*  Catalysts | Free Full-Text | Noble Metal-Free Ceria-Zirconia Solid Solutions Templated by Tobacco Materials for Catalytic...
A series of ceria-zirconia solid solutions were synthesized using tobacco leaves, stems and stem-silks as biotemplates. A combination of physicochemical techniques such as powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), N2 adsorption/desorption measurement, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were used to characterize the as-synthesized samples. The results show that the morphologies of the templates were well replicated in the obtained ceria-zirconia solid solutions. Catalytic oxidation activities of CO over the ceria-zirconia solid solutions were then investigated. The catalyst templated by tobacco stem-silk exhibited higher conversion of CO at lower temperature than that of ceria-zirconia solid solutions templated by tobacco leaves and stems or without templates due to its special morphology. The catalyst even showed similar CO conversion when compared to ceria-zirconia solid solutions doped ...
*  Solid Solution Price, China Solid Solution Price Manufacturers & Suppliers | Made-in-China.com
Solid Solution Price - Select 2018 high quality Solid Solution Price products in best price from certified Chinese Infusion Solution manufacturers, Telescopic Solution suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China.com
*  Hardness and elastic properties of covalent/ionic solid solutions from first-principles theory
Most of the engineering materials are alloys (solid solutions) and inevitably contain some impurities or defects such as vacancies. However, theoretical predictions of the hardness of this kind of materials have rarely been addressed in literature. In this paper, a hardness formula for multicomponent covalent solid solution is proposed based on the work of Simunek and Vackar [Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 085501 (2006)]. With this formula, the composition dependence of the hardness is investigated for titanium nitrogencarbide (TiN1-xCx), off-stoichiometric transition-metal nitrides (TiN1-x and VN1-x), and B-doped semiconductors. The predicted hardness is in good agreement with experiments. To investigate the most frequently quoted correlation between hardness and elastic modulus, the elastic moduli of the systems involved in this paper have also been calculated. The results show that the elastic moduli cannot be used for rigorous predictions of the hardness of the solid solutions.. ...
*  Synthesis and characterization of cadmium-calcium hydroxyapatite solid solutions | SpringerLink
A series of cadmium-calcium hydroxyapatite solid solutions was prepared by an aqueous precipitation method. By various means, the characterizations confirmed the formation of continuous solid solutions over all ranges of Cd/(Cd+Ca) atomic ratio. In the results, both lattice parameters a and c display slight deviations from Vegard's rule when the Cd/(Cd+Ca) atomic ratio is greater than 0.6. The particles change from smaller acicular to larger hexagonal columnar crystals as the Cd/(Cd+Ca) atomic ratio increases from 0-0.60 to 0.60-1.00. The area of the phosphate peak for symmetric P-O stretching decreases with the increase in Cd/(Cd+Ca) atomic ratio, and the peak disappears when the Cd/(Cd+Ca) atomic ratio is greater than 0.6; the two phosphate peaks of P-O stretching gradually merge together for the Cd/(Cd+Ca) atomic ratio near 0.60. These variations can be explained by a slight tendency of larger Cd ions to occupy M(2) sites and smaller Ca ions to prefer M(1) sites in the ...
*  Order-disorder behavior in KNbO{sub 3} and KNbO{sub 3}/KTaO{sub 3} solid solutions and superlattices by molecular-dynamics...
We use molecular-dynamics simulation to examine the order-disorder behavior in pure ferroelectric KNbO{sub 3} and in KNbO{sub 3}-KTaO{sub 3} ferroelectric-paraelectric solid solutions and superlattices. We find that the order-disorder behavior is remarkably robust and plays an important role in both the polarization rotation associated with switching of the perfect crystal and in the dynamical behavior of the solid solutions and superlattices.
*  Autoxidation of lipids and antioxidation by α-tocopherol and ubiquinol in homogeneous solution and in aqueous dispersions of...
Autoxidation of lipids and antioxidation by α-tocopherol and ubiquinol in homogeneous solution and in aqueous dispersions of lipids: unrecognized consequences of lipid particle size as exemplified by oxidation of human low density lipoprotein
*  Synthesis and solution properties of poly(acrylamide-styrene) block copolymers with high hydrophobic content - Shaikh - 1999 -...
Hydrophobically associating block copolymers of polyacrylamide/styrene with a high hydrophobe content were synthesized using micellar copolymerization under various conditions of surfactant and initiator concentrations with the objective of determining the conditions that produce optimum solution properties for enhanced oil recovery. Solubilities, aqueous solution viscosities and interfacial properties with air and oil of the copolymers were investigated. The influence of salt on the solution properties was also studied. Nature of hydrophobic sites and onset of hydrophobic association were studied by measuring the fluorescence of pyrene in polymer solutions. Optimum solution properties were obtained for copolymers synthesized under conditions of high surfactant and initiator concentrations. The copolymers displayed substantial thickening properties at low concentrations with enhanced thickening in the presence of salt. The interfacial tensions of the aqueous solutions with ...
*  What is a homogeneous solution? | Reference.com
A homogeneous solution is a mixture of two or more components that have a uniform appearance and composition. Carbonated water, vodka and saline are all examples of homogeneous...
