*  The v-sis protein retains biological activity as a type II membrane protein when anchored by various signal-anchor domains,...
Membrane-anchored forms of the v-sis oncoprotein have been previously described which are oriented as type I transmembrane proteins and which efficiently induce autocrine transformation. Several examples of naturally occurring membrane-anchored growth factors have been identified, but all exhibit a type I orientation. In this work, we wished to construct and characterize membrane-anchored growth factors with a type II orientation. These experiments were designed to determine whether type II membrane-anchored growth factors would in fact exhibit biological activity. Additionally, we wished to determine whether the hydrophobic domain of the E5 oncoprotein of bovine papilloma virus (BPV) can function as a signal-anchor domain to direct type II membrane insertion. Type II derivatives of the v-sis oncoprotein were constructed, with the NH2 terminus intracellular and the COOH terminus extracellular, by substituting the NH2 terminal signal sequence with the signal-anchor domain of a known type II ...
*  Platelet-derived growth factor-induced signal transduction
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), a potent mitogen for mesenchymal cells, elicits its effects by binding to cell surface tyrosine kinase receptors, denoted α- and β-receptors. This thesis describes the mechanism of interaction between stimulated PDGF receptors and various intracellular molecules.. PDGF-B is homologous to the transforming protein v-sis encoded by the simian sarcoma virus (SSV). Transformation of cells by the v-sis oncogene occurs through an autocrine mechanism, whereby the v-Sis protein produced by a cell activates the cells own PDGF receptors. We investigated the subcellular location of the autocrine signal and found that in c-Sis/B-chain transformed cells, autophosphorylated intracellular receptors initiated activation of phosphatidylinositol 3' kinase, and tyrosine phosphorylation of phospholipase C-γ (PLC-γ) and Ras GTPase-activating protein (RasGAP). These signals were, however, not sufficient for transformation of the cells.Receptor-association with Grb2 and SHP-2, ...
*  Galectin-3 Archives - Atrial Fibrillation: Resources for Patients
Fibrosis is tissue that has fiber-like characteristics which develop in place of the normal smooth walls of the heart. Fibrotic tissue is scarred, immobile, basically dead tissue with reduced or no blood flow and no transport function. It results in a loss of atrial muscle mass. Over time it makes the heart stiff, less flexible and weak, overworks the heart, reduces pumping efficiency and leads to other heart problems. Fibrosis, up to now, was considered permanent and irreversible.. Dr. Jalife described Galectin-3 (Gal-3), a protein that produces ("mediates") tissue fibrosis. (It's also involved in inflammation, immune response, cancer, heart disease and stroke.) For you technical types, "Gal-3 pentamers bind to poly N-acetyl lactosamine (LNac) residues on TGF receptors of myofibroblasts causing cell surface retention and promoting signaling through Smad and AKT pathways and leading to fibrosis." (For us non-technical types, all we need to know is that Gal-3 promotes fibrosis.). When sheep are ...
*  5' viral and human cellular sequences corresponding to the transforming gene of simian sarcoma virus | Science
The 5' nucleotide sequences of the transforming gene of simian sarcoma virus (v-sis) and its human cellular homolog (c-sis) were compared. A short homology was found between helper virus and cellular DNA sequences at the junction of v-sis and c-sis, which may have had a role in the original recombination event leading to the generation of simian sarcoma virus. ...
*  Severe Ankyrin-R deficiency results in impaired surface retention and lysosomal degradation of RhAG in human erythroblasts |...
Using shRNA mediated knockdown in primary erythroblasts prior to terminal erythroid differentiation we have demonstrated the ability to deplete ankyrin-R expression by up to 95% generating an effective novel near null reticulocyte phenotype. As would be predicted, the reduction of ankyrin expression predominantly impacts the surface expression of membrane proteins assigned to the band 3 tetramer based erythrocyte multiprotein complex. The greatest impact of ankyrin deficiency is not on band 3 itself, however, but on the stability of the Rhesus protein sub complex (RhAG, Rh in particular), whether mediated by shRNA or by natural ankyrin genetic mutations. Importantly, reduced surface expression of the core Rh subcomplex components Rh and RhAG precedes the loss of the more extensively studied ankyrin binding protein band 3. We also demonstrate that absence of ankyrin during erythropoiesis abrogates the ability of band 3 to form the larger of two band 3-containing macrocomplexes (likely the ...
