*  Prevention of oxidant-induced cell death by intralysosomal iron binding
The lung is particularly prone to oxidative stress by its exposure to ambient oxygen and inhaled environmental oxidants. Abnormal assimilation and accumulation of iron are found in many lung disorders, which in redox-active form will exacerbate oxidative tissue damage. It may be that the most important cellular pool of redox -active iron exists within lysosomes. As a result, these organelles are very vulnerable to oxidative stress and may burst due to peroxidative membrane destabilization. Support for the importance of intralysosomal iron in cellular oxidant damage includes the observation that the iron chelator, desferrioxamine, which almost exclusively localizes within the lysosomal compartment, will protect cells against oxidati ve challenge. Iron chelators targeted to the lysosomes may therefore be a particularly efficient therapeutic strategy for cells under conditions of substantial oxidative stress.. The present study, employing cultures of human respiratory epithelial cells and ...
*  NIOSHTIC-2 Publications Search - 00211599 - Role of surface complexed iron in oxidant generation and lung inflammation induced...
The pathogenesis of the pulmonary damage caused by the inhalation of silicates was studied by examining the effects of iron (7439896) complexation on oxidant generation in-vitro and in-vivo. The mineral dusts studied included silica (14808607), crocidolite (12001284), kaolinite (1318747), and talc (14807966). Significant concentrations of surface iron were seen in all of the mineral oxide dusts an
*  Does the creamy hydrogen peroxide treatment work? | Debate.org
I tried to use the creamy hydrogen peroxide treatment since my Apple G3 was all yellow and greasy also. But when I tried it, it didn't even work! Hydrogen peroxide is a big bully and really mean, and now my G3 is still yellow and greasy and now it is stoopid since I used the hydrogen peroxide.. ...
*  Does using hydrogen peroxide on eczema help? | Reference.com
Using hydrogen peroxide on eczema does not help prevent symptoms. However, there are several other treatments that do help, including medications, moisturizers and nondrug treatments, reports WebMD....
*  NIOSHTIC-2 Publications Search - 00238729 - Oxidant release from pulmonary phagocytes.
This report presents in-vitro and in-vivo data indicating that silica (14808607) may be associated with the production of reactive oxygen species from pulmonary phagocytes. Studies have indicated that in-vitro exposure of alveolar macrophages to 2mg/ml silica increased oxygen consumption by 213%. Half maximal stimulation was observed at 0.56mg/ml silica. The stimulatory effect of silica on respira
*  hydrogen peroxide treatment on IHC
We currently treat some of our slides, such as kappa and B and T cell markers, with hydrogen peroxide prior to staining to reduce the background staining that we were getting. If anyone else does this, do you know if there is a time limit that you should not exceed in the hydrogen peroxide? Currently we are immersing 10-15 minutes in the hydrogen peroxide before loading onto a Ventana automated stainer. I wanted to know if an increase in time would #1-reduce more of the background, #2- just be a waste of time, or #3 would damage the tissue and results. Thanks in advance for a response. Jennifer Macias, HT (ASCP) Forum Health Western Reserve Care System Youngstown, Ohio ...
*  Should Doctors Be Performing Hydrogen Peroxide Treatments?
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork weighs in on hydrogen peroxide being used intravenously as an alternative treatment for cancer and MS. Is this treatment...
*  Proteins in Antiperoxidation | SpringerLink
Yang Y, Cheng JZ, Singhal SS, Saini M, Pandya U, Awasthi S, Awasthi YC. Role of glutathione S-transferases in protection against lipid peroxidation: Overexpression of hGSTA2-2 in K562 cells protects against hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis and inhibits JNK and caspase 3 activation. J Biol Chem 2001;276: 19220-30.PubMedGoogle Scholar ...
