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*  Tis the Season to be Jolly? National Survey Finds Nearly Half of Americans Experience Seasonal Mental Health Issues -...
Sadness, depression and anxiety common during the festive season, according to University of Phoenix College of Social Sciences survey. PHOENIX, Dec. 8, 2015 - Roughly two-thirds (66 percent) of U.S. adults say mental health is a very or extremely serious issue, and two-thirds (67 percent) of Americans cited personal experience dealing with mental health issues, according to a recent survey from University of Phoenix® College of Social Sciences among 1014 U.S. adults aged 18 or older. The survey, which examined the prevalence of mental health issues including seasonal sadness and depression, also found that nearly half (45 percent) of U.S. adults say they have experienced mental health issues such as sadness or depression around the fall and winter festive season.. "An overwhelming majority of Americans recognize that mental health is a serious issue and many have personal experiences with mental health ...
*  Migraine Linked to Depression, Anxiety and Other Mental Disorders - The Daily Headache
Mood Disorders, Migraines Might Be Connected. Migraine headaches can precede the onset of mental disorders, according to a growing body of knowledge that includes a new study in the January-February 2009 issue of General Hospital Psychiatry.. "Together, migraine and mental disorders cause more impairment than alone," said lead study author Gregory Ratcliffe. "Patients who have one condition should be assessed for the other so they can be treated holistically. Although it is important to know that both are present, treating one will have an effect on the other.". Ratcliffe is with the department of psychiatry at the University of Manitoba in Canada. He and his colleagues analyzed data on 4,181 participants in the German National Health Interview and Examination Survey. Migraines were diagnosed by a physician and trained interviewers evaluated participants for mental disorders.. Researchers ...
*  Medical insurance companies to provide equal coverage for mental health disorders | The Sundial
Medical insurance may be required to cover mental health disorders the same way they would cover physical ailments after a federal court of appeals ruling on August 26.. The ruling came after Blue Shield denied to pay for a Northern California woman's anorexia treatment. Judge William A. Fletcher of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stated that while the woman's insurance plan with Blue Shield did not cover her treatment, the California Mental Health Parity Act does.. "The law signifies a sameness," said Dr. Nikki Saltzburg, staff psychologist for CSUN University Counseling Services. "It will reduce the stigma placed upon mental illness and puts it on the same level of a physical medical issue.". Under the Mental Health Parity Act, medical insurance companies are required to cover nine mental health disorders: schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive ...
*  The Possible Causes of Chronic Insomnia
Chronic insomnia is a complex medical condition, often resulting from a number of factors. Underlying mental or physical disorders can trigger chronic insomnia.. Depression most commonly causes chronic insomnia. Other mental disorders like chronic anxiety and bipolar (manic) depression also cause chronic insomnia. It has been found that about 70% of people diagnosed with depression experience insomnia. Depressed people tend to have abnormal levels of stress hormones. These abnormalities can impair sleep. It should be noted, though, that emotional/mental problems can be caused by insomnia, which is why it can be difficult to determine if the insomnia triggered the emotional/mental problem or the emotional/mental problem triggered the insomnia.. Arthritis, allergies, heart failure, hypertension, kidney disease, sleep apnea, asthma, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, hyperthyroidism, ...
*  Mental Health Is as Important as Physical Health · Guardian Liberty Voice
Mental health is as important as physical health. There is often a stigma associated with mental health; therefore, many who suffer from mental health issues fail to receive proper treatment, which can lead to dangerous situations for that person or others.. Anxiety, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, impulse control, addiction, personality disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the most common mental health disorders, though they are not the only ones. These mental health disorders must all be treated by a medical professional, but many people fear facing their issues and asking for help. If a person starts to have chest pain, they will go to the doctor for treatment, yet when they are seeing changes in themselves that are unpredictable and even dangerous, they fail to see that ...
*  Community mental health services
Advice for workers in the community mental health services, about how they can support parents and children when a parent experiences mental illness.
*  Choice as governance in community mental health services
In 2009, the Act on Freedom of Choice Systems (SFS 2008:962) wasestablished in Sweden, and this enabled municipalities to organise services aschoice models. This thesis describes and analyses the implementation of afreedom of choice system within community mental health services. Daycentre services were in focus, and a case study was conducted of a majormunicipality that sought to be a "world-class city" in regard to citizens' choice.The experiences of policy makers, managers, professionals, and participantswere explored in interviews, and documents on a national, municipal, and citydistrict level, as well as homepages of providers of community mental healthservices, were all part of the study and were analysed using content-analysismethods.. The results showed that the freedom of choice system aimed for two objectives- improvements at the individual level and financial efficiency. In practice,financial efficiency was experienced as the main objective. Increased varietyof ...
