• Baltimore
  • At MIT, Huang, Baltimore, and graduate student Martha Stampfer discovered that VSV involved an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase within the virus particle, and used a novel replication strategy to replicate its RNA genome. (wikipedia.org)
  • Cell
  • Witte's research has contributed to the understanding of human leukemias, immune disorders and stem cell activity in cancers of the epithelium. (wikipedia.org)
  • cancer
  • Models of acute or chronic leukemia established using cancer cells collected from patients (A complete list of publications is available here) A highly sensitive platform for studying epithelial and cancer stem cells Establishing a functional, humanized immune system from engrafted human hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors Humanized models for studying human-specific infectious diseases like HIV, Epstein Barr virus, malaria, and Dengue fever. (wikipedia.org)
  • mice
  • In a study of vaccinated mice, it was possible to identify the immunological epitopes required for protection against the virus, thus determining the types of immunological responses necessary or required for protection against it. (wikipedia.org)