*  TATA Box-Binding Protein - CAGS
The TBP gene encodes TATA Box-Binding Protein, the DNA-binding subunit of the RNA polymerase II transcription factor D (TFIID). As the name suggests, the TBP subunit attaches to the DNA promoter at its TATA box, to initiate transcription. Binding of the TFIID complex at the promoter helps in positioning of RNA Polymerase II and serves as a scaffold for the assembly of other polypeptides to the transcription complex. It also acts as a channel for regulatory signals.. Mutations in the TBP gene have been associated with Spinocerebellar Ataxia 17 (SCA17), a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterised by gait and limb ataxia, intention tremors, cerebellar atrophy and behavioural manifestations such as psychosis, disorientation and aggression. The gene has also been associated with an increased susceptibility to Late-Onset Parkinson Disease. ...
*  Gentaur Molecular :EIAab \ C6orf175,General transcription factor IIH polypeptide 5,General transcription factor IIH subunit 5...
Gentaur molecular products has all kinds of products like :search , EIAab \ C6orf175,General transcription factor IIH polypeptide 5,General transcription factor IIH subunit 5,GTF2H5,Homo sapiens,Human,TFB5 ortholog,TFIIH basal transcription factor complex TTD-A subunit,TTDA \ EIAAB42053 for more molecular products just contact us
*  Receptor-Interacting Protein Kinase 3 Contributes to Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms via Smooth Muscle Cell Necrosis and...
Our data of the direct involvement of RIP3 in NFκB-mediated vascular inflammation add support to the notion of necroptosis-independent function of RIP3, which has only been reported in a few studies thus far.44,45 Interestingly, we found in aortic SMCs that Rip3 knockdown significantly attenuated TNFα-induced expression of Ccl2 (monocyte chemoattractant protein-1), Il6, Tnf, and Vcam1 but not Ccl5, Ccl7, Il1b, Icam1, or Mmp2. Because all these molecules are known to be regulated by NFκB, we speculate that the selective requirement of RIP3 might be related to their sensitivity to serine536 phosphorylation of p65, which was attenuated in Rip3−/− SMCs treated with TNFα. Among the multiple phosphorylation sites within p65, serine536 is critical for enhancing the transcriptional activity of NFκB by recruitment of TATA-binding protein-associated factor II31.46 It is possible that not all cytokine genes require this fine-tuning mechanism for optimal expression.. Apoptosis and ...
*  EPM2AIP1 - EPM2A-interacting protein 1 - Homo sapiens (Human) - EPM2AIP1 gene & protein
cytoplasm, nucleoplasm, DNA binding, identical protein binding, RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding
*  In new company: U1 snRNA associates with TAF15 | EMBO Reports
In a recent study published in this issue of EMBO reports, Jobert and colleagues made the unanticipated discovery that a portion of the U1 small‐nuclear (sn)RNA in human cells is associated with the transcription factor TAF15 (TATA box‐binding protein (TBP)‐associated factor 15; Jobert et al, 2009). The U1 snRNA is classically known as a component of the splicing machinery, which removes introns from precursor messenger RNAs (pre‐mRNAs). U1 snRNA functions within a protein-RNA complex known as the U1 snRNP, which associates with the 5′ splice site to initiate the process of splicing. In addition to U1 snRNA, the U1 snRNP consists of seven Sm proteins and three U1‐specific proteins, U1‐A, U1‐C and U1‐70K (Patel & Bellini, 2008), and its structure has been recently solved (Pomeranz Krummel et al, 2009). The U1 snRNP ultimately functions-along with the U2, U4, U5 and U6 snRNPs, and many other factors-as part of a much larger spliceosome ...
*  OriGene - TAF12 (NM 005644) Human Protein
Recombinant protein of human TAF12 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 20kDa (TAF12), transcript variant 2, 20 ug available for purchase from OriGene - Your Gene Company.
*  OriGene - TAF11 (NM 005643) Human Protein
Recombinant protein of human TAF11 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 28kDa (TAF11), 20 ug available for purchase from OriGene - Your Gene Company.
