*  MYC | SelfDecode | Genome Analysis
hypothetical protein, transcription factor protein, A306_09622, anon-WO03040301.171, avian myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homolog, avian myelocytomatosis viral (v-myc) oncogene homolog, bHLHe39, bHLHe57, cellular myelocytomatosis oncogene, CG10798 gene product from transcript CG10798-RB, CG10798-PA, CG10798-PB, class E basic helix-loop-helix protein 39, cmyc, c-MYC, c-myc20, c-Myc-a, c-Myc-b, c-myc-like protein, c-myc proto-oncogene, diminuitive, diminutive, DM, dm/dMyc, Dmel_CG10798, dm/myc, ...
*  c-Myc, Avian myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homolog, Myc protein, Myelocytomatosis oncogene, Niard or Transcription factor ...
Research proven affinity purified rabbit polyclonal cMyc antibody. Studies also have shown that c-Myc is essential for tumor cell development in vasculogenesis and angiogenesis that distribute blood throughout the cells, and which brought extensive attention in the development of new therapeutic approach for cancer treatment. Designed for immunofluorescence, western blotting and related applications. IF and WB image in product description.
*  Reconstitution of wild-type p53 expression triggers apoptosis in a p53-negative v-myc retrovirus-induced T-cell ...
Inactivation or mutation of the p53 tumor suppressor gene has been observed in a wide variety of human and murine tumors. We have found that a v-myc retrovirus (J3)-induced T-cell lymphoma line (J3D) has lost one of its p53 alleles, whereas the other has become inactivated due to the insertion of a Moloney murine leukemia provirus in intron 4 with an opposite transcriptional orientation. No p53 protein could be detected by immunoprecipitation with monoclonal anti-p53 antibodies. We have transfected this line with the temperature-sensitive murine Val135 construct that is expressed as mutant p53 at 37 degrees C and largely wild-type p53 at 32 degrees C. There ...
*  Tipping the MYC-MIZ1 balance: targeting the HUWE1 ubiquitin ligase selectively blocks MYC‐activated genes | EMBO Molecular...
Targeting MYC is a high priority for cancer therapeutics. This is no easy task, as transcription factors are notoriously difficult to inhibit with small molecules, and selectivity is also a hurdle, as MYC oncoproteins heterodimerize with MAX, a requisite and related bHLH‐Zip protein that dimerizes with other bHLH‐Zip proteins (Blackwood & Eisenman, 1991). Finally, achieving a suitable therapeutic window is also a concern, as MYC proteins are required for development and for the growth of normal cell types, where the MYC:MAX complex binds to and directly induces or represses the transcription of a large cast of target genes ...
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Myc oncoproteins and histone deacetylases (HDACs) exert oncogenic effects by modulating gene transcription. Paradoxically, N-Myc induces p53 gene expression. Tumor protein 53-induced nuclear protein 1 (TP53INP1) phosphorylates p53 protein at serine 46, leading to enhanced p53 activity, transcriptional activation of p53 target genes and programmed cell death. We aimed to identify the mechanism through which N-Myc overexpressing p53 wild-type neuroblastoma cells acquired resistance to apoptosis.Gene and ...
*  anti-c-Myc antibody | GeneTex
c-Myc antibody (v-myc myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homolog (avian)) for ELISA, ICC/IF, IHC, WB. Anti-c-Myc pAb (GTX30518) is tested in Human, Chimpanzee samples. 100% Ab-Assurance.
*  Differential requirement of Ldha in Myc-induced tumorigenesis based on cooperating oncogenic lesion and tumor immunogenicity
Myc oncogenes encode transcription factors that bind to E-box sequences in DNA, driving the expression of a large number of target genes and are deregulated in approximately 70% of human cancers. Deregulated Myc expression cause enhanced proliferation (which is counteracted by apoptosis), angiogenesis and cancer. Though Myc's importance in induction of S phase has been established, less is known about its functions in the G2 and M phases of the cell cycle. Paper I addresses the targeting of the Myc targets Aurora kinase A and B that have roles in G2/M transition and provide evidence that pharmaceutical Aurora kinase inhibition causes cell cycle arrest and ...
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3885 Medulloblastomas are malignant brain tumors that arise in the cerebellum in children. Aberrant activation of the Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) signaling pathway, which normally stimulates proliferation of granule neuron precursors (GNPs) during cerebellar development, induces tumors in mice that closely mimic human medulloblastomas. Shh-dependent medulloblastoma formation is enhanced by hyperactive insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling and ectopic expression of Myc oncogenes. This enhanced tumorigenesis stems from the sensitivity of GNPs to IGF and Myc levels in regulating proliferation. An emerging theme in cancer research is that oncogene-induced cell proliferation cannot initiate neoplastic transformation unless cellular ...
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Human c-myc belongs to a family of 5 myc oncogenes. Amplification of c-myc has been found in several types of human tumors including breast and colon carcinomas. Induction of c-myc in cells grown in the appropriate growth factors or co-expression with survival genes, such as bcl-2 causes cell proliferation. In the abscence of these factors, c-myc expression causes cell death. c-myc gene gives rise to at least two nuclear phosphoproteins of 64kDa and 67kDa, the unphosphorylated form is 49kDa ...