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The dual diagnosis has been long considered as a complex condition that demands immediate medical supervision. It is a condition where an individual is diagnosed with a mental disorder as well as an addiction to substances. It is the interdependence of the interdependence of the two conditions that makes recovery from dual diagnosis a complicated affair. The results can be devastating ranging from extreme mental breakdown to severe health complications.. In this article, we will talk about dual diagnosis and find out some of the contributing factors and the effects of dual diagnosis on a person's physical and emotional health.. Dual Diagnosis and some contributing factors:. There are a few factors that contribute to the simultaneous development of substance abuse & mental disorders. These factors include:. Genetics:. Genes are a primary reason that people have to deal with temperaments that make people more tempted to take drugs or other ...
*  Drop out from out-patient mental healthcare in the World Health Organization s World Mental Health Survey initiative - PDF
The British Journal of Psychiatry 1 8. doi: /bjp.bp Drop out from out-patient mental healthcare in the World Health Organization s World Mental Health Survey initiative J. Elisabeth Wells,
*  For Professionals | Neuropsychiatry Program | Sheppard Pratt Health System
Traditionally, neuropsychiatry has commonly been viewed as placing an across-the-board priority on neural causes and mechanisms of human behavior. However, this is a narrow view of our specialty that ignores developments in the field of neural plasticity* and that reflects our current limitations in translating between brain and mind. In lieu of a pseudo-neurological narrowing down of what is traditionally within the perusal of psychiatry, neuropsychiatry should remain neutral to the unbridgeable tension between brain and mind and, in fact, exploit the tension as a useful dialectic for understanding and managing patients.. Now that neuropsychiatry, appropriately coupled with behavioral neurology, has moved into board certification status, it is crucial that we work to establish a theoretical framework for our field. This framework must be flexible enough to contain clinical complexities but also sound in its foundation on relevant paradigms from the revolution in the neurosciences in the last 25 ...
*  Recent Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders *
Prim Care Clin Office Pract 34 (2007) 475-504 Recent Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders Steven L. Shearer, PhDa,b,* a Residency Training Program in Family Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, Franklin Square Hospital Center, 9101 Franklin Square Drive, Suite 205, Baltimore, MD 21237, USA b Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute of Maryland, 6525 North Charles Street, Towson, MD 21204, USA Anxiety is ubiquitous. Everyone experiences episodic or situational anxiety symptoms. Diagnosable anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders, more prevalent than both affective and substance abuse disorders. In the general population, 1-year prevalence for any criterionbased anxiety disorder is 16% [1], and lifetime prevalence is 28.8% [2]. Compared with median age of onset among mood disorders (age 30), median age of onset among anxiety ...
*  Alcohol and Substance Abuse Research Program, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs
The problem of alcohol and substance abuse is a growing concern among the general public, military personnel, and veterans. Impacts of this abuse are both personal and societal, and include reduced levels of readiness, mental health problems, increased crime, sexual assaults and suicides. In addition, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other psychological health problems are strongly linked to alcohol and substance abuse disorders. The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders Program (ASADRP) was established in fiscal year 2010. Since its inception, the program has established a network of research teams with the explicit goal of accelerating the delivery of new or improved treatments, especially related to PTSD and TBI.. The program's approach is to organize multidisciplinary, team-based translational research efforts to expedite the process of identifying promising beneficial compounds by conducting human ...
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Dual Diagnosis and Comorbidity. Are you concerned that you, or someone you care about, may be suffering from dual diagnosis or co-existing mental health concerns & addiction issues?. What is Dual Diagnosis or Cormorbidity?. Comorbidity is the medical term used to describe the presence of two (or more) diseases in the same person at one time. Dual diagnosis is a commonly used term meaning that a person has co-existing or co-ocurring mental health and substance use disorders or problems.. Often when a person is struggling with addiction issues there may be a co-occuring mood disorder such as depression that has fueled the development of, or exacerbated, the substance use issues, or vice versa. This results in people having problems related to both their substance use issues and their mental illness.. Both clinical practice and research have established that the high prevalence of coexisting mental illness and substance use ...
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Psychiatric epidemiology is a field which studies the causes (etiology) of mental disorders in society, as well as conceptualization and prevalence of mental illness. It is a subfield of the more general epidemiology. It has roots in sociological studies of the early 20th century. However, while sociological exposures are still widely studied in psychiatric epidemiology, the field has since expanded to the study of a wide area of environmental risk factors, such as major life events, as well as genetic exposures. Increasingly neuroscientific techniques like MRI are used to explore the mechanisms behind how exposures to risk factors may impact psychological problems and explore the neuroanatomical substrate underlying psychiatric disorders. Sociological studies of the early 20th century can be regarded as predecessors of today's psychiatric epidemiology. These studies investigated for instance how suicide rates differ between ...
