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The 3 rd Annual Vet Education Online Veterinary Conference - July 2012 Diagnostic Cytology of Body Cavity Fluids in Dogs and Cats Dr Jenny Mills BVSc Dipl. Clin Path Dip Ed PhD MSc Murdoch University,
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The pleural cavity is the thin fluid-filled space between the two pulmonary pleurae (known as visceral and parietal) of each lung. A pleura is a serous membrane which folds back onto itself to form a two-layered membranous pleural sac. The outer pleura (parietal pleura) is attached to the chest wall, but is separated from it by the endothoracic fascia. The inner pleura (visceral pleura) covers the lungs and adjoining structures, including blood vessels, bronchi and nerves. The pleural cavity can be viewed as a potential space because the two pleurae adhere to each other (through the thin film of serous liquid) under all normal conditions. In humans, there is no anatomical connection between the left and right pleural cavities. Therefore, in cases of pneumothorax, the other lung will still function normally unless there is a tension pneumothorax or simultaneous bilateral pneumothorax, which may collapse the ...
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Define pleuroperitoneal shunt. pleuroperitoneal shunt synonyms, pleuroperitoneal shunt pronunciation, pleuroperitoneal shunt translation, English dictionary definition of pleuroperitoneal shunt. n. 1. The act or process of turning aside or moving to an alternate course. 2. A railroad switch. 3. Electricity A low-resistance connection between two...
*  SU-E-J-111: Finite Element-Based Deformable Image Registration of Pleural Cavity for Photodynamic Therapy (Journal Article) |...
Purpose: The pleural volumes will deform during surgery portion of the pleural photodynamic therapy (PDT) of lung cancer when the pleural cavity is opened. This impact the delivered dose when using highly conformal treatment techniques. In this study, a finite element-based (FEM) deformable image registration is used to quantify the anatomical variation between the contours for the pleural cavities obtained in the operating room and those determined from pre-surgery computed tomography (CT) scans. Methods: An infrared camera-based navigation system (NDI) is used during PDT to track the anatomical changes and contour the lung and chest cavity. A series of CTs of the lungs, in the same patient, are also acquired before the surgery. The structure contour of lung and the CTs are processed and contoured in Matlab and MeshLab. Then, the contours are imported into COMSOL Multiphysics 5.0, where the FEM-based ...
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Preface xi. Acknowledgment xiii. 1 Cytologic Analysis of Cells 1. 1.1 Approach to Cytology Samples 1. 1.2 Sample Quality and Background 1. 1.3 Cell Types 4. 1.4 Cell Shape, Distribution, and Features 17. 1.5 Benign Versus Malignant 17. References 30. 2 Infectious Agents 33. 2.1 Fungi 33. 2.2 Oomycetes 40. 2.3 Algae 40. 2.4 Mesomycetozoea 42. 2.5 Protozoa 43. 2.6 Helminths 48. 2.7 Bacteria 51. 2.8 Ectoparasites 57. References 59. 3 Integument 63. 3.1 Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Lesions 63. References 102. 4 Hemolymphatic 107. 4.1 Lymph Nodes 107. 4.2 Spleen 118. 4.3 Thymus 131. 4.4 Bone Marrow 133. References 151. 5 Body Cavity Fluids 155. 5.1 General Classification 155. 5.2 Specific Effusions 157. References 167. 6 Musculoskeletal 169. 6.1 Bone 169. 6.2 Joints 175. 6.3 Muscle 183. References 186. 7 Hepatobiliary 189. 7.1 Liver 189. 7.2 Biliary Tract 202. References 205. 8 Digestive System 207. 8.1 Salivary Glands 207. 8.2 Stomach/Intestines 210. 8.3 Feces 217. 8.4 Pancreas 222. References ...
*  Efeitos do sulfato de bário na cavidade pleural de ratos
MARSICO, Giovanni Antonio et al. Effects of barium sulphate in rats pleural cavity. Rev. Col. Bras. Cir. [online]. 2001, vol.28, n.5, pp.364-369. ISSN 0100-6991. http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S0100-69912001000500009.. BACKGROUND: Evaluate the effects of barium sulphate in rats pleural cavity. METHOD: The effects due to the presence of 100% barium sulphate in the pleural cavity of 43 rats were experimentally assessed. After inhaled ether anesthesia, 1 ml of radiological contrast was injected via subxiphoid through a blunt needle into the right pleural cavity. The animals were divided into 3 groups and were killed with in a closed chamber with ether after 24 hs (13 rats), 48 hs (16 rats) and 21 days (14 rats), respectively. Through a longitudinal sternotomy and laparatomy, both parietal and visceral pleura were extracted along with the rib cage and right lung. Control group was ...