*  TAF9B rabbit monoclonal antibody - (H00051616-K) - Products - Abnova
Rabbit monoclonal antibody raised against a human TAF9B peptide using ARM Technology. A synthetic peptide of human TAF9B is used for rabbit immunization.Customer or Abnova will decide on the preferred peptide sequence. (H00051616-K) - Products - Abnova
*  TFIIB - Wikipedia
El factor de transcripción II B (TFIIB o GTF2B) es uno de los diversos factores de transcripción generales que conforma el complejo de pre-iniciación de la ARN polimerasa II.[1]​ Es codificado en humanos por el gen HGNC TFIIB .[2]​[3]​ El factor de transcripción IIB se localiza en el núcleo celular, donde forma un complejo (el complejo DAB) con los factores de transcripción IID y IIA. Esta proteína sirve como puente entre TFIID, el factor que reconoce inicialmente la secuencia promotora, y la ARN polimerasa II.[4]​ Está implicada en la selección del sitio de inicio de la transcripción: mutaciones en TFIIB causan un desplazamiento en el sitio de inicio de la transcripción.[5]​ La proteína TFIIB ha demostrado ser capaz de interaccionar con: CREBBP[6]​[7]​ GTF2H4[8]​ Proteína de unión a TATA[8]​[9]​ POLR2A[8]​ TAF11[8]​ GTF2F1[8]​[10]​ c-Jun[11]​ TFIIA TFIID Lewin, Benjamin (2004). Genes VIII. ...
*  OriGene - TAF1D (NM 024116) cDNA Clone
TAF1D - TAF1D (untagged)-Human TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, RNA polymerase I, D, 41kDa (TAF1D) available for purchase from OriGene - Your Gene Company.
*  OriGene - Taf1a (NM 001037204) cDNA Clone
Taf1a - Taf1a (untagged ORF) - Rat TATA box binding protein (Tbp)-associated factor, RNA polymerase I, A (Taf1a), (10 ug) available for purchase from OriGene - Your Gene Company.
*  TAF1 Pre-design Chimera RNAi - (H00006872-R05) - Products - Abnova
Homo sapiens TAF1 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 250kDa (TAF1), transcript variant 1, mRNA. (H00006872-R05) - Products - Abnova
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*  anti-TAF7 antibody | GeneTex
TAF7 antibody (TAF7 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 55kDa) for WB. Anti-TAF7 pAb (GTX115036) is tested in Human samples. 100% Ab-Assurance.
*  anti-TAF15 antibody [N1N3] | GeneTex
TAF15 antibody [N1N3] (TAF15 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 68kDa) for ICC/IF, IHC-P, IP, WB. Anti-TAF15 pAb (GTX103116) is tested in Human, Mouse samples. 100% Ab-Assurance.
*  TAFII-containing complexes
A schematic representation of various TAFII-containing complexes isolated from human or yeast cells. The target of these TAFII-containing complexes, a typical class II promoter (containing TATA box and initiator(INR) elements), is diagrammed in the center. TATA-binding protein (TBP)-containing complexes are shown at the top with their component TAFIIs. TBP-free complexes are illustrated at the bottom. The potential roles of these complexes in transcription are listed at the right ...
*  Gene Expression Analysis
Bioline Reagents is a primary manufacturer of specialised molecular biology products for the life science industry and research markets. It manufactures reagents including ultra-pure nucleotides, DNA polymerases and mixes, DNA markers, competent cells, products for RNA analysis and other general reagents for molecular biology.
*  Sufficient Zinc Intake Eases Pneumonia in Elderly
A stroll through your local pharmacy will no doubt turn up dozens of various zinc-fortified items, such as throat lozenges and other general cold and flu remedies. Its popularity as an additive stems from the fact that zinc is believed to be a necessary catalyst for more than 100 enzymes produced by the body. Without access to these enzymes the immune system is unable to function at full strength. Read more ...
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Sunrinse Rounds provides a doctor's prospective on the practice of medicine, the process of coping with disease, guidance for improved health, and other general guidance gathered through my life as a medical oncologist ...
*  OriGene - TAF9 (NM 001015892) shRNA
TAF9 - TAF9 - Human, 4 unique 29mer shRNA constructs in retroviral GFP vector shRNA available for purchase from OriGene - Your Gene Company.
*  SNAPC3 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书
Hinkley CS, Hirsch HA, Gu L; 等. The small nuclear RNA-activating protein 190 Myb DNA binding domain stimulates TATA box-binding protein-TATA box recognition.. J. Biol. Chem. 2003, 278 (20): 18649-57. PMID 12621023. doi:10.1074/jbc.M204247200 ...