*  lect14 reel4 3pg - Solid State Synthesis Phase Diagrams and Solid Solutions Chemistry 123 Spring 2008 Dr Woodward Solid State...
View Notes - lect14_reel4_3pg from CHM 123 at Ohio State. Solid State Synthesis, Phase Diagrams and Solid Solutions Chemistry 123 Spring 2008 Dr. Woodward Solid State Reactions Example: MgO(s) +
*  Hacker Rank solution for Compare The Triplets in C++ - Programming With Basics
Hacker Rank Solution Program In C++ For " Day 0: Hello, World. ",hackerrank 30 days of code solutions in c, day 0 hello world. solution, hackerrank day 0 solution in c, write a line of code here that prints the contents of inputstring to stdout., hackerrank hello world solution, day 0 hello world. hackerrank, print hello, world. on the first line, and the contents of input string on the second line., hello, world. welcome to 30 days of code!,hackerrank day 1 data types solution, day 1 data types hackerrank c++ solution, hackerrank 30 days of code solution, hackerrank day 1 data types c++, day 1 hackerrank solution, day 1 data types hackerrank solution in java, hackerrank 30 days of code solution in c, day 1: data types solution c++,Hacker Rank Solution Program In C++ For " Day 5: Loops ",Compare The Triplets hackerrank solution in c++, Compare The Triplets Solution Using C++., Compare The Triplets hackerrank solution in java, Compare The Triplets hackerrank python, Compare The Triplets ...
*  SOLUTION перевод с английского на русский, translation English to Russian. Англо-Русский словарь по вычислительной технике и...
решение - do with the solution - algorithm/architecture solution - ambiguous solution - approximate solution - candidate solution - check solution - closed form solution - cost-effective solution - cut-and-dried solution - engineering solution - expert-like solution - feasible solution - general solution - good-enough solution -.
*  Patent US3946612 - Temperature indicating compositions - Google Patents
Temperature indicating compositions are provided for use in disposable thermometers comprising a heat-conductive carrier sheet having at least one but preferably a plurality of regions (cavities) thereon, each region containing a thermally responsive substance which undergoes a change in state at a precise and predetermined temperature different from any other region. The thermally responsive materials used herein as temperature indicating compositions are solid solutions comprised of two components which, inter alia, have linear temperature-composition liquidous curves. The change of state of the solid solution in each region is readily detectable visually by an indicator system which is intimately associated with the solid solution in said regions in order to permit rapid and accurate visual determination of the temperature of the test subject.
*  Learn Chemistry Tutorials - Solutions Tutorial
By Jason Doub. A solution is defined as a homogeneous mixture or a mixture where the components are uniformly mingled. Normally we thing of a solution is the liquid state, but this is a common misconception; a solution can be in any state. For example, air is a solution of oxygen, nitrogen, and a variety of other gases all in the gas state. Steel is also solution of carbon and iron, but this solution exists in the solid state. However, the most important solutions in chemistry involve water, so this section will focus of aqueous solution.. Before we begin discussing the properties of solutions, we must define ways to describe the concentrations of various mixtures:. Molarity (M): the number of moles per liter (moles/Liter). Mole fraction (c ): the ratio of the number of moles of a compound to the number of moles of solution (c A = moles A / (Moles A + Moles B)). Molality (m): the number of moles solute1 per kilogram solvent (m = moles solute/ kilograms solvent). Mass percent ...
*  05th week of 2009 patent applcation highlights part 44
WAFER-LEVEL ACA FLIP CHIP PACKAGE USING DOUBLE-LAYERED ACA/NCA - A method of manufacturing a wafer-level flip chip package is capable of being used to produce a flip chip package by directly coating a flip chip package using anisotropic conductive adhesives (ACA) and non conductive adhesives (NCA) in a solution state as a double layer on a wafer. The method can be used to manufacture a non-conductive mixed solution and a conductive mixed solution and directly coat them on a substrate, such that it is possible to: increase productivity; simplify a manufacturing process; suppress a shadow effect; easily perform thickness control that is difficult with the anisotropic conductive adhesive paste or the non-conductive adhesive paste; and obtain the non-conductive layer and the anisotropic conductive layer in an initial state of a B-stage with a level not losing latent of hardening through a simple drying process to volatilize an organic solvent. Above all, the non-conductive layer and the anisotropic ...
*  November 2010 ~ Material Science
It is possible for solids to form a solution. Solid solution means that the solute component enters and becomes a part of the crystalline solvent, without altering its basic structure. Solid solutions with complete solid solubility, i.e., solid solubility over the entire range of the composition, are possible to form. For a metallic binary solution to exhibit a complete solid solubility, for instance, both metals must have the same type of crystal structure, nearly identical atomic radii and electronegativities, and similar valences because it must be possible to replace all the atoms of the initial solvent with solute atoms without causing a change in crystal structure. The copper-nickel system displays this behavior. The copper-nickel system is termed isomorphous because of this complete liquid and solid solubility of the two components. The phase diagram shapes are as shown below ...