*  Most recent papers with the keyword Xerostomia | Read by QxMD
Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is an autoimmune disease in which exocrine tissues are affected by cellular and humoral immunity. As a result, the salivary and lacrimal glands of patients with SS are damaged, leading to xerostomia (dry mouth) and keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eyes). Because experimental approaches to investigate SS pathogenesis in human patients are limited, development of a mouse model is indispensable for understanding the disease. In this study, we show that special AT-rich sequence binding protein-1 conditional knockout (SATB1cKO) mice, in which the SATB1 gene is specifically deleted from hematopoietic cells, develop SS by 4 wk of age, soon after weaning ...
*  SV7tert PDGF tumor-1 ATCC ® CRL-4008™ Homo sapiens Kidney;
CRL-4008 was derived from SV7tert (ATCC CRL-2461), a non-tumorigenic angiomyolipoma cell line immortalized with the SV40 large T antigen and human telomerase, by transduction with a retrovirus encoding PDGF-BB.  The transduced cells were implanted into nude mice and formed tumors from which SV7tert PDGF tumor-1 (ATCC CRL-4008) was derived.The tumor-derived cells secrete over 18-fold more PDGF than pre-implantation cells, and demonstrate both autocrine transformation and epigenetic changes.
*  Plus it
Oncogenic activation of Abl proteins due to structural modifications can occur as a result of viral transduction or chromosomal translocation. The tyrosine protein kinase activity of oncogenic Abl proteins is known to be essential for their transforming activity. Therefore, we have attempted to identify selective inhibitors of the Abl tyrosine protein kinase. Herein we describe an inhibitor (CGP 57148) of the Abl and platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) receptor protein-tyrosine kinases from the 2-phenylaminopyrimidine class, which is highly active in vitro and in vivo. Submicromolar concentrations of the compound inhibited both v-Abl and PDGF receptor autophosphorylation and PDGF-induced c-fos mRNA expression selectively in intact cells. In contrast, ligand-induced growth factor receptor autophosphorylation in response to epidermal growth factor (EGF), insulin-like growth factor-I, and insulin showed no or weak inhibition by high concentrations of CGP 57148. c-fos mRNA ...
*  Oncogene Protein v-crk Summary Report | CureHunter
Oncogene Protein v-crk: A signal transducing adaptor protein that is encoded by the crk ONCOGENE from TYPE C AVIAN RETROVIRUSES. It contains SRC HOMOLOGY DOMAINS and is closely related to its cellular homolog, PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEIN C-CRK.
*  Oncogene Proteins v-mos Summary Report | CureHunter
Oncogene Proteins v-mos: Transforming proteins coded by mos oncogenes. The v-mos proteins were originally isolated from the Moloney murine sarcoma virus (Mo-MSV).
*  PDGF Receptor beta重组抗体[EP2135Y] PDGF Receptor beta抗体(ab81301)
购买重组PDGF Receptor beta兔单克隆抗体[EP2135Y](ab81301),PDGF Receptor beta抗体经WB,ICC/IF验证,可与小鼠,大鼠样本反应。中国现货速达。
*  Gentaur Molecular :Abfron \ anti PDGF Receptor \ LF-PA0036
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*  重组人PDGF Receptor beta蛋白(ab60833)|Abcam中国
购买我们的重组人PDGF Receptor beta蛋白。Ab60833为有活性的蛋白片段,在杆状病毒感染sf9细胞中生产并经过Functional Studies, SDS-PAGE实验验证。中国80%以上现货。
*  PDGF Receptor alpha抗体|Abcam中国|Anti-PDGF Receptor alpha抗体(ab71008)
PDGF Receptor alpha兔多克隆抗体(ab71008)可与人样本反应并经WB, ELISA, IHC实验严格验证并得到3个独立的用户反馈。所有产品均提供质保服务,中国75%以上现货。
*  PDGF Receptor Signaling in Mammalian Development - Michelle Tallquist
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in the US, and the inability to repair damaged muscle is a major obstacle in treating heart disease...
*  Anti-PDGF B 抗体 (ab23914) | アブカム
ウサギ・ポリクローナル抗体 ab23914 交差種: Ms,Hu 適用: WB,IHC-P,IHC-Fr…PDGF B抗体一覧…画像、プロトコール、文献などWeb上の情報が満載のアブカムの Antibody 製品。国内在庫と品質保証制度も充実。
*  Negotiating the State-making in Vietnam borderland - Case study of an ethnic minority group in Central Vietnam
The human geography of Vietnam's upland area has been transformed significantly during the last 40 years due to the increasing control from the central government. We argue that State territorialisation, understood as a strategy of State-making and assertion of the State's authority, has the tendency to marginalise, socially and politically, local ethnic minority peoples by excluding them from indigenous social and economic geography and the use of natural resources. At the receiving end of these official policies, the local ethnic minority people do not passively accept their marginalisation but are able to initiate the use of traditional cross-border cultural resources to improve their condition. By analysing the tolerance from local official towards illicit cross-border activities daily carried out by local people, the case study provides some insights on the dynamics of power struggle between the State and local people. We concluded that local ethnic minority peoples actively re-negotiate with more
*  Biomedicines | Free Full-Text | Anti-Differentiation Effect of Oncogenic Met Receptor in Terminally-Differentiated Myotubes
Activation of the hepatocyte growth factor/Met receptor is involved in muscle regeneration, through promotion of proliferation and inhibition of differentiation in myogenic stem cells (MSCs). We previously described that the specific expression of an oncogenic version of the Met receptor (Tpr-Met) in terminally-differentiated skeletal muscle causes muscle wasting in vivo. Here, we induced Tpr-Met in differentiated myotube cultures derived from the transgenic mouse. These cultures showed a reduced protein level of myosin heavy chain (MyHC), increased phosphorylation of Erk1,2 MAPK, the formation of giant sacs of myonuclei and the collapse of elongated myotubes. Treatment of the cultures with an inhibitor of the MAPK kinase pathway or with an inhibitor of the proteasome increased the expression levels of MyHC. In addition, the inhibition of the MAPK kinase pathway prevented the formation of myosacs and myotube collapse. Finally, we showed that induction of Tpr-Met in primary myotubes was unable to produce
*  Trafficking and signalling of oncogenic met
The Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) Met influences behaviour of several cancers by controlling growth, survival and metastasis. Recently, compartmentalisation of signals generated by RTKs, due to their endocytosis / trafficking, has emerged as a major determinant of various cell functions. The aim of my project was to study oncogenic Met signalling in relation to endosomal trafficking and to determine the consequences of such spatial changes on tumour cell growth and migration in vitro and in vivo. The model studied was NIH3T3 cells stably transfected with Wild type (Wt) Met or with three distinct mutants reported in human cancers. I found that two activating mutations in the kinase domain are highly tumorigenic in vivo. Using functional assays and tumour growth experiments, I demonstrated that one mutant is highly sensitive to Met specific tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) while another is resistant. Such results suggested that therapeutical approaches to these mutants should be different. ...
*  Acquired METD1228V Mutation and Resistance to MET Inhibition in Lung Cancer | Cancer Discovery
The MET oncogene represents an exciting therapeutic target in advanced NSCLC, with at least six MET TKIs currently in clinical development across the three different settings where genomic alterations suggest dependence upon oncogenic MET (Supplementary Table S2): de novo MET amplification, MET exon 14 skipping mutations, and MET amplification in resistance to EGFR TKIs. At least eight different combinations of MET and EGFR TKIs are being investigated in the context of EGFR TKI resistance. Our finding of a MET kinase domain mutation that leads to resistance to type I but not type II MET TKIs highlights the potential value of both classes of drugs in the management of NSCLC, as patients resistant to type I MET inhibitors may subsequently still respond to a type II MET inhibitor. Our findings are consistent with prior preclinical work using a mutagenesis-based resistance screen which found that MET mutations at D1228 cause resistance to NVP-BVU972 but not to AMG 458 (13).. This is not ...
*  MET Receptor
Combined MAPK/PI3K pathway inhibition signifies a nice-looking, albeit poisonous, therapeutic strategy in oncology. PTEN-loss contexts and determined JAK1/STAT3 activation like a 950769-58-1 manufacture potential mediator of synergistic relationships. Overall, our outcomes display that PTEN-loss can be an essential determinant of synergistic relationships between PI3K and MAPK pathway inhibitors, possibly exploitable for selecting cancer individuals at Read More. ...
*  Helpfulwaves : Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) as Pink Noise Audio
I often use the word "healing", though helpful or mitigating may be more appropriate. Many people find some relief or benefit listening to the audio tones, in Pink noise format, with their health conditions. I match herbs, medications, vitamins etc., that have some positive cross over physiological effects on the body. Not all of the chemical or molecular effects cross over with the designer field, but they do play a role within the body. The best way is to try out some designer frequencies and see if they are helpful or not. ...
*  Helpfulwaves : Epinephrine as Healing Pink Noise Audio
I often use the word "healing", though helpful or mitigating may be more appropriate. Many people find some relief or benefit listening to the audio tones, in Pink noise format, with their health conditions. I match herbs, medications, vitamins etc., that have some positive cross over physiological effects on the body. Not all of the chemical or molecular effects cross over with the designer field, but they do play a role within the body. The best way is to try out some designer frequencies and see if they are helpful or not. ...