*  Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery: Temporal Lobe, Resective, Recovery
Get information on the types of pediatric epilepsy surgery and the symptoms, treatment, and causes of childhood epilepsy. Learn about epilepsy surgery recovery, side effects, and the procedure for epilepsy surgery. Discover the three main surgical types, including resective.
*  Thromboembolic Events During Neuroendovascular Procedures | Stroke
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*  Jovin, Jankowitz To Lead Pitt Neuroendovascular Therapy | Neurosurgery | University of Pittsburgh
Tudor Jovin appointed to head the UPMC Center for Neuroendovascular Therapy while Brian Jankowitz appointed to serve as the center's co-director and direct the department's neuroendovascular fellowship program.
*  Epileptic Seizures May Dissipate After Brain Surgery - ABC News
Emma Kon, 25, made news in the United Kingdom after doctors performed multiple surgeries to remove seven parts of her brain in an effort to and treat a crippling epileptic condition in which she sometimes had 100 seizures each day. Now, about nine months after her treatments, Kon told the UK's Daily Mail that she has had no seizures and is feeling well. While epilepsy experts say that complications from brain surgery usually occur immediately after the operation and that reduced seizure activity is a good sign that a person is in recovery, side effects of drastic brain surgery can arise unexpectedly.
*  Awake brain surgery - Research - Mayo Clinic
Awake brain surgery is performed while you are awake and alert. This type of brain surgery may be used to treat some brain tumors or epileptic seizures.
*  Fundraiser by Elisabeth Evfrosinia : Arutiun's brain surgery fund
Elisabeth Evfrosinia needs your help today! Arutiun's brain surgery fund - Please help us cover the medical costs of brain surgery for 18 year old Arutiun Varlamian (standing on the far right in the photograph), the only son of one of our monastery's priests. Arutiun was born with cystic fibrosis. With the help of our monastery he and his family came to France 6 ye...
*  New Technology for Intracranial Aneurysms | Brain Blogger
Dr. Demetrius Lopes (a neurosurgeon) and Dr. Thomas Grobelny (a neuroradiologist) from the Neurologic & Orthopedic Institute of Chicago recently performed the first minimally invasive neuroendovascular procedure with a system called the Cordis Enterprise Vascular Reconstruction Device. The patient was a 58 year old woman diagnosed with an aneurysm based on symptoms that included problems maintaining her balance and ringing in her ears.. Neuroendovascular surgery combines the use of an x-ray, catheters, and clotting agents to treat brain and spine diseases that affect blood vessels. Surgeons place catheters into damaged blood vessels and fill the vessels with clotting agents. The procedure is normally performed in a fluoroscopy room instead of an operating room.. The technique that was designed by Dr. Lopes and Dr. Grobelny involves filling the aneurysm (via a catheter) with coils to obstruct blood flow to the aneurysm. In addition to coils, stents (wire mesh) are placed in the blood vessel to ...
*  Plus it
The use of neuromonitoring has become well established in the realm of neurosurgical and orthopedic procedures involving intracranial neurosurgery and spinal surgery. The efficacy of specific modalities, including EEG, SSEP, and TcMEP, has been described in the literature.11 The use of TcMEP for monitoring during microsurgical management of cerebrovascular disease was recently described by Szelenyi et al12,13 and was found to be useful in a treatment group of 119 patients. Kang et al4 reported the clinical utility of TcMEP monitoring in detecting motor dysfunction in a small cohort of patients undergoing surgery for either lesions adjacent to the brain stem or intracranial aneurysms. When it comes to neuroendovascular procedures, reports have tended to focus on SSEP, EEG, and BAER monitoring. Lui et al1 were the first to report a series of 35 patients monitored with SSEP, EEG, and BAER while undergoing endovascular therapy for the treatment of cerebral ...
*  Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery - 125006581X | Smithsonian.com Store
A New York Times Notable Book of the Year. What is it like to be a brain surgeon? How does it feel to hold someone's life in your hands, to cut into the stuff that creates thought, feeling, and reason? How do you live with the consequences of performing a potentially lifesaving operation when it all goes wrong?. In neurosurgery, more than in any other branch of medicine, the doctor's oath to "do no harm" holds a bitter irony. Operations on the brain carry grave risks. Every day, leading neurosurgeon Henry Marsh must make agonizing decisions, often in the face of great urgency and uncertainty.. If you believe that brain surgery is a precise and exquisite craft, practiced by calm and detached doctors, this gripping, brutally honest account will make you think again. With astonishing compassion and candor, Marsh reveals the fierce joy of operating, the profoundly moving triumphs, the harrowing disasters, the haunting regrets, and the moments of black humor that characterize a brain surgeon's ...
*  Meet the Patient | Brain Surgery Live | Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center | University Hospitals Neurological Institute...
The world will be watching when University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center neurosurgeons drill tiny openings in Greg Grindley's skull and perform deep brain stimulation in an attempt to control the Parkinson's disease that has ravaged his life. Grindley will be awake and conversing with his neurologists during the procedure.. The 49-year-old U.S. Navy veteran is hoping this sophisticated surgical procedure, being broadcast to 171 countries worldwide in a first-ever live event, allows him to resume a more normal life. "Brain Surgery Live with Mental Floss, hosted by Bryant Gumbel, premieres Oct. 25 at 9 p.m. on National Geographic Channel, and is coming to viewers live and direct from the high-tech operating suite at UH Cleveland Medical Center.. Grindley served 20 years in the Navy as an electrician, regularly using a harsh cleaning solvent now believed to have caused devastating side effects. Shortly after retiring, he experienced twitching in his right triceps and bicep. By age 40, these ...