*  Fluorescent dyes (AIDA) for solid phase and solution phase screening - Patent # 6207831 - PatentGenius
The invention relates to new fluorescent dyes of formula (I) ##STR1##which can be used in high throughput screening both, on the solid phase as well as in homogeneous solution.
*  Products in Solutions, B, Labchem on Thomas Scientific
* found in: BUFFER SOLUTION pH 10.0 Blue, BUFFER SOLUTION pH 12.0, BUFFER SOLUTION pH 4.0, Buffer Solution pH 4.0 @ 25°C, Color Coded Red, BUFFER SOLUTION..
*  Patent US20070239068 - Control solution packets and methods for calibrating bodily fluid sampling ... - Google Patents
A control solution packet for calibrating a bodily fluid sampling device includes a container, a control solution pressurized within the container, and a membrane for covering and sealing the container. The control solution can be pressurized before or during calibration so as to ensure the appropriate amount of control solution is delivered to the bodily fluid sampling device. The control solution is manufactured to have a viscosity that controls delivery of the control solution to the device. The membrane is permeable by a piercing device of the bodily fluid sampling device and seals around the piercing device during calibration. In another aspect, the container is in the form of a capsule or dosing attachment that contains the control solution along with a sponge-like material.
*  Deploying Office Solutions
You can configure a solution to check for updates at specified intervals, and install updates automatically. The default setting for automatic updates is every seven days. After this interval is set and the solution is installed, the interval cannot be changed without installing an update. If your users want to force an update outside of the regular update intervals, the Office solution can be updated manually.. You can deploy updates by using the Publish Wizard. The Publish Wizard generates a new application manifest and copies the solution files to the same publish location as the earlier version. Updates are optional and users can cancel any solution update during the download stage and still run the add-in.. The publish action also updates the deployment manifest to point to the location of the new version of the solution. When the end user's installed solution checks for updates at the specified interval, it will download and install the most recently deployed version. You can update ...
*  IJMS | Free Full-Text | First Principles Study on the Electronic Properties of Zn64Sb64−xTex Solid Solution (x = 0, 2, 3, 4) |...
The electronic properties of Te doped-ZnSb systems are investigated by first-principles calculations. We focus on the Zn64Sb64−xTex systems (x = 0, 2, 3, 4), which respond to the 0, 1.56at%, 2.34at% and 3.12at% of Te doping concentration. We confirm that the amount of Te doping will change the conductivity type of ZnSb. In the cases of x = 2 and 3, we find that the Te element in ZnSb introduces some bands originating from Te s and p orbits and a donor energy level in the bottom of the conduction band, which induce the n-type conductivity of ZnSb. From these findings for the electronic structure and the conductivity mechanism, we predict that Te doping amounts such as 1.56at% and 2.34at% can be considered as suitable candidates for use as donor dopant.
*  Patente US6432365 - System and method for dispensing solution to a multi-well container - Google Patentes
An automated sample-on-solid-support processing system includes a treatment solution supply subsystem which feeds solvent to a dispenser to dispense a measured amount of treatment solution to each well of a multi-well plate. The dispenser measures the solution within a fill container having a plurality of reservoir wells corresponding to the number of wells in the multi-well plate. The fill container is contained within a reservoir chamber that is filled with an excess of solution. Each reservoir well is surrounded by a plurality of bores which drains excess solution from the top of the fill container so that a precise amount of solution is left in the reservoir wells when solution is drained out of the reservoir chamber. Gas pressure is introduced into the reservoir chamber to force the solution out of the reservoir well through a bundle of tubes, with one tube per well, and into the wells of the multi-well plate.
*  White Papers: Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions
上一次修改主题: 2012-12-27. In the Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions white papers, Microsoft and participating server and storage partners examine common customer scenarios and reveal key design decision points facing customers who plan to deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. In response to these scenarios, we provide examples of well-designed, cost-effective Exchange 2010 solutions that are deployed on hardware offered by our partners.. See the following white papers for a solution that may meet your needs:. Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions: 500 Mailboxes in a Single Site Running Hyper-V on Dell Servers Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions: 9000 Mailboxes in Two Sites Running Hyper-V on Dell M610 Servers, Dell EqualLogic Storage, and F5 Load Balancing Solutions Exchange 2010 Tested Solutions: 15000 Mailboxes in Two Sites Running Hyper-V on Unisys ES7000 Servers and Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 Family Exchange ...
*  Rodinal, its true story and formula. - Page 3 - Digitaltruth Photo
I knew that Pyro does not last long in sulfite and carbonate solutions, and I became upset with myself, for leaving the mixtures around in my lab. So in cleaning up my lab..., I remembered that Rodinal, does not do well with Borax, if left in a mixed solution longer than 4 to 6 hours, the chemical solution will start to break down, and with the same being true with Pyro. Unless the solutions are highly diluted with water, which then will lengthen the time to about 8 plus hours. before the solutions are totally worthless ...
*  My Gold Story | HaychPee Solutions Nigeria
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*  Molar solution is a standard solution
... The solution whose strength is known accurately is called standard solution. Again, molar solution is that solution w