• clinical
  • A retrospective analysis performed in 2015 detailed the outcomes of N=148 men with non-obstructive azoospermia and diagnosed Sertoli cell-only syndrome: Men with SCOS: 148 Testicular sperm was successfully retrieved: 35/148 Successful ICSI: 20/148 Clinical pregnancy: 4/148 This study considers the effect of FSH levels on clinical success, and it excludes abnormal karyotypes. (wikipedia.org)
  • Virtual karyotypes can be performed on germline samples for constitutional disorders, and clinical testing is available from dozens of CLIA certified laboratories (genetests.org). (wikipedia.org)
  • patients
  • the main groups are: Congenital variant (Rolando variant): in this severe subtype of Rett syndrome, the development of the patients and their head circumference are abnormal from birth. (wikipedia.org)
  • common
  • Thus, in the case of common blastomas, such as retinoblastomas, a practitioner may go directly into treatment, but in the case of rarer, more-genetically-linked blastomas, practitioners may karyotype the patient before proceeding with treatment. (wikipedia.org)