*  Strong And Weak Oxidants
There are generally two classes of oxidants you'll meet in Org 2. Strong oxidants and weak oxidants. Look at the table below. See how these molecules are arranged, with carbons of higher oxidation state at the top, and lower oxidation state at the
*  Method for deodorizing and disinfecting air - Patent # 4343765 - PatentGenius
In a first embodiment of the method and apparatus, the oxidant is loaded upon a support bed and is continuously regenerated by an ozone generator located upstream from the support bed. The ozone generator has a capacity less than the peak load requirement for the oxidant but fully regenerates the oxidant during low load periods. An ozone detector is located downstream from the support bed and includes a control circuit for selectively deactivating the ozone generator when the ozone downstream from the support bed exceeds a predetermined level. The support bed is composed of inert or adsorbing granular material. In a second embodiment, an aqueous solution containing a water soluble oxidant is applied to the support bed and is rinsed out following a purification cycle. The rinsed oxidant is replaced by fresh oxidant from a reservoir and the rinsed, spent oxidant is regenerated in an electrolytic or chemical regenerator and returned to the oxidant
*  Thioredoxin, mitochondrial
This nuclear gene encodes a mitochondrial member of the thioredoxin family, a group of small multifunctional redox-active proteins. The encoded protein may play important roles in the regulation of the mitochondrial membrane potential and in protection against oxidant-induced apoptosis. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008 ...
*  Im really worried. | Ask The Doctor
So last night i was playing with me cat (he's an outside cat) and he attacked me and he dug his claws into my skin and left a deep cut(small though) and around it its all red ( Right after it happened i put Hydrogen Peroxide on it). when
*  Anti oxidants are essential to eliminate toxins from your body
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*  Why do oxidants appear in urine? | Reference.com
Oxidants, or oxidizing agents, appear in the urine as a result of deliberate adulteration of a clinical urine sample, according to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. Strong chemical...
*  Oxidant Stress | Circulation
An L. Moens, Hunter C. Champion, Azeb Haile, Muz Zviman, Djahida Bedja, Kathy L. Gabrielson, Nazareno Paolocci, David A. Kass, Rebecca S. Elsaesser, Marc J. Claeys, Dirk J. Borgonjon, Paul Cos, Christiaan J. Vrints, Luc Van Nassauw, Jean-Pierre Timmermans, Floris L. Wuyts, Barbara Tavazzi, Giuseppe Lazzarino, Pawel M. Kaminski and Michael S. Wolin ...
*  Oxidants, oxidative stress and the biology of ageing.
Abstract Living in an oxygenated environment has required the evolution of effective cellular strategies to detect and detoxify metabolites of molecular oxygen known as reactive ox..
*  Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science
Results: Drug concentration follow-up verified compliance of therapeutic range in 76% and 79% of patients studied at baseline and at 6 months without statistical difference. The comparison between SHV and HIV patients groups showed significant differences in almost all RI (except in SOD activity). Significantly modified values were found in almost all RI (except in CAT activity and PP) at 6 months compared to the baseline. Non-significant differences were found between HIV-infected patients with respect to CD4. 78% of patients receiving treatment showed a VL reduction ...
*  Does presence of oxidants early in life help determine life span? | University of Michigan News
Why do we age, and what makes some of us live longer than others? For decades, researchers have been trying to answer these questions by elucidating the molecular causes of aging. Microscope image of
*  oXidant.ru: Phunky D ????, ?????? Phunky D, ?????? Phunky D, ?????? Phunky D, ??????? ??? ???? Phunky D, ?????????? ...
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*  oXidant.ru: Pulsedriver ????, ?????? Pulsedriver, ?????? Pulsedriver, ?????? Pulsedriver, ??????? ??? ???? Pulsedriver, ??...
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*  oXidant.ru: Technotronic ????, ?????? Technotronic, ?????? Technotronic, ?????? Technotronic, ??????? ??? ????...
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*  oXidant.ru: Ronski Speed ????, ?????? Ronski Speed, ?????? Ronski Speed, ?????? Ronski Speed, ??????? ??? ???? Ronski...
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