how many fire ant bites would it take to kill an adult human being?

I was bitten today about 15 or 20 times and it only hurt for about 30 minutes

Depends on how allergic you are to them - You will probably have little "pustules" tomorrow - the bites will have 'white-head" looking poison pockets on them - open them with a needle - and put Hydrogen peroxide on them to disinfect - and maybe use some Neosporin or other anti-biotic ointment on then to keep form getting infection - You're lucky you didn't have a reaction --

How many mosquito bites can a human hold before they die?

i dont get your question very clearly (i guess the reason is that english is not my first language)

I will try to answer what i think you might ask.

Hunabs can get bitten a million times from mosquitos and they will still be alive lol. You wont get die by mosquito bite unless it is infected and you dont treat for it (although this is VERY rare)

2) How many times a mosquite bites before it dies:
WELL,a mosquito bites u because it is pregnant, and feeding the eggs is by your blood, so it doesn't die after a number of bites, it isn't a bee!, it bites to suck your blood and feed it to the eggs, so it will go for blood until she lay the eggs (birth)!.
and it dies normally like any other insect, like getting smashed between your 2 hands, or getting hit on the front glass of your car while on the road, or it dies very normally like getting old then die!
ALTHOUGH if a mosquite bites you it wont bite you again within minutes, it needs few hours to digest the blood first time.

Does flea bites make permanent marks on human skin?

If it does, my life is over.

No it doesnt. it simply leaves a mark. don't fret on using products, just don't itch, and let ur body do the rest. Now, if it has a small rash, then consider seeing a pro.hope this helps

How do you get rid of flea bites on a human?

hi,,..take the animal to the veterinarian clinic,.. so the animal can get treatment.,.until then don't make unnecessary contact with the animal till the animal is fully 100 per cent treated,.,you might also be getting the fleas from ever where the animal sits or sleeps,because they lay there eggs in warm surfaces, like your bed, couch,etc,.so start doing your laundry

good luck thanks,..,

How Do I Get Rid of bug bites Super Human Faster?


-- Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when outside

-- Stay indoors at dawn and dusk (when mosquitoes and other insects are most active)

-- Remove standing water in yards and clean out clogged gutters, which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other bugs

-- Install or repair window and door screens so that insects cannot get indoors.

-- Before going outdoors, it is important to use insect repellents on the skin and clothing to be completely protected against bug bites. The active ingredient in most commercial agents is either the insecticide permethrin or the chemical repellent DEET


If an insect flies through your defenses and leaves a bite, the best treatment method is to apply ice or products containing camphor or menthol to the affected area in order to reduce itch. The average insect bite is harmless and may leave a small red mark or bump that will disappear within a week. Persistent itch can also be treated with prescription-strength cortisone products.

"If your bug bite lingers and a rash develops, or if you experience a fever, headache, episodes of joint pain, dizziness or fatigue following an arthropod bite, it is important to consult a dermatologist or other appropriately trained physician immediately in order to rule out a potentially serious condition,"

What to do with human bites?

SO iwas in school and my friend came ip to me and bite me for no reason on my arm. i felt the pain but i thought it wouldn't leave a bruise or nothing. Then i checked my arm and its purple and now it burns. What can i put on this bite mark for it can do down and not get infected? Please help me i dont want my mom to see it and i dont want it to get infected.

If it broke skin... then you should go to the ER/ED/AE, or at least a clinic, to get it seen by a doc.

Human bites are actually worse than most non-venomous animal bites (right behind cats).

If the bite didn't break the skin, then you can try a cold pack to make the bruising go down. And dont forget to kick your friends butt!

What gets rid of Human Flea bites and also Mesquito bites FAST?????????

i have senior pix in a week..need 2 get ride of them fast

Homeopathic treatment :-
LEDUM PAL 30C thrice a day half hour before or after meals will get rid of mosquito bites.
Take Care and God Bless

what is the best way to treat flea bites on a human?

Apply a lotion with alcohol, it helps to disinfect and ease the itching, and don't scratch, you'll make matters worse.

Also, wash all the clothes you wore since being bitten and the sheets on your bed so you can be sure the fleas are dead. They tend to procreate pretty fast.

If you have a pet, apply some special lotion on it too. If not, you'll have a true flea circus in your home.