*  How We Can Amplify Solutions for the Public Health Crisis: Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Disorders - Health...
Substance Use Disorders affect 40+ million individuals in the U.S alone, and it is a global public health crisis. Amongst those, a large majority also deal with mental health disorders. Join us to see some of the leading experts in the field discuss the current state of the crisis and what uniquely effective solutions are being utilized from a technology and alternative solutions standpoint ...
Full Text PA-95-055 RESEARCH ON COMORBID MENTAL AND DRUG ABUSE DISORDERS NIH GUIDE, Volume 24, Number 15, April 28, 1995 PA NUMBER: PA-95-055 P.T. 34 Keywords: Mental Disorders Drugs/Drug Abuse Etiology AIDS Disease Prevention+ National Institute on Drug Abuse National Institute of Mental Health PURPOSE The purpose of this program announcement is to encourage research on comorbid mental and drug abuse disorders. One aim of this research program is to explore and identify etiological and neurobiological factors that are associated with the co-occurrence of drug abuse/addiction and mental disorders. A second aim is to develop new treatment and prevention interventions for the population afflicted with these disorders. A third aim is to develop effective strategies and procedures for managing the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals with comorbid ...
*  Human Services Career Network - Research Articles - NMHA Issues Challenge to President's Mental Health Commission
Sunday, August 11, 2002. NMHA Issues Challenge to President's Mental Health Commission. End Systemic Discrimination in Public Mental Health Services. ALEXANDRIA, Va. (August 8, 2002) - In testimony given today, NMHA President and CEO Mike Faenza challenged the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health to end systemic discrimination in public mental health services. NMHA believes that to effectively treat all mental health consumers, they must have access to culturally appropriate services that take into account language barriers, cultural differences and diverse beliefs, values and sexual orientations.. "It is time for America's mental health system to go beyond the rhetoric and understand that "consumer oriented" necessarily means "culturally appropriate," said Faenza. "Unfortunately, the discrimination and misunderstanding that result from cultural incompetence within the delivery system erects ...
*  Affordable Care Act will expand mental health and substance abuse disorder benefits | Thresholds
The Affordable Care Act builds on the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 to extend federal parity protections to 62 million Americans. The parity law aims to ensure that when coverage for mental health and substance use conditions is provided, it is generally comparable to coverage for medical and surgical care. The Affordable Care Act builds on the parity law by requiring coverage of mental health and substance use disorder benefits for millions of Americans in the individual and small group markets who currently lack these benefits, and expanding parity requirements to apply to millions of Americans whose coverage did not previously comply with those requirements ...
*  Global Perspectives on Mental-Physical Comorbidity in the WHO World Mental Health Surveys - Cambridge University Press
1. Global perspectives on mental-physical comorbidity Michael R. Von Korff; Part I. An Epidemiological Map of Mental-Physical Comorbidity: 2. The global burden of chronic physical disease Michael R. Von Korff; 3. The global burden of chronic pain Adley Tsang and Sing Lee; 4. World Mental Health Survey methods for studying mental-physical comorbidity Gemma Vilagut, Kathleen Saunders, and Jordi Alonso; 5. The pattern and nature of mental-physical comorbidity: specific or general Oye Gureje; 6. Age patterns in the prevalence of depressive and anxiety disorders by physical comorbidity status Kate M. Scott; Part II. Risk Factors for Mental-Physical Comorbidity: 7. The development of mental-physical comorbidity Kate M. Scott; 8. Childhood adversity, early-onset mental disorders and adult-onset asthma Kate M. Scott; 9. Childhood adversities, ...
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Changes of mentality at barbiturates usage. The barbiturate addiction arises at abuse of barbamylum or etaminaly sodium. Acute barbiturate intoxication is characterized by in coordination of movements, retardation, retarded speech. Aggression, motive and sex disinhibiting are possible. Other mental disturbances are various: sleepiness, depression, euphoria, emotional instability, irritability, [...]. ...
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1 in 5 Australians are affected by mental illness, yet many suffer in silence without seeking help due to stigma. To help break this stigma Mental Health Australia are promoting World Mental Health Day on October 10th, 2017. It is, "a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy. An initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health to raise public awareness of mental health issues worldwide." Their campaign, 'do you see what I see?', aims to challenge the perceptions of mental illness in Australia. Encouraging everyone to look at mental health in a positive light, to reduce stigma and make way for more people to seek support and help. ...
*  Ohio's diversion program effective in helping juvenile offenders with mental health disorders | Health4News | Health News
An evaluation of Ohio's Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice (BHJJ) initiative in 11 counties by social work researchers at Case Western Reserve University found the program benefits most young offenders diverted from detention centers to community-based agencies to treat mental health issues, d… Ohio's diversion program effective in helping juvenile offenders with mental health disorders