are actually worse than most non-venomous animal bites (right behind cats). If the bite didn't break the skin, then you can try a cold pack to make the bruising go down. And dont forget to kick your friends butt!

What gets rid of Human Flea bites and also Mesquito bites FAST?????????

  • i have senior pix in a week..need 2 get ride of them fast I REALLY NEED ANSWERS FAST
  • Homeopathic treatment :- LEDUM PAL 30C thrice a day half hour before or after meals will get rid of mosquito bites. Take Care and God Bless

what is the best way to treat flea bites on a human?