*  Patent US4813941 - Pneumothorax treatment device - Google Patent
An apparatus is disclosed for providing immediate temporary treatment of pneumothorax in a patient by exhausting the pleural cavity. The apparatus incorporates an exhaustion device having a standard luer lock lug receptacle enabling use of a multiple of different size and models of pleural cavity entrance devices having standard luer lock connecting lugs. The exhaustion device also incorporates a one-way valve on the luer lock lug receptacle for exhausting fluid from the pleural cavity and preventing fluid from flowing into the pleural cavity. Projecting wings ease the handling of the apparatus and provide tape attachment surfaces for securing of the apparatus to a patient.
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The Mediastinal pleura is the thin membrane that lines the chest cavity in the area between the lungs. The pleura is a two-layered structure: the parietal pleura lines the walls of the chest cage and covers the upper surface of the diaphragm, while the pulmonary pleura, or visceral layer, tightly covers the surface of the lungs. The two layers, which are actually one continuous sheet of tissue, are usually connected to each other. In humans, the pleural cavity is further separated into left and right sides by the heart and pericardial cavity. There is normally a slight amount of watery fluid within the pleural cavity that lubricates the pleural surfaces and allows the lungs to slide freely over the inner surface of the thoracic wall during breathing. ...
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Amazing pictures of 8 Images Of Three Types Of Invertebrates Body Cavities is totally great for your biological science knowledge. The image Resolution 1084 x 613 px and the image size only 21 kb. Click the thumbnail to see the larger version.. Tagged with: acoelomate pseudocoelomate and coelomate, body cavity only partially lined with mesoderm, coelomate vs pseudocoelomate, pseudocoelomate body cavity, pseudocoelomate examples, .. ...
*  Patent US5836913 - Device and method for accessing a body cavity - Google Patents
Devices and methods for providing access to a body cavity without substantial loss of inflation gas therein. The device comprises an access assembly 10 that may have a tubular member 12, at least one sleeve 16 coaxially disposed over the tubular member, a pneumostasis valve 13 attached to the tubular member, and an obturator 11 removably received in the tubular member. Sleeve 16 comprises expandable region 19 capable of forming an anchor 30 upon axial compression. A method to provide access using assembly 10 comprises insertion of the assembly 10 into the body cavity, expanding region 19, and insufflating the cavity with gas. Expandable region 19 on assembly 10 is axially compressed to form anchor 30 to seal against an interior wall of the body cavity. The method may further comprise either a second expanded anchor 50 or a non-expanding anchor 40 which clamps against an exterior wall of the body cavity to securely position ...
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Persons with early HIV infection may represent high transmission risk to their partners. Early infection, characterized by rapid virologic replication, insufficient immunologic control of infection, and more rapid course of disease progression, may be associated with increased infectiousness. The viral determinants of transmission may in part be explained by viral burden in blood, genital fluids, and oral cavity fluids. All three fluids may be the source for transmitted virus.. Persons with suspected HIV infection are asked to identify their possible source partners. The importance of partner referral is emphasized and assisted recruitment or active tracing is offered if necessary. Source partners will not be approached uninvited. If a partner states that he/she does not want to be contacted, then he/she will not be contacted further for the purpose of this study or for any other study. All patients are offered HIV counseling and plasma testing for HIV-1 RNA and CD4+ cells. Blood specimens ...
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Due to the high yield of material for analysis from individual blastocysts, rabbit embryos will be used in the project. Non-enzymatic age-dependent protein modifications in blastocysts and cavity fluids of blastocysts from young (20 weeks) and old (130 weeks) females, diabetic and healthy donors will be analysed by two-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis followed by immunoblotting for AGEs. Modified proteins will be identified by mass spectroscopy and assessed by bioinformatics for functional networks (collaboration with SP5). We will continue collaborating with SP1, SP8 and SP2 on analyses of altered glycation and sialylation of embryonic tissues and fluids. Depending on the proteins identified, their role in cell signalling, gene transcription/translation and regulation will be analysed in collaboration with SP4, SP9, SP10, SP13 and SP14. Human and mouse embryonic stem cell lines will be used as in vitro models to investigate specific protein functions. As target molecule of metabolic and ...
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My mother had 4 by-passes, mitral valve repair and the ex-maze procedure on 11-23-07. One week later she had some fluid in her left lung pleural space, which was withdraw with thorocentesis. Within 4...
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A point thrust inflicted by a smallsword or rapier may produce somewhat different results. While a penetrating wound inflicted with these weapons may appear on the surface to be much smaller than the incising wound produced by the stroke of a sabre, the track of a penetrating wound may extend completely through the body, damaging even the most deeply located structures. In addition, such a wound may be inflicted with little effort since the entire force of the thrust is delivered by a sharp point over an extremely small surface area. Depending upon the size of the blade, the hole in the chest wall may be small enough to close itself partially upon withdrawal of the blade, producing only a slow leak of air into the chest cavity. If the victim were well profiled when the thrust was delivered, the blade could enter one lung and easily pass through the chest to the opposite side, causing pneumothorax in both pleural cavities. In this case air would enter the ...