*  Viscero-vegetative disturbances due to intracranial tumours or to brain surgery - Semantic Scholar
After a short review of the literature the authors present their own cases. They include patients with paroxysmal or continuous high blood pressure due to intracranial tumours, a patient with fits of hemihyperhydrosis and two patients in which brain surgery was followed in one by an ileus paralyticus and in the other by acute gastric erosions and perforations. Nach einer kurzen Besprechung der Literatur, bringen die Verfasser die Analyse des eigenen Krankengutes. Dieses umfaßt mehrere Kranke mit paroxysmaler und fortdauerneder Erhöhung des Blutdruckes als Folge intracranieller Tumoren, einen Fall mit hemihyperhydrosischen Anfällen und zwei Fälle, bei denen der chirurgische Eingriff am Gehirn bei einem von einem Ileus paralyticus und beim anderen von akuten Magen-Erosionen mit Perforation gefolgt war. Après une succincte présentation de la littérature les auteurs présentent leurs cas. La série comprend plusieurs malades avec hypertension artérielle consécutive dûe à des tumeurs
*  Mariners pitcher Anthony Vasquez recovering from brain surgery - Seattle Mariners blog
But at least the Seattle Mariners pitching prospect can still live to tell his tales.. The San Antonio, Texas, native underwent emergency brain surgery Friday after he experienced headaches, blurry vision and dizziness while training at the Mariners' complex in Peoria, Ariz. But with 5 1/2 hours on the operating table behind him, the 26-year-old lefty can say he's beaten the odds this time as he recovers from a successful procedure.. "He's a miracle," his father, Rudy, told Greg Johns of MLB.com. "We have a strong faith in Jesus and Anthony's faith has always been strong as well. There's no other way to say it. When the neurosurgeon came out he said, 'Your son should be dead, but he's not.'". Not only is Vasquez still alive, but he's expected to be pitching next spring if all goes according to plan. Doctors advised him that he should refrain from heavy lifting for six to eight weeks after he was released from the hospital Monday. But after that, it'll back to normal for the former 18th-round ...
*  Hrithik discharged from hospital post brain surgery | DPitit
Hrithik Roshan has been discharged from a suburban hospital where he underwent a brain surgery to remove a two-month-old clot. 'I am fantastic,' Hrithik said while posing for the shutterbugs after being discharged from the Hinduja hospital this afternoon. The actor was operated upon on July 7 at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical in Khar for subdural hematoma (collection of blood in the space…
*  Awake Brain Surgery and Brain Tumor Treatment - Travcure
A general awake brain surgery can prove to be risky when a brain tumor or a specific area where seizures occur is present near the points which control different body movements
*  PEOPLE: Scott Hamilton Bouncing Back After Brain Surgery, Aneurysm
http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20445123,00.html I knew about the Brain Surgery but not the Aneurysm! So glad he made it!
*  Brain Surgery for Certain Forms of Epilepsy Has Long-terms Benefits
New research by neurologists reveals brain surgery for certain difficult forms of epilepsy often reduces or eliminates seizures for more than 15 years after the procedure.
*  Brain surgery for epilepsy underutilized: study
Ten years ago, a landmark clinical trial in Canada demonstrated the unequivocal effectiveness of brain surgeries for treating uncontrolled epilepsy, but since then the procedure has not been widely adopted—in fact, it ...
*  Brain Surgery: Patient Plays Crucial Role | MD Anderson Cancer Center
A 63-year-old insurance broker from Lima, Peru, Salazar is having his second brain surgery in as many months. Diagnosed late in 2011 with a central-brain glioblastoma, he underwent surgery in Lima in December. But the tumor was too difficult for the surgeons to remove, so Salazar and his family came to MD Anderson.
*  Sewage pours into brain surgery unit at Glasgow hospital - The Scotsman
BRAIN and spinal operations have been cancelled after raw sewage poured into a brain surgery unit at Scotland’s flagship hospital campus.
*  Computers may become surgeons ( Brain surgery endoscopies and other co...)
Health,Brain surgery endoscopies and other complicated medical procedures co...Currently surgeons routinely use technology that is capable of pr...And although the small number of magnetic resonance imaging machin...,Computers,may,become,surgeons,medicine,medical news today,latest medical news,medical newsletters,current medical news,latest medicine news
*  Baby brain surgery Orlando: Unthinkable brain surgery at Orlando hospital aims to save baby - tribunedigital-orlandosentinel
The baby shook and the mom could only watch. While the EEG spiked wildly, logging every electrical eruption on the bad side of 13-month-old Joscelyn Dempsey's brain, Jennifer Dempsey stood as a
*  Randy Travis recovering from brain surgery
Country music stars and fans joined together to urge prayers for Randy Travis overnight as he recovered from brain surgery following a stroke at a Texas hospital. Travis remained in critical condition after surgery Wednesday night to relieve pressure on his brain, publicist Kirt Webster said.
*  Brain Surgery Patient Trapped in a Mental Time Warp - Slashdot
diverge_s writes 'BrainConnection has an interesting article about a man who lives life straight out of the movie Memento. FTA: 'When twenty-seven year old Henry M. entered the hospital in 1953 for radical brain surgery that was supposed to cure his epilepsy, he was hopeful that the procedure would ...
*  Brain Surgery Patient Trapped in a Mental Time Warp - Slashdot
diverge_s writes 'BrainConnection has an interesting article about a man who lives life straight out of the movie Memento. FTA: 'When twenty-seven year old Henry M. entered the hospital in 1953 for radical brain surgery that was supposed to cure his epilepsy, he was hopeful that the procedure would ...
*  Ballesteros released from intensive care following brain surgery | Daily Mail Online
Spain's five-time major winner Severanio Ballesteros has been released from intensive care in Madrid following three brain surgeries on a tumour.