How does Folifast hair tincture medicine help to stop hair fall ?

  • How does Folifast -hair tincture containing - benzyl nicotinate .02% Vitamine K .2% Salicylic acid IP .1% Alcohol (95%) IP 61% -effective for hair loss treatment ?
  • wanna stop hairfall really? apply mustard thoroughly oil twice a week, avoid commercialized shampoos. .....

Is it possible that Benzyl Benzoate or Benzyl Alcohol when injected intra muscular would show up in a urine t?

  • Could it show in a urine test as benzodiazepines? Could it show in a urine test?
  • Is it a drug urine test? then yes, otherwise nein.

how long do i have to wait until gettin my eyebrows waxed after i use acne med.?

  • i use acne medication but im willn to get off it for a few days to get my eyebrows waxed for back to skewl. how long do i have to stay off my med. before i get them waxed. btw i use benzyl peroxide if yu need tht informaton. plleeaasee ive been growing out my eyebrows all summer for school. thats different.

Is it possible that Benzyl Benzoate or Benzyl Alcohol when injected intra muscular would show up in a urine te?

  • Could it show up in a works urine drug test as benzodiazepines?
  • No because it is not a benzodiazepine. It is a topical ointment used for lice and mites. But can i ask why you would use it IM?

How do I get rid of my acne?

  • I have acne,it's not that bad but I hate it. What are some ways to cure it. My doctor gave me Benzyl Peroxide,it works but not as fast and I'm still using it but I missed a day or two and My acne came back. I've tried toothpaste before but that just feels uncomfortable. Should I put alcohol on it? Vaseline? Lotion?Lately I've been using lotion because,after I use The Benzyl Peroxide my face feels dry. If Lotion what kind? I rarely ever drink Sodas,just mostly juice,is that bad? Thanks I feel like your trying to sell me products that prob won't work,if so STOP!
  • Maybe this video might help:) Hope I Help

How to QUICKLY get rid of BIG zits!!?

  • I have somewhere important to go and I have this very big cystic zit on my chin, eeps! I have been applying tons of benzyl peroxide but it still hurts and has been bad for about two days now, help!
  • Kalra: according to pimples those type can get infected because blackheads are worse kind use clearsil the anti bacteria medication that cleans deep skin pores also good for it reduces them any way http://www.clearsil/

Can I get sick from wiping my butt with lysol disinfectant wipes?

  • They don't irritate me as much as toilet paper, but on the back it says "not intended for personal hygiene." I have been using them for the past couple days because it makes me feel cleaner, its say they contain: Akyl (C12, 50% C14, 10% C16) Dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride....0.28%
  • i'm sure you make your mama proud♦

I accidentally got Oxy Cover-up vanishing cream instead of the normal kind. Can I still use it as my normal?

  • I usually put benzyl peroxide on my face before bed, but with this, can I still do that? And will this do the same thing as the other benzyl peroxide?
  • Check the ingedient list of both bottles and make sure that they have the same amount of active ingredients. I am also sure that the bottle will have a 1-800... phone number that you can call and ask a company representative. I really can't see why you can't use a vanishing cream as opposed to the other.