*  Patent US5135751 - Composition for reducing postsurgical adhesions - Google Patents
A process and compositions for reducing post-surgical adhesion formation/reformation in mammals following surgical injury to the peritoneal or pleural cavity or organs situated therein. Both aqueous and non-aqueous compositions comprising a polyoxyalkylene block copolymer are applied to injured areas of the peritoneal or pleural cavity or organs situated therein subsequent to surgical injury.
*  Evaluation Of The Pleural Space
The method encompasses selective tissue sampling of the parietal pleura without inducing pneumothorax, with its attendant extended recovery time, in the patient. The distal portion of the device is introduced percutaneously into the pleural space. The pleura near the access point is evaluated using an energy emitter and energy receiver
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collagen and elastin connective tissue.1 The pleural surfaces are categorized as the visceral and parietal pleurae. The interior surface, termed the visceral pleura, covers the lung. The exterior surface, denoted the parietal pleura, is adjacent to the chest wall, mediastinum, and diaphragm (Fig. 106-1). An analogous representation of this configuration can be created by invaginating an inflated balloon with one's fist (Fig. 106-2). The portion of the balloon that covers the hand is analogous to the visceral pleural surface, and the exterior surface of the balloon represents the parietal pleural surface. The transition from visceral to parietal pleura occurs at the hilum of the lung. Inferior to the hilum, the anterior and posterior leaves of the visceral pleura fuse together at the inferior pulmonary ligament and anchor the medial aspect of the lower lobe to the mediastinum. The sulci, or sinuses, of the pleural space are defined by various ...
*  Patent US6669647 - Sensing device and method for determining aneurysmal pressure in a body cavity - Google Patents
A device for sensing aneurysmal pressure in a body cavity includes a housing including at least one chamber formed therein. A first fluid is positioned in a first portion of the chamber. A second fluid is positioned in a second portion of the chamber. A compressible fluid is positioned in the second portion of the chamber. A divider is positioned between the first and second fluids. A pressure membrane is in communication with the first portion of the chamber. The aneurysmal pressure is transmitted through the membrane and the first fluid to position the divider within the chamber. A method for determining aneurysmal pressure in a body cavity includes deploying a sensing device including radiopaque substance adjacent an aneurysm. The radiopaque substance is moved within the device in response to the aneurysmal pressure. The sensing device is imaged and pressure and/or relative pressure is read directly.
*  Patent US5109830 - Apparatus for navigation of body cavities - Google Patents
An apparatus for navigation of body cavities is comprised of an inner element and an outer element that surrounds the inner element. The inner element has a memorized preformed shape that it assumes when it is not disposed within the outer element. When in the outer element, the inner element is straightened by the rigidity of the outer element. The preformed shape of the inner element is adjustable. This preformed shape may be exploited to navigate branches and curves in the body cavities. The inner element may be a catheter or laser fiber, and the outer element may be a catheter or sheath. When the inner element is a catheter, the catheter may contain a shape retaining element such as a spring wire that enables it to memorize the preformed shape.
*  Patent US6890346 - Apparatus and method for debilitating or killing microorganisms within the body - Google Patents
A surgical apparatus has a body portion that includes a shaft terminating in a distal head or tip for directing light radiation from the apparatus onto the lining of a body cavity for treating an ailment in a body cavity of a patient as for example a gastrointestinal ailment of a patient such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastric cancer, gastric lymphoma, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn's disease as well as for treating diseases of the circulatory system, urogenital systems and other body cavities. During use, the shaft of the apparatus is inserted into a body cavity, e.g., stomach or colon, of the patient to place the distal tip of the shaft in the desired position. The body cavity of the patient is then irradiated with light radiation so as to kill or debilitate microorganisms lining the body cavity without serious destruction of the body tissue of the patient to thereby improve or alleviate one or more of the ...
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a cavity in the mesoderm of an embryo that gives rise in humans to the pleural cavity and pericardial cavity and peritoneal cavity. ...
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Sonography has been proved to be valuable for the evaluation of a wide variety of chest diseases, particularly when the pleural cavity is involved. Th..
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Learn Body cavities diagram facts using a simple interactive process (flashcard, matching, or multiple choice). Finally a format that helps you memorize and understand. Browse or search in thousands of pages or create your own page using a simple wizard. No signup required!
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2010 Lectures Tufts University School of Medicine including:. Development of Body Cavities. GI Tract Development. Great Vessel Development. ...
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