*  ras Proteins Summary Report | CureHunter
ras Proteins: Small, monomeric GTP-binding proteins encoded by ras genes (GENES, RAS). The protooncogene-derived protein, PROTO-ONCOGENE PROTEIN P21(RAS), plays a role in normal cellular growth, differentiation and development. The oncogene-derived protein (ONCOGENE PROTEIN P21(RAS)) can play a role in aberrant cellular regulation during neoplastic cell transformation (CELL TRANSFORMATION, NEOPLASTIC). This enzyme was formerly listed as EC
*  Exercise sub-cluster 78
The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ coactivator 1α (PGC-1α) controls metabolic adaptations. We now show that PGC-1α in skeletal muscle drives the expression of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) B in an estrogen-related receptor-α-dependent manner. Concomitantly, PGC-1α reduces the expression of LDH A and one of its regulators, the transcription factor myelocytomatosis oncogene. PGC-1α ...
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Cells. SQ20B, T24, MIAPACA2, and A549 cell lines were obtained from American Type Culture Collection (Rockville, MD). The MR4 cells were derived from isogenic rat embryo fibroblasts by transfection with v-myc as described previously ( 8). Cells were cultured in DMEM (Fisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, PA) supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum (Atlanta Biologicals, Norcross, GA), penicillin (100 units/mL), and streptomycin (100 mg/mL; Life Technologies, Gaithersburg, MD) at 37°C in humidified 5% CO2/95% air.. MR4 cells were transfected with constitutively active PI3K consisting of the iSH2 domain of p85 fused to the NH2 terminus of p110 by means of a flexible glycine linker ( 21) inserted into the pGRE5/EBV dexamethasone-inducible plasmid ...
*  Myc tag抗体[Myc.A7]|Abcam中国|Anti-Myc tag抗体[Myc.A7](ab18185)
Myc tag小鼠单克隆抗体[Myc.A7](ab18185)经WB, IP, ELISA, ICC, Dot, ICC/IF实验严格验证,被4篇文献引用并得到1个独立的用户反馈。所有产品均提供质保服务,中国75%以上现货。
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Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clothes Rack Toj Clot
*  v-jun oncogene prevents terminal differentiation and suppresses muscle-specific gene expression in ASV-17-infected muscle cells...
Infection of replicating quail myoblasts with avian sarcoma virus 17 (ASV-17) results in the inhibition of terminal differentiation into multinucleated myotubes and in the acquisition of anchorage-independent proliferation. Expression of v-jun, the ASV-17 oncogene, concomitantly leads to the accumulation of the gag-jun polyprotein P65 in the nucleus and to the lack of expression of typical differentiation-specific genes such as myosin heavy chain (MHC) and alpha-actinin. Surprisingly, expression of desmin, the muscle-specific subunit of intermediate filaments, is conserved in ASV-17-transformed myoblasts. Analysis of clonal strains of transformed myoblasts suggests that (i) suppression of ...
*  Recombinant Human JUN protein, His/MBP-tagged JUN-291H - Creative Biomart
Purified Recombinant Human JUN protein, His/MBP-tagged from Creative Biomart. Recombinant Human JUN protein, His/MBP-tagged can be used for research.
*  Transcription Factor c-Jun/v-Jun (IPR015558) | InterPro | EMBL-EBI
InterPro provides functional analysis of proteins by classifying them into families and predicting domains and important sites. We combine protein signatures from a number of member databases into a single searchable resource, capitalising on their individual strengths to produce a powerful integrated database and diagnostic tool.
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*  Recombinant Human c-Jun protein (ab54319) References
References for Abcam's Recombinant Human c-Jun protein (ab54319). Please let us know if you have used this product in your publication
*  Kendermag - Lexikon
(n v., Semen cannabis), az anyakendernek, vagyis magvas kendernek toj sdad, 4-5 mm. hosszu sz rke v. z ldes szemterm se; tartalma 25-35% k v r olaj. Sok mad r szereti, ny lka- s olajtartalm
*  DBLP: Jun Li
Jun Li: A note on the null-additivity of the fuzzy measure: Corrigendum to "On the null-additivity of the fuzzy measure" [Fuzzy Sets and Systems 78 (1996) 337-339]. Fuzzy Sets and Systems 125(2): 269-271 (2002 ...
*  中国增长的秘密 by Zhang Jun - Project Syndicate
上海-许多人对中国经济的增长前景感到十分悲观,因为大规模债务、过度投资、产能过剩以及2008年全球金融危机以来的所谓"鬼城"逐渐出现。但这些问题都不是新问题。自1978年以来,它们就以各种方式影响着中国经济,东亚的其他高增长经济体--台湾、韩国甚至日本--在快速增长时期也无不遇到过这些问题。. 尽管如此,自邓小平启动他的"改革开放"政策以来,中国平均年增长率高达9.7%。而韩国和台湾都只花了40年时间完成了从低收入到高收入的转型。. 这些经济提是如何成功地以如此快速增长如此长时间,并克服期间所面临的严重问题的?答案很简单:恢复力(resilience)。 ...
*  AID 842188 - Open TG-GATES: Regimen: Single; Time: 9 hr; Dose: Low; Route: Gavage | Dataset: Hematology; Assay: NEUTLE ...
BioAssay record AID 842188 submitted by ChEMBL: Open TG-GATES: Regimen: Single; Time: 9 hr; Dose: Low; Route: Gavage | Dataset: Hematology; Assay: NEUTLE (Neutrophils/Leukocytes); Study_ID